Chiller Eyegore Awards To Be Hosted By Corey Feldman

cfeldDread Central reports that Corey Feldman has been tapped to host the October 2nd Chiller Eyegore Awards which is the opening night celebration of Universal Studios Hollywood’s “Halloween Horror Nights.”

Per today’s press release: This year’s all-new “Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Studios Hollywood will feature four new maze experiences including “Saw: Game Over,” “Halloween: The Life and Crimes of Michael Myers,” “My Bloody Valentine: Be Mine 4 Ever,” and “Chucky’s Funhouse,” six new “scare zones,” a new live stage performance of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute,” as well as a fully re-imagined “Terror Tram” backlot studio experience. The all-new “Halloween Horror Nights” for 2024 will be the most intense and terrifying “live” horror event ever to be presented in a theme park environment.

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8 Responses to “ Chiller Eyegore Awards To Be Hosted By Corey Feldman ”

  1. Is Corey Feldman stll hurting?

  2. i guess so

  3. he need to do a new friday Interpreting TOMY jarvis again

  4. youknow that sounds like a good idea to me ezequil,they should make him a cousin of someone like clay,a character in the first one,except he knows its jason cuz clay or whoever is in an institution and describes him to tommy,so he goes after jason like in part 6,well sorta

  5. Yeah they defineatly could do something with that idea somehow………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  6. I’d like to see Feldman as a completely different character, a la Danielle Harris in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1 & 2.

  7. he have weave

  8. i like him in the lost boys

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