Venezuelan Jason Takes Manhattan Poster

Fridaythe13thPartVIIIJasonTakesManhI haven’t seen too many foreign posters out there for Jason Takes Manhattan recently, but I came across this one and there isn’t anything different outside of the different language. However, I love the way “Martes 13″ looks on anything that is Friday the 13th. Also, I like that the subtitle is “Jason Invade Manhattan”.

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6 Responses to “ Venezuelan Jason Takes Manhattan Poster ”

  1. Jason Invade Manhattan…I like that, and it makes more sense. Jason never took over Manhattan, but he sure did invade it.

  2. very colourfull!! Yeah “invade”! love that!!

  3. This was bugging me, so I finally looked it up. Apparently Tuesday the 13th is more frightening to Spanish speaking people than Friday the 13th. Hence Martes 13 (Tuesday the 13th).

  4. is there any update for a sequel?

  5. Interesting, Bruce. Thanks for letting us know about this. I heard a few other people ask the same question about why Martes was used, so this will help answer the question.

  6. jajajajja , JASON INVADE MANHATAM,venezuela, jason toma manhatan,argentina. jason vuelve para siempre , mexico, Friday the 13 part 8 jason takes manhatan , jason use a teletransportation yeah rigth, and cristal lake is conecting with the sea

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