Howard Senft Studios’ FvJ Jason Bust

Say what you will about Freddy vs Jason, but I am always excited to see screen accurate depictions of Jason, regardless of the movie. This bust, created by Howard S. Studios, is flawless. It is perfect and looks exactly as Jason did in the movie. To see more about this bust and other creations, visit



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16 Responses to “ Howard Senft Studios’ FvJ Jason Bust ”

  1. FVJ was my first Friday the 13Th. I came to the series through that film, as I really had a thing for Elm Street (before the current butchering of the Franchise due to come out.)

    Thus I always saw Jason in a jacket, and as an emotional character (a man-child who lost him Mother and just wants everything to be right again.) This is why it never bothered me to see him in a jacket in Part 12 or to hear them talk about making him more in touch with his back story. While I love the entire Franchise, I do think he lost his character. Jason became no longer Jason, but rather just another Grim Reaper. In movies like Part 7, 8, 10; the story went on around him, not about him. He became ‘death’ in the story; but not really Jason anymore. If someone had seen those films, without watching any of the others, they would have no idea of who this character was or why he’s doing what he’s doing.

    So, I love FVJ and merchandise about it. I know a lot of fans were disappointed to not see Palmer as Pamela and Kane as Jason, and I sympathize completely. But few fans give this movie credit where credit is due. FVJ was the first Friday the 13Th sense, well Part 2 honestly, to give Jason character. To actually tie his back story with his Mother into the plot of the film. Which was again done in Part 12. But to me the FVJ Jason will always be my Jason, if not the fans’.

  2. “Say what you will about FvsJ …”

    Okay, I will! Freddy vs Jason is one of the best in the franchise. Period!

    And I have to agree with F13ticket (minus the part with the sympathy for Kane Hodder fans ;) ).

  3. FvsJ one of the best in the franchise. Period! Germaniac, turn your Friday card in, leave Jason Hockey ring at the door, and never speak of the Friday series when you say stupid things like that again. FvsJ made Jason into nothing more then a joke of Frankinstein. Ken who played Jason sucked, Kane should have played the part, not saying he was the best, just right for Freddy match up. The story line was stupid, Jason afraid of the water, really, the dude kills by a lake. At least I will give F13ticket guy credit, he said it was his first, and was not a fan of it before, so he gets a pass, but Germanic, you don’t

  4. Hey Snakeeyez,

    please think before you post stuff like that. Everyone is entitled to his opinion … if you can´t tolerate that then STFU. If you think Hodder is the best Jason or fvsJ sucked then it´s good for you … just don´t think that other people agree with you or that your opinion weighs more than other peoples.

    I could make fun out of your preferences in the F13-franchise but a.) this is not the place and b.) I don´t want to.

  5. I never said Kane was the best, said he should have played the part, because of the era and how the film worked. I don’t think they could have pulled that movie off with Brooker, White, or even Mears. Alot of fans wanted the show down, but with Kane. You should practice what you preach and THINK before you speak. Yes your entitled, just like I am, but when you say that FvsJ is the best in the series, expect backlash. So if you can’t with stand the verbal critizism, again turn ever thing in and never speak of Friday again. Like I said, I get why Friday ticket said what he or she said, it was there 1st, I get that. However, dude, I’ve seen your name on here alot, so I know this was not your first, so that why it is hard to believe that someone who follows the series would say that film was the best. BTW, if you say something back at me and I don’t respond, it because 1) I’m am going back on duty in the desert (chow break is over), 2) I moved on now. Sleep well tonight, while I guard your right to your say stupid things like Fvs J is the best period. Ok that your thought, I respect that, just be quiet from now if you really believe that. Of course I am sure you won’t

  6. Snakeyez (aka Robert),
    I edited your above message. Please do not call people names when responding to their comments. It serves no purpose. We are here to express our opinions, but name calling won’t cut it here. I don’t mind you posting your views here at all. I think you offer some great points.

    Also, I don’t think you caught onto this, but Germaniac resides in Germany, so you aren’t protecting his rights. His government is taking care of that for him. ;)

  7. Very good, really looks like the real thing, core wouldnt mind buying that and scarering the kids near me!!!
    I wish people wouldnt say horrible names to each other it really is childish
    Ken did a really good job concidering he was new to the jason scene!!

  8. Sorry, but I simply have to answer to this:
    First of all I said it´s “one of the best” (making it into my top five) and that´s MY opinion.
    And who are you to shit on other people´s opinion? If you respect my opinion, like you just posted, then why the hell are you posting crap like your posts? Your posts aren´t “verbal criticism”, they are just insults without any substance.
    You basicly said that I wasn´t a fan (and an idiot) because I like FvsJ. I´ve been a member of the F13-online community for 10 years, spent months in creaing 2 fangames and hours on google-earth to find the ANB location … so I am quite dedicated. Sure , there are other long-time fans who would disagree with me .. but thats the beauty of it all: opinions, tastes and interests. If someone likes JTM and TNB that´s fine for me. I´d disagree with him, but calling him an “idiot” or questioning his loyalty to the franchise is absolutley childish.
    Are people like me idiots for liking Timothy Dalton and Licence to kill? Am I an asshole because I prefer Guillermin´s King Kong to Jackson´s King Kong? I hope you learn tolerance somewhere someday.

    Ken wasn´t new to the Jason scene. He was the stunt double in JTM. He doubled in the car-flipping scene as well as the scene where Sean tackles him an Jason gets electrocuted in the subway.

  9. I am not a fan of VS, however, that is a very nice bust, detail is great, down to the hair, very quality work in my book, would love to own one in my collection

  10. That’s a fantastic bust. I’m not the biggest fan of the FVJ look, like a lot of people, but I have to hand it to whoever made this. It really captures that backwoodsy man-child vibe that J-man had going on in the movie…

  11. I am sure this would cost a few hundred. I didn’t see a price on the site.

  12. Looks cool. i want one :)

  13. Is it just me, or do the most “screen accurate” masks for the F13 movies are always available for the worst films of the series?

  14. I think that the bust is an excellent peice of art. Well crafted. Nice post.
    While Snakeyez and Germaniac got a little too angry (It was almost Jason vs Freddy part 2! I love seeing other people’s opinions here- they’re always interesting), one of them did make an excellent point. I think it was Snakeyes who said that Kane would have worked better than Mears, White, or Brooker in FVJ. Very true! I happen to think that Ken was playing up the zombie Jason that Kane started. The reason for this is that Freddie is so manic! There needed to be a balance. Otherwise it would be like Jason vs Michael Myers. There must be some difference. You know?
    Keep it happy guys.
    PS I am a James Bond fanatic but I can’t handle watching Timothy Dalton as Bond for a minute! I’m glad that somebody like him! Enjoy!

  15. Hey JimboX, which movie bust would you like to see? I think that part 3 is awesome and I loved the bust!

  16. I have only seen ONE very good representation of a mask from The Final Chapter since I started posting here. The same goes for The New Blood. But I gotta say, the Part 3 bust was pretty good too.

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