Jason Battles Freddy Once Again

For those of you that want to play a new game with Jason, then you have had your wish come true….. sort of. NECA will be releasing a new board game featuring the characters of Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger from Freddy vs Jason next month. You can preorder your game now and wait for it to ship sometime in May. Details are listed below.

freddyvsjason_forestgameFreddy vs. Jason Forest of Fear Game:  

- Collector’s edition game with high-quality 3D miniatures!

- Play as 3 frightening incarnations of the two most horrifying movie villains of all time!

- Includes everything you need to play!

Challenge friends to slay the most victims over multiple rounds of play in an easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master game of strategic movement! Comes with everything you need to play, including:

6x Collectible 3D Miniatures
12x Game Tiles
12x Victim Tokens
1x Folding Game Board

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11 Responses to “ Jason Battles Freddy Once Again ”

  1. This just looks like a repackaging of Wizkid’s “Horrorclix Freddy Vs. Jason” game of a couple of years ago (see link below for an example on eBay). Maybe it’ll have a new game board or a new rules system, but it’ll have two fewer pieces (Freddy’s Furnace and Jason’s Grave).


  2. Looking closer, the new game says it’s not compatible with Heroclix/Horrorclix, and the bases don’t look like they have the dial information. They also split up the Freddy/Jason superpiece into two pieces, so it looks like while the game uses basically the same pieces it’ll play a lot differently.

  3. Do you own the Horrorclix game, Brick McBurly? If so, is it any good? My guees would be that people would by the new Forest of Fear game just to have as a collectible.

  4. I will, cuz I buy it all haha.

  5. its the same thing as the Horrorclix
    just a diff box

  6. I don’t know what to think of this.

  7. Yes, I have it. It\’s fun, and makes for a great display. Much like this game, Freddy and Jason see who can kill the most victims or each other (although being supernatural, both respawn). The different versions of Jason/Freddy have different skills and base scores (Jason\’s are from FvJ and New Blood). You can also use them in the regular Horrorclix or Heroclix games, and the Freddy/Jason teamup piece will rip apart virtually anything in Horrorclix.

  8. haha.. looks sweet!

  9. Sweet!!

  10. Screw this! I want a f’n Jason Voorhees 360 or PS3 game already!

  11. I agree xMANAZEx, I want a PS3 GAME ALREADY!!! I mean, its been like 20 something years since the last Jason video game!!! COME ON!

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