Summer Of Contests Part 2: The Hockey Mask


We are now moving to Part 2 of our 30th Anniversary Summer Of Contests. We at are committed to giving away great prizes to our loyal visitors of the website. As mentioned in previous weeks, this is just the second of many contests that we will be running throughout the summer. So, with that in mind, lets get into the next contest.

Today, everyone has the opportunity to win a NECA replica hockey mask from the film, Freddy vs Jason. Although the packaging does not say Freddy vs Jason on it, people in the mask hobby will tell you immediately it is from the film that Freddy built. That, plus the fact that Toys R’ Us has it in their system as a Freddy vs Jason mask. Go figure!

So would you like to win this awesome replica hockey mask? Then lets get into the rules of the contest and what will need to be done to win this iconic part of the franchise.

What You Need To Do
Think about which hockey mask in the franchise is your favorite. It doesn’t matter which movie it is from. Then type a short paragraph describing why you like that version of the hockey mask. The reasoning can be because you like it’s shape, color, damage, historical signifigance in the franchise or whatever your heart desires.

2. Next, answer a few questions about Friday the 13th (1980):

a. After Mrs. Voorhees is decapitated near the end of the film, who’s hands are used as stand-ins for Mrs. Voorhees when she is clutching at the air as her body falls to the ground?

b. What does Ned say is in the meat that is being prepared for the counselor’s lunch, right before a trio of the group goes to check the emergency generator?

3. After you prepare your email entry containing the description of your favorite hockey mask and your answers to the above questions, add your physical mailing address in the email and send your entry to Make sure to include “Hockey Mask Contest” in the subject line of the email.

Entries received will be pulled at random to determine the wonner. The contest will run through and end on Sunday July 4th. So everyone has time to pull together your answers. Winners will be announced the week of July 5th. Good Luck to everyone and remember to have fun!

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10 Responses to “ Summer Of Contests Part 2: The Hockey Mask ”

  1. Sweetness.

  2. Very cool guys. Putting my entry in right now!

  3. very nice!!! Good luck everyone!

  4. Awesome prize up for grabs. I have already sent my entry in and as a diehard/Hardcore friday fan who has several masks already, i would love to add this beauty to my collection.

    Good Luck to all my fellow friday participants.

  5. Awesome! Finally got some more online time to read this, and I’m sending in my entry right now in a few moments (just gotta go eat some KFC someone brought home for dinner now, heh heh)! :D

    This contest will be a sinch. Reguardless, best of luck to everybody and enjoy!

  6. Hey Jasonsfury, i am gonna put together a little something fun for the site if u like it feel free to post it. I will let u know when it is done.

  7. I would love to see what you have been working on. Send it my way when it’s finished. :)

  8. will do bud :)

  9. It is coming along, i think you will like it hehehe.

  10. it is done jasonsfury, i sent you an email did ya get it?

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