Mezco Cinema of Fear Series 2 Jason Review

Posted 23 Apr 2024 in Merchandise


MEZCO’s second series of the “Cinema of Fear” line has officially hit retailers nationwide. In series one, we got an excellent figure of Mr. Voorhees from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, and in series 2, we get an equally awesome follow up featuring Jason from Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI.

Just like Jason from series 1, you get a lot of accessories. Jason comes complete with removable mask, a bloody knife, bloody machete, tombstone, the fence post that brought him back from the dead, the arm of one of the paint ballers, Sissy’s severed head, and the ripped out heart of Tommy Jarvis’s unfortunate friend Hawes.

The figure itself is pretty awesome. It does somewhat have a minor cartoony look. But that doesn’t take away from how awesome the figure does in fact look. The mask is well sculpted, though it could probably stand to be a bit more oval shaped. But the paint job is excellent. They did a good job of capturing the damage on the mask done throughout the film. The face under the mask looks great as well. Mezco really shined at capturing Jason’s maskless visage even though we only see it in the pitch dark in the film. They did a great job of interpreting it. You can see worms protruding from Jason’s right eye socket as well as coming from a hole in his rotted face. I’m not so sure why they left his mouth gaping open, but it doesn’t really take away from the look.

The attire is very well detailed. Jason has his “utility” belt (as seen in the film) as well as uncharacteristic gloves which he donned in the film. Mezco’s sculptors even remembered to include numerous bullet holes on and around his chest area.

The paint job is one area where I really feel that this figure excels. From the ugly rotten gray decaying head of Jason, to his dirty tattered pants, the company really captured good coloring in all areas of the figure itself. The only things that I don’t feel inclined to give excellent praise for in the painting department (and this is very minor) are some of the accessories. The blood on the knife and the machete is a little bright. And Sissy’s severed head just looks a little off for some reason. But Jason himself, the fence post, the heart and the ripped off arm are all near perfect.

Mezco’s Cinema of Fear series 2 Jason comes articulated in a few areas. The head is of the ball jointed type that we’ve seen implemented in various recent figures of this type. He is also ball jointed in his waist. His wrists move in a circular motion as well as jointed to move forward and backwards. This articulation though is creatively hidden by the wrist area of the gloves on his hands. The arms are bendable at the elbow as well as movable at the shoulder so you can achieve numerous differing poses for your display. With so many accessories, one would almost feel obligated to pick up two figures to be able to be fully satisfied when displaying the figure. Gone from series 2 is leg articulation. This was one of my few gripes from series 1. It was really unneeded for a figure of this type. It also makes Jason easier to stand without having to mess with his leg positioning, which would often make the series 1 figure look a tad strange when displayed.

Mezco’s figures may take some folks a tad bit of getting used to but once again they have given us a 7 inch Jason figure which has never been attempted. With the release of Cinema of Fear series 2, we have only been denied figures of this size from Friday the 13th part 3, V (Roy is a big want on my list), and VIII, as other companies such as NECA and McFarlane have previously helped fill out the series nicely. Cinema of Fear series 2 Jason looks excellent when displayed with other Jason figures.

While they are stacked to the rim with accessories, they seem to maintain a certain amount of cartoonishness as opposed to figures released from previous owners of the license such as NECA or McFarlane. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is an excellent figure. The rest of Mezco Cinema of Fear series 2 is rounded out by Freddy Krueger from Nightmare 1, an excellent Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 2, and a diorama featuring Freddy’s hand coming up from the bathtub to greet a sleeping Nancy Thompson. It’s a very well rounded set of figures. But this is Jason’s house. And the series 2 Jason Voorhees from Jason Lives: Friday the 13th part VI is a must for anyone who collects Jason merchandise.

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Photo credit: My wife Alaina

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Posted by Tony Carroll
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  1. xi-xi (24 Apr 2024, 22:03)

    the figure rocks!

  2. Dusk (24 Apr 2024, 22:13)

    I should mention the above article was written by “Tony” – we currently have a technical hitch where the poster’s name is not appearing, but that’ll soon be fixed.

  3. Brenna O'Brien (26 Apr 2024, 2:17)

    That heart is great. ;)

  4. John (26 Apr 2024, 3:43)

    I love the detail of the figure, very striking. I haven’t seen the Earlier one that was mentioned, the figure from part four. This makes collecting figures all the more pleasant, I personally don’t collect them but I know a friend who does. He has every single horror figure that is out there, you name it he has it.

  5. Tony (26 Apr 2024, 4:00)

    I may do a review of the Cinema of Fear Series 1 figure complete with pics in the near future. Thanks for reading and replying folks. Always appreciated.

  6. Josh (26 Apr 2024, 4:11)

    Great review! I’m looking forward to hopefully picking one of these up next week. Thanks for the pics, too!

  7. Virgil (26 Apr 2024, 4:19)

    You know I am not that big into horror movies but reading reviews like this really gets me interested to actually watch one. Even though I know they are all fake and actually invoke no scary feelings in me I should at least give them a chance

  8. Tony (26 Apr 2024, 4:45)

    Here are some quick pics I took a while back when I got the Cinema of Fear series 1 Jason from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

    This one was taken in my horror room in a part of my Jason/Friday the 13th display

    You can see the figure in the lower right hand corner of this picture

    It’s a pretty awesome figure. It was great to see one made from The Final Chapter.

  9. eXile (26 Apr 2024, 16:42)

    Horror movies are fake?!?! What?!?

    The horror movie that this figure was on won’t likely invoke much fear into any viewer, but I still find it to be one of the most entertaining films in the series. I’ll keep my eye out for this figure. I’d really love to see somebody do an 18″ Jason Lives figure (NECA, maybe?).

  10. Michael (27 Apr 2024, 23:47)

    Nice review. GREAT pics. I will have to find this fig.

  11. chris (29 Apr 2024, 22:51)

    this is great, id love to see a part 5 roy burns figure haha with the fake bald cap under the mask, and he\’d come with his hacked up son and chocolate bars.

  12. DJ (07 May 2024, 1:39)

    Great review, I don’t normally buy the Mezco figures but I think this review may have convinced me to finally pick this one up. Don’t think I can pass on it.

  13. Alyssa Jay (12 May 2024, 2:30)

    Great review and awesome pics!!!!

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