His Name Was Jason Japanese Release

Posted 30 Aug 2024 in DVD

On Septemeber 16th, His Name Was Jason will be released in Japan. There are two versions that are being sold. One version is the normal version which looks to contain the same content that was released in the United States. The other version is the Memorial Version and it comes with an original design T-Shirt. I believe the content is also the same on this DVD as the United States version. Check out the covers below for the different versions.

Thanks again to Daizab for emailing in the information.





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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. tommyblah (30 Aug 2024, 13:34)

    dude the memorial edition cover is BAD ASS

  2. jay (30 Aug 2024, 14:00)

    any word of a uk release?

  3. Nosferatu (30 Aug 2024, 21:00)

    I agree, tommyblah.

  4. Chris. B (31 Aug 2024, 2:59)

    That memorial edition cover looks so awesome. Why couldn’t we get a cover that awesome here in the US?

  5. ratta tatta touille (31 Aug 2024, 14:36)

    why is there a Teddy bear next to the mask?

  6. Travis (31 Aug 2024, 14:45)

    Chris B, why can’t we get any awesome covers in the US??

  7. tommyblah (31 Aug 2024, 23:49)

    there’s a teddy bear next to the mask because jason wants to give teddy bear a kiss.

  8. Mario (01 Sep 2024, 14:19)

    The mask you see there can also be seen in the background as set decoration when Tom Savini hosts the DVD. It`s actually an authentic mask, made for the filming of Jason goes to Hell. It was supposted to be the final stage out of all masks that were made for JGTH, with the highest degree of damage and dirt. In the end they ended up not using it but used the next to this last mask during the final shot, when the dog digs it out of the ground. This is why this mask here was not finished, ie. straped.

    Here`s a picture of the actual mask taken in the 90`s. I highlighted just a few points in this comparison so you can see it`s the same.


  9. jasonsfury (01 Sep 2024, 14:32)

    Awesome, Mario! Who owns the mask now?

  10. T (01 Sep 2024, 15:11)

    how come they dont sell stuff like this in the states we always get crappy covers

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