This Is Not Your Jason Voorhees’ Splatterhouse

Just announced over at the official Twitter account, the new trailer for the brand new Splatterhouse video game is available for viewing. This game is definitely not the side scrolling game that many of us grew up with in the 80′s and into the early 90′s. I knew that the new game would not have Jason’s trademark hock, but that was what was so great about the original game. It was the only game (and still is) that you actually felt like Jason going on a carnage filled rampage.


This new game, however, will be a lot of fun to play. Nothing beats mindless carnage. To watch the new trailer, visit the official website for the game at . Check out some of the action below!


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14 Responses to “ This Is Not Your Jason Voorhees’ Splatterhouse ”

  1. So is this like an official Friday game with the official Jason character or just a rip off likeness?

  2. He’s a “John Cena” with a hockey mask -.-

  3. What platform was the original Splatterhouse on?

  4. It was on the PC and also Nintendo and in the Arcade. Arcade, what is that?? :)

    I believe the sequels were on Sega Genesis. Anyone know that for certain? Pretty sure that is right.

  5. yeah the 2nd and 3rd were on the genesis or megadrive for us in the uk. but the best version of the 1st one was on pc engine i’ve still got it. its just rock hard tho :)

  6. Sorry but cant get used to it!!
    Why do they have to change the look for the game???
    I hate it, hye looks more like a normal human with a mask then jason!

  7. I freakin love Splatterhouse. I remember back in the 80s when I first saw it at the arcade. I thought it was a FT13th game until I looked at the title up top. The new game actually looks cool. I liked the music for the trailer as well. I thought it was Slayer but its not. Im glad the character doesnt look like Jason this time around. Maybe now we can get a decent FT13th game. I wish someone would just make it already.

  8. The first platform was an video arcade version of Japan.
    I was playing frequently because I had very liked it.

    Afterwards, it was reproduced by PCengine(Turbo Grafix-16).
    However, the version in foreign countries was not hockey masks.
    It was a quite different game though there was Famicom(NES?) version, too.

    Part2 and part3 were megadrive(Sega Genesis).
    Especially, part2 was very interesting.

  9. This games looks awesome! I like how your body takes physical damage. It’s been delayed for a while now. Hopefully it arrives in September. I’m really hoping for an alternative costume from the classic version. All the originals are included with the new game too. And yes, the original was on Turbo Graffix 16. Does anyone have it for Wii?

  10. Pass. I was excited about this game because of the Jason factor now as a poster mentioned above it’s John Cena in a mask.

    Hopefully we can get the original’s on PS3 network or something.

  11. Actually great news here!!!

    “New Splatterhouse Also Throws In The Original 16-bit Trilogy

    Namco Bandai’s gory re-imagining of the 16-bit side-scrolling classic Splatterhouse will come with an unlockable bonus: three 16-bit side-scrolling classic Splatterhouse games.

    The latest issue of PlayStation: the Official Magazine brings good news for the serious Splatterhouse fan. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game will feature the original arcade version of Splatterhouse—the “uncensored Japanese” version, they say—plus Splatterhouse 2 and Splatterhouse 3, originally released on the Sega Genesis. That’s a perfect opportunity to compare the new, incredibly violent Splatterhouse to the comparatively tame 16-bit originals.

    How will you unlock those? Namco Bandai apparently isn’t releasing that info yet, at least not to the PlayStation centric magazine.”

  12. Hey evilekim, I have it on the Wii. It’s pretty good. Hard as hell but fun nonetheless. Now i’m with everyone else… When are they gonna make Friday the 13th? It’s past time we got a good Jason game.

  13. I have it on the Wii also. I was wondering if you knew why the mask isn’t white? It makes no sense to me.

  14. I have Splatterhouse the arcade version that a friend downloaded onto disc for my PC(that and a whole SHITLOAD of other arcade classics!). You just have to download MAME and then the ROMs for whatever you are looking for. This game rocked on the arcade version since the Turbo Graphix 16 version was toned down on the violence & gore. I think (and correct me if I’m wrong) the reason they changed Rick’s mask to red from white was to seperate him from looking like Jason & avoid any legal issues as a result of that. I never knew there was an arcade version of it until my friend made that CD rom disc for me with the arcade games on it a few years ago and I’m glad he threw it on there! It just blows the TG16 version out of the water!! Definitely worth owning but fair warning, it’s hard as shit to beat! pt’s 2 & 3 were pretty cool for Genesis/Megadrive. I’m looking forward to this new release.

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