Massive Friday Alumn Convention Appearance Update

A lot has been happening in the convention world the last couple of weeks and today we are going to show you the latest goings on pertaining to Friday the 13th actors appearing at conventions. The postponement of the reunion looks to have been Monstermania’s gain as they have added a ton of guests from our favorite slasher series.

View the announcements below and as always check out our full convention listing for the latest on finding your favorite Friday the 13th actor or actress near you!

August 20-22 2010


September 17-19 2010

November 5-7 2010
The Scare Fest

Kane Hodder (“Jason Voorhees”: The New Blood, Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes To Hell, Jason X)

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8 Responses to “ Massive Friday Alumn Convention Appearance Update ”

  1. Is anybody still making the trip down to Texas where the reunion was going to take place this weekend??

  2. Wow, I would like to go to both of those Monstermanias. Great lineup of Friday guests. Which one to choose…..

  3. i’ll be at cherry hill!!

  4. I will be at both, damn stoked for them

  5. I’d love to go to Monstermania; sadly I won’t make it.

    I’m flying over from Australia for Friday the 30th in May, can’t wait. Actually thrilled it was postponed as I wouldn’t have been able to afford it this month!

  6. We’ll be at both! Don’t forget to come meet Marta Kober and Bill Randolph as well! Both are very excited to be at Monstermania!

  7. Marta Kober’s there as well?! You’re breakin’ my heart MrsV!

  8. Awesome finally one near me. I am going to get my book signed. Anyone know how much a signature costs?

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