Ethan Kills In Jason Takes Manhattan Call Sheets

Call sheets truly are a window into the production of a feature film. In January, we brought you a call sheet from Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6 in which original Jason actor Dan Bradley was listed for the first days of shooting before being replaced by C.J. Graham. The exact detail of where the filming took place, the actors involved in the scene, shooting time and other tidbits were listed out. Now we have more information from these great resources of franchise history.

Recently, the call sheets from the personal collection of Peter Mark Richman (Charles McCullough, Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan) have surfaced and reveal some awesome details about the production of the film. As most people know, the production title used during filming was ‘Ashes To Ashes’. This is clearly stated on the call sheets, but a few more tidbits of information are revealed on the pages.

Looking at the the pages below, we now know that the the scenes where the the actors filmed in their state rooms on the cruise ship were not on a boat, but at an elementary school! Those scenes took place at an elementary school in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Very interesting indeed as it would never been thought that Jason would be haunting the halls of an elementary school!

Another little piece of interesting information is how they refer to the character of Jason Voorhees. His name on the call sheet is actually Ethan. If you can read the sheets below close enough, you will notice Ethan referenced as killing Tamara. We’ll share more information from these call sheets when they become available, so enjoy a small look into the production of Jason Takes Manhattan!

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  1. When did he die? IMDB doesn’t list him as deceased. I remember him as Chrissy’s priest father in Three’s Company way back. What a shame.

  2. Hmmm. I thought for sure I heard he passed away recently. However, I did some checking and nowhere is it stated that he is deceased. Sorry about that. I guees Mr. Richman is still alive and kicking. :)

  3. 13 facts about Friday the 13th…

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  4. It’s well atfer Midnight, so Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!!!

    “Jason was my son, and today is his birthday!”;)

  5. Jason stalking young people in an elementary school? I think that has a lot of potential for a future entry in the series. It’s too bad so many sequels have just repeated the same formula, and the ones that actually made an attempt to deviate from that are tipically remembered as some of the worst in the franchise e.g., F13:ANB (copycat killer), F13 Pt VII:TNB (telekinetic Tina), F13 Pt VIII:JTM (change of location), and Jason X (outer space). In defense of the minds behind these films, the reasons why they fail to please are usually due to things beyond their control, be it creative interference or budget restrictions. Looking past all of this, I think the real problem is that these people come up with a great idea and then try and make it as big and crazy as possible. Jason needs to get out of Crystal Lake. How ’bout New York…or space! Jason needs a worthy adversary. How ’bout a girl that can move shit with her mind! Instead, what they need to do is change it up while remembering to keep it simple. If Jason needs a change of scenery, how about Jason in the snow (finally)or in the halls of an old school? If Jason needs someone he can actually go head-to-head with, how about an old, cowboy, gun-for-hire with rules for killing a Voorhees and a grudge to go with it? Well…maybe not.

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