Film Prop Thursday: The New Blood Costume

Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood is a film that is enjoyed by most every fan of the franchise. There are numerous reasons fans love the movie, starting with the portrayal of Jason by Kane Hodder or the recycled plot of The Final Chapter or the creative deaths designed by Magical Media Industries. The overwhelming favorite part of The New Blood, however, is the look created for Jason. Today we will take a look at one of the Jason costumes used in the film, with information and images provided by Mario Kirner and his Friday the 13th Props Museum

The costume pictured below is one of five costumes that were worn on screen consisting of shirt and pants. One costume set was worn during the fire stunt at the end of the film, in Tina’s basement, and that was burnt down entirely. A second costume set was worn AFTER the fire stunt at the end of the film (it was more broken down, ripped up and dirty than the others). The other three costumes were worn as the “hero version” of the costume. The hero pants and shirts that were worn were mixed up throughout the film. You can see a particular pair of pants paired with a shirt in one scene and then with another shirt in the very next scene.

The pair of trousers pictured in the costume set above is handmarked inside as the main costume. Also included in the costume set pictured above is the suit with the body appliances attached. Bones, ribs and skin made from a silicone kind of material were formed over the suit to give actor Kane Hodder the appearance on-screen of having his body heavily rotted and ripped apart.

This particular appliance undersuit was worn during the scenes that required fire stunts. For example, the undersuit utilized exploding squibs during the scene where Tina electrocutes Jason in the puddle of water using the power lines and also, of course, the suit was used during the most memorable and famous fire stunt in the basement of Tina’s house. The undersuit still has wires running along with activated squibs attached and is heavily burnt at the rearside. It has velcro running down the entire front so Kane could slip out of it real quick in case of danger. You can actually see the velcro when watching the fire scene.

Although there are three hero costume sets used in the film, each set looks very unique in distressing and markings. Mario was able to screen match both the shirt and pants of the pictured costume set to various scenes in the film. The costume is still in fairly good condition considering it’s heavy usage on screen and it’s age. Mario also mentioned that pictures do not do the costume justice as he says it looks spectacular in person.

Big thanks to Mario Kirner for sharing images of his screen-used Jason Voorhees costume and lending somer great insight into not only its use in the film, but also some information on all of the costumes used throughout the filming of The New Blood!

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9 Responses to “ Film Prop Thursday: The New Blood Costume ”

  1. This is awesome! Thanks guys for sharing these pics. It is great to know that these costumes ar still around. The Velcro idea was a smart one on their part as how else would Kane have goten out?

  2. Wow!! That was great information!! Love the pics too!!

  3. Also that is deffinetly one off my fav films, the script was brill

  4. I forgot to mention that there was a sixth set of shirt and pants that was worn at the beginning of the film during the under water scenes. It also included the part 6 stile working gloves that disapeared for the rest of the film.

    Also worth mentioning is the fact that the fire stunt at “Tina’s Basement” was, back in the days of production, the fire stunt with the longest time of actual burning. A Stuntman 45 seconds on fire was quite something back in these days.


  5. Awesome pics bro. Part 7 is undeniabley the best looking Jason. Thanks for sharing.

  6. thanks for sharing that Mario, that costume is really cool

  7. I can’t believe something that appears that raggedy is actually still around. Hopefully it will last much longer. Thanks, Mario!

  8. Quick question for anyone that might know: what costume was cut up and put out on the trading cards that Kane Hodder sold? I have one and I’m just wondering if there’s a particular scene that I can look at and say “yeah, I have part of that!”

  9. That’s a good question, Kevin. I am not sure which one they used. Perhaps Mario or someone else has some insight into that?

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