Production Crew Challenge: The Directors Results

A very close vote between two directors in the franchise. In essence, this had the look of a four director race between McLoughlin, Zito, Miner and Cunningham. There was a very narrow margin of victory here, but I don’t think too many fans will be disappointed. I really thought more votes would have gone for Cunningham, but there is a lot of love for Miner and Zito.

joezitoVoting Results for The Directors
Sean Cunningham: 5 votes
Steve Miner: 18 votes
Joseph Zito: 19 votes
Danny Steinman: 0 votes
Tom McLoughlin: 5 votes
John Carl Buechler: 1 vote
Rob Hedden: 0 votes
Adam Marcus: 0 votes
James Issacs: 0 votes
Ronny Yu: 0 votes
Marcus Nispel: 0 votes



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16 Responses to “ Production Crew Challenge: The Directors Results ”

  1. Wow,pretty soon people will be voting on the rating.

  2. You never know………

  3. I was worried that the winner would be based on them being the “originator” or the “first” and I always hated that because its unfair to later works of art.

    I’m glad to see Zito got this for putting together a masterpiece and yes I can see how Miner got close cause I never said 2&3 wasn’t a work of art themselves.

    Just glad to see a later film got the win though either winning would have made me happy.



  5. Very cool! This was a close one!

  6. Wow, that’s a close call..
    Just wondering Jasonsfury, what would you have done if it we’re to be a tie between 2 or more directors?

  7. Lets hope I never have to deal with that. ;)

  8. Im surprised someone voted for John Carl Buechler. That was the worst movie in the directing department, if not the worst of the franchise.

  9. A tie would have been interesting. Like I posted during the voting Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez get directing credits for Sin City. Zito and Miner working together could produce a very scary Friday film.

    I’m happy to see Zito getting some love!

    “Take your best shot… mother fucker…”

  10. Man i was pulling for Miner to win and by one vote what dumb luck that zito wins

  11. if Zito were to direct the next movie, i would piss myself

  12. That could get messy ;)

  13. of course because part 4 is the BEST

  14. Glad to hear Zito won! I voted for Miner but like i said when i voted, it was very hard for me to pick between the the two.

  15. I was the only one to vote for J.C. Buechler. Meh i thought he did a great job but thats just my opinion

  16. Zito or Miner, anyone of them is great for a new Friday movie…

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