Edited Kills: A New Beginning’s Road Flare Kill

One of my favorite kills in the entire series is the road flare kill in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. Not only is it the only time such a kill has been performed, but the entire set up of Roy creeping towards Vinnie with only the light of the flare guiding the audience towards his demise is brilliant. My only complaint is that the audience did not get a chance to see what the full effect of the road flare to the mouth would have done to poor Vinnie.

All the fans get in the film is the quick edit of the flare going into the mouth and then we cut away to the next scene. I would have liked to have seen a full frame shot of Roy pushing the flare into Vinnie’s mouth. It would have been a bit more gruesome and really got the audience to wonder what was going to happen next in this movie! Overall, though the scene is still effective and one of my favorites.

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  1. This is one of my favorite Friday films. Not only is this the first Friday I saw, not only is it a truly frightening entry, but this is one of their more creative entries. They decided to not use Jason for this installment in favor of a crazed ambulance driver. I’ve said in a post to another article that this is the superior entry in a franchise to Halloween 3, as H3 decided to go into an entirely new direction altogether, ultimately a bad choice for that series.

    This movie starts off frightening and doesn’t really let up throughout. Too bad the entries that followed couldn’t keep the momentum part V continued from previous installments.

  2. Too bad this kill was edited, I would definately like to see the whole kill.

  3. Very awesome kill. My favorite in part 5. I wonder if one day we’ll get a directors cut of part 5, or if its even possible. Id love to see an uncut version of parts 5 and 7.

  4. to hear Danny Steinmann describe the original footage, it sounds like it would’ve been awesome. what is wrong with these people that they don’t save the footage!!

  5. Back then I’m sure they weren’t thinking about director’s cuts or \uncut\ versions of their films, as VHS and betamax were the popular formats. Producing a videocassette of a movie, including the box, was more expensive than it is to produce a DVD now. Extended versions and such just weren’t thought about much until the 90’s when we started getting an extendd version of Evil Dead or Dances With Wolves every year. These movies were made cheaply and quickly and archiving additional, footage wouldn’t have been cost effective back in the day for these little production companies.

    Having said all that they did store extra footage of TFC, TNB, and JTM. Maybe the porn director didn’t keep any footage that didn’t involve nudity or sex. Maybe that footage is stored somewhere…

  6. I would some day like to see Paramount go back an try to find as much of the footage that was cut out of A New Begining, then edit it all back into the film and release it on dvd and blu-ray, just like they did for the original My Bloody Valentine last year.

  7. Am I the only one who doesn’t like this kill? I think it was done poorly…..looks like he attacked a mannequin.

  8. a lot of the FX shots from this film that weren’t used look a little fake and I wonder if that didn’t play a part in some of the trimming.

  9. it’s the idea of it that’s so horrifying. look at the cheek starting to disintegrate, and the smoke emanating from inside the head. an awesome weapon and classic kill.

  10. @WOLF

    Actually I agree with you. Even when I first saw this movie I always thought that kill was done poorly. Now with that being said maybe if it had been left intact I might have felt different about it but in the released version I never really like it that much.

    The first time I showed my nephew this movie he giggled at that kill. I think it could have been done better. No where near as effective as say the strap which even edited looked painful.


  11. Shame bout that, would off loved too off seen thw whole kill, after all it is a horror film, so why did they edit it out??

  12. I’m with WOLF…looked so very fake.

    My least favouite kill of the great and under rated Part 5 :)

  13. lol I’m also with WOLF on this one. Looks like a glow-stick in a mannequin’s mouth.

  14. Assuming the real classic “Friday the 13th” feeling is in the four first films. To me, Part V is the next best film in the franchise, and it’s the last one to keep the same classic formula (suspense versus showing Jason too much) that made the four first films so great….

    … Part 6 and followers have a little bit kept (if nothing) from that original “Friday the 13th” true feeling…

    That’s why I always say there is a real need to go back to the basics in the next installment. Go classic for once in your life filmmakers!!!!

  15. I have to agree with jasonsfury and say that this is easily one of my favorite kills in the entire series. I remember watching it for the first time just thinking about how painful it must be to die this way. It may look fake, but just the thought of it makes me cringe. Great kill.

  16. I’m sorry but Part 5 was a complete waste of time. It is quite easily worst in the franchise next to Jason X. And there is a reason they didn’t use that (above) shot is because its quite clear that his head is a prop.

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