One’s Customs Incomplete Jason Figures

One’s Customs is responsible for some great looking custom Jason figures. Currently, he has some incomplete or in progress figures that he has put up for sale on eBay. These look pretty good already and with a little paint and a lot of love. They could be special.







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8 Responses to “ One’s Customs Incomplete Jason Figures ”

  1. it took me a minute to figure out what was going on with the Part 5 one’s face. I originally thought it was derek mears in Jason makeup. COOLNESS!

  2. Does ones customs have a website?

  3. kevlar,
    I don’t think he has a website, but here is his youtube page.

  4. What scale are these?

  5. I think these are 7 1/2″ figures? I couldn’t say that with exact confidence, though.

  6. They are the scale of WWE Ruthless Aggression figures, somewhere in the 7-7.5″ scale. His work is amazing, I have been bugging him via Ebay since discovering his work.

  7. Im am currently creating a part 5 Roy Burns figure its a complete resculpt from head to toe and also an original concept Jason voorhees then i will begin a Crazy Ralph figure

  8. Hey can u ship for free?

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