MMFX Uncut Latex Jason Bloody Mask Bust Prop

This is a MMFX Uncut Latex Jason Bloody Mask Bust Prop from Friday the 13th Part 3. This has some pretty good detail and I love the blood running down the face. Great job on this piece. This along with The Final Chapter Jason bust I wrote about a few weeks back would be awesome to display in a collection together.



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10 Responses to “ MMFX Uncut Latex Jason Bloody Mask Bust Prop ”

  1. very nice

  2. It’s very detailed. I like it alot. Very nice work. It would be cool if the hockey mask came with it.

  3. I don’t remember Jason’s axe wound being so bloody in Part 3. This is another example of some would-be artist not doing his/her homework and going overboard with their creation. Also, when Jason is de-masked in The Final Chapter, he did not have half of his face covered with dry blood.

    Seriously, if I had this bust, I would give it another hit or two with an axe. It would be my way of “taking Jason with me” to a better place where his memory will not be so misrepresented. Jason will live in my heart forever. This bust is blasphemy.

  4. Walmart would not display such filth!

  5. Ouch walmartman, It’s just a mask man.

  6. Very well made. Kudo’s to the creator.

  7. Cool!!!!!

  8. hey this is when he runs out the door in the dream in part 3 do your homework

  9. Nice work, sure. MMFX service = shit. Im still waiting for my part 4 bust and part 7 mask since feb which I paid in full. Thanks a lot!

  10. Very good detail, wish i could be that good! haha….

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