First 3 Friday the 13th CLIPS now ONLINE

Hey guys,

Three video clips from Platinum Dunes 2024 remake of Friday the 13th has just surfaced online.

At the moment, I don’t have an embed code so I have no way of posting them up, but here’s the links for them




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25 Responses to “ First 3 Friday the 13th CLIPS now ONLINE ”

  1. I think they’re really good. I like Jason being “intelligent”

    and the whole idea of him wanting to be left alone is another good one.

  2. Those were some pretty good clips! :-)

  3. I liked those clips. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  4. The last clip is my favorite. I love the image of Jason on the roof.

  5. !!!! THESE ARE GREAT!
    god am i dreaming?
    this is a cj dream
    these clips are awesome and the idea of jason using as bate
    that makes it so suspenseful this is awesome

  6. “He’s using him as bait!” As jason lurks on the roof, waiting to jump on the first unsuspecting victim to emerge from the safety of the cabin.
    This movie is gonna give me fellatio. I can just see it.

  7. clip 1# is amazing!

  8. Love, love, love! Can’t wait!

  9. Baits. Traps. Underground tunnels. Jason has always been mischevious with his bodies, but this time he’s protecting his sacred area, and anyone who enters is screwed. This looks like a really interesting way to reintroduce the character, after he became an undead, retarded, mass of hulking meat that kills like an endless Duracell bunny. :) Looking forward to the rest of it. 11 days!

  10. When Jason was on that roof…I thought that was awesome. I can’t wait to see the bodies start piling up! It’s also a good thing they made Jason somewhat intelligent. I’m also glad to see he’ll spare someones life (Temp. of course) to kill someone else. Terrifying.

  11. wow this is getting better and better 2 weeks away people !! ill bee there on opening day!!

  12. I have faith in horror now. I never, ever thought I would be scared of Jason but they did it. After becoming a zombie, taking a cruise to Manhattan, turning into a robot, then fighting Freddy…I was expecting more below-average crap taking our beloved villain on another wild adventure.

    I haven’t been this excited for a movie since The Devil’s Rejects.

  13. I’m 38 and a fan of the series since part 1. Seen every film on opening weekend and this is the most excited Ive been for ANY MOVIE (friday or not) since Part 6. That’s 1986!!!!

    I’ll be there on opening day, first show after working overnight on 3rd shift and then I’ll go back for the midnight show.

    After all this time of Jason being Paramounts money making sideshow attraction, he is finally getting his (and our) just rewards.

    Lets hope we have a “KILLER” opening weekend and carry the flame into a sequel or two

  14. Beautiful Looking Film Im So Happy the crew behing the Great Texas Remake made this and Not that Hack who made Texas the beginning Jonathon Lieberman and as much as I love Rob Zombie I think he should stick to his devils reject movies and leave classic Slashers aloneI think Marcus has done a great job from what ive seen and this Friday has one of the BEST looking cast in Friday History I just hope some of Manfredini music is in it in places like in the trailers Its Great To See Jason Back Where He Belongs in the Woods and I hope he stays there I just hope Its Make as much as Freddy VS Jason and we get a whole new slew of films and the next one has to be special saying it would be Friday the 13th part 13 :)

  15. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE “FRIDAY THE 13TH” …or so it looks so far…. I just have one discrepancy (is that how you spell it?) His manurisms are too much like ReMake Leatherface-HOWEVER the body movements go WAY better for our brother Jason…

  16. oh my gosh…ya’ll sounds like small school boys looking at a Penthouse magazine. :)

  17. This film does look very good. I’m anticipating the opening day, now I’ll be getting a Friday the 13th remake shirt this coming up Wednesday as well as His Name Was Jason documentary. All in all this is going to be a good Friday the 13th movie. I like the tone of this as it is serious. I like how intelligent Jason is in this movie, just standing on top of the roof and looking down, waiting for some person to come out of that cabin and I like the fact that he’s using bait. In the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, Leatherface never used anyone as bait. I don’t see the similarity between movements of both Jason and Leatherface. The only thing I didn’t like is they cut out the part of that guy pulling out Mrs. Voorhees’ head and dropping it in the sink, or did they just do that for that clip and is going to feature it in the finished product?

  18. i feel like a school boy looking at a Penthouse magazine lol just kidding…i cant wait anymore at lest tomorrow we will get something that can keep us satisfied for 10 more days

  19. I have been a die hard friday fan for as long as I can remember, I get called sick for my voorhees tattoos every now and again but I love it! I hate remakes! especially of classics and I hated the idea of my favourite slasher being “remade” at first even though I was super excited to see the big guy on screen again, because I was narrow minded I guess… by the looks of all the trailers and the new footage I think I was proven wrong! I have been very excited for this movie. my life has been revolving around feb 13th (sad maybe) but I just cant stop thinking about it. I have not been this excited since back to to future 3 and I think I was 10!

    no real point to this but I thought id share.

    11 days to go ladies and gents!
    the body count will rise once again and very very soon

  20. I’m so excited, about time they did this! Jason running and being clever and sneaky is perfect. It’s what it should have been all along. I hope this is just the begining to a re-birth of this classic series.

  21. Oh man, those clip are freaking WICKED!
    This is exactly what is needed to bring life back into F13.
    Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go bug my boyfriend into seeing the movie with me.

  22. i was excited before but now i really can’t wait til next week.

    i LOVE the idea of jason actually being smart instead of just some random zombie killing teenagers.

  23. Well, those clips are cool. But I’d mark ‘the bait’ one as the best. One cool new thing to Friday… have anyone noticed?.. There are several people in the cabin! I mean in ol’ films (2, 3, 4) we see Jason cuttin everyone down one by one and that isn’t noticed untill there is one or two main heroes left for the final countdown. Not goog in english cause im russian but ya all now what I mean? ))
    The new movie rises to a whole new level of realism. Jason is not absolute might anymore, he needs a plan to kill everybody. And the victims are not so easy to get. Cool I like that definetly.

  24. I loved Friday the 13th and have seen it three times. This is the best Friday the 13th ever. Jared Padalecki was wonderful in this movie. He’s Great on Supernatural too. I wish Jensen Ackles could have played his brother in the movie instead of Jared saving his sister in the movie. Jensen would have been a bigger box office draw. It would have been a better thrill ride for the Supernatural fans. Jensen plays Dean winchester on Supernatural for those of you who don’t know who he is. Jared plays Sam Winchester. This Friday the 13th rocked. I only wish Adrienne King and Besty Palmer could have made a cameo appearence for this film. They were both in part one.

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