Very Detailed Jason Reboot Mask For Auction

jasonreboot1I love this mask as it not only has a realistic look from the film, but they used an acrylic eye and teeth to give the mask and added dimension of realism. The auction has started at $299, but it is a solid made mask and could be great for a display bust for your collection. Check out the auction for more details.










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10 Responses to “ Very Detailed Jason Reboot Mask For Auction ”

  1. Holy shit!!!!! Fucking real

  2. Wow, this scared me more than the movie mask did! Not dissing the movie mask, but this one is creepy!

  3. very real , but not that scary

  4. sikk

  5. It still perplexes me as to why the powers that be chose NOT to show Jason unmasked (for more than a few seconds) in the remake. I don’t think Jason looked as frightening as he did here since The Final Chapter. Along with setting up some really cool kills, this mistake was another missed opportunity that made the remake sub-par in my opinion.

    Ive had the same complaint about Jason Lives but that film more than makes up for it with some awesome kills. Seeing the above mask just makes me realize how much better the remake could have been.

  6. I’ve been really contemplating getting this. I do not have a remake mask/bust yet and have been waiting for a breathtaking, reasonably priced one.

  7. There seems to be either different or more texture to this than the one in the film. The films mask looks almost like a fleshy film, without pores. I guess I feel this mask looks more inhuman, more round, and harder on the eyes. I think the movies is a good portrayal of someone who has lived in the woods, with a cleft lip, and an odd eye.

    But I think this mask shows all that and a sort cocked offness that is somehow a touch of something just not quite human. What made Part 3 such a great design is that it felt like a monster. It felt alien, and inhuman. Like a demon, trying to be born into this world of men.

  8. Wow! That looks extremely real and extra awesome. And it’s for sale, I wonder how much it’ll grab. I should prolly just read about it.

  9. That is really really good!!!!

  10. this looks incredible..i’d love to own this!!

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