Jason Lives Screen Used Knife Recently On eBay

This knife is confirmed as being used on-screen and would have been a great piece to add to a collector’s Friday the 13th collection. This knife is the stunt version and was used during close actions scenes between the actors. However, after being listed on eBay for a day or so, the listing was pulled suddenly. At any rate check out the pictures below, which show the knife signed by C.J. Graham.




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12 Responses to “ Jason Lives Screen Used Knife Recently On eBay ”

  1. maybe some jason lives fan made him a offer which he couldn´t refused

  2. Hi guys,
    as Jason correctly said, this is the stunt knife used by CJ on screen. Most likely throughout the scenes when you see it sticking in the sheath during walking scenes. For safety reason they casted a real metal knife in resin and painted it to look like metal. The knife was formerly in my collection and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Friday The 13th Props Museum. As far as I know this knife was also used during the foto session with Alice Cooper that we talked about in an previous article. As addition to this stunt knife there were a handfull other knifes made/used during production. Of course the “hero” metal knife; a retractable FX knife; a knife with cut and rigged blade; and finally the master metal knife used to cast the stunt and FX versions.

    The screen used knife is custom made for the production and was built together from two differen knifes to give it a unique look.



  3. I was gonna say, I thought i saw this in your collection that you were bringing to Camp Blood.

  4. I just forgot to edit the “from the collection of Mario Kirner” in the Website. However, there are a good handfull new items added that are not listed yet, that will be at the exhibition. Among of them the hero demon dagger from JGTH and a REALLY cool item from New Blood! Have not listed updates on the site since November… but will do this Week. Our very own Jasonsfury is also working on an very interesting article about an Part 6 item that will be listed there.


  5. damn the hero demon dagger! I always wanted that thing

  6. Yea, I want to see the dagger! Very cool, Mario.

  7. I always found it funny (yet totally awesome) how this knife looked almost identical to the Rambo II knife.

  8. I hope it was cause some fan made him GRAND offer!!!

  9. Mario found out this knife was sold for $1500!

  10. hello

    i must come out and say ,i am a huge jason fan and i am the one who bought the knife. i am a bit of a collector but not nearly as close to mario’s supreme ultimate collection.didnt mean to step on any toes if people saw this on ebay, i just made him an offer and he accepted. yah i got lucky.

  11. Congratulations, man. I don’t think you stepped on anyone’s toes. If you made an offer and the seller excepts, then it’s on the seller who made that decision. Great piece to own. Hope you enjoy it for a long time!

  12. thank you very much.i just have very high respect for all you other jason fans out there. a while ago the blank version of this knife was also on ebay.it was casted from the same mold as the original and sighned by c.j. graham, you had it posted not to long ago, any way i also have that.

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