Reinvisioned Crazy Ralph For “The Man In The Lake”

So far, one of the coolest parts of ”The Man In The Lake” has been the fact that shooting is taking place right next door to one of the original filming locations of Jason Lives. That, coupled with a classic hock fashioned after the look of Jason Lives, has really given this film a feel of the original movies in the Friday the 13th franchise. So, how else do you give the audience a feel of nostalgia from the original films? How about adding a new and updated version of the Crazy Ralph character!

Southlan-Films has revealed another character that will be appear in their film and that character will be known as “Ralph”. Check out the new vision of Ralph below and let us know what you think. Remember to keep up with all of the news and information associated with this film as it develops.


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22 Responses to “ Reinvisioned Crazy Ralph For “The Man In The Lake” ”

  1. The actual Crazy Ralph is one of my favorite characters in the series. So far, I’ve dug every image you’ve posted from “The Man in the Lake”.

    This makes me cringe a bit. Why recreate the character? He’s dead. This looks like something dropped from Bay’s updated version. The guy has a goatee & one bleached eye. Its a bit awkward looking.

    But maybe we need more context and it will work well in the film. I can be wrong a lot.

  2. I couldnt agree with you more.

  3. I like the eye. Very cool. I guess it’s strange seeing the character looking different, but this is a reinvisioning and I like to see different takes on characters, so I am wanting to see what they do here.

  4. I think this would work if the timeframe of the movie was before part I. Having Ralph younger just seems to detract from the idea, unless this Ralph’s a son or something of the original.

  5. I would have liked an older looking Ralph, but i like where the movie is going so far.

  6. But maybe we need more context and it will work well in the film. I can be wrong a lot

    I agree with the2ndsuitor. I think that once the film is put together, we will get a better understanding of how the look and feel of the character fits into everything. ;)

  7. He looks so young that it may be a flashback of some kind. Especially with how he’s dressed I don’t think it’s happening in modern “movie time”.

  8. “You goin’ tuh Camp Blood, ain’cha?”

  9. That place has a death curse! ( or something like that)
    does anybody know how long this film will be? Is there any way of purchasing a copy? or its illegal to make profits off it since the characters belong to paramount or new line or i dont know who anymore

  10. I like it! I love the “dead” eye, very cool. I was taken back by how young he is at first too but we have no idea as what context this is in the movie. While it is an homage to the Friday films it is obviously a retelling so why complain about using characters that are dead in the actual Friday universe? I mean the legit films, not the fan films. This is they’re story using the Friday characters so I think it’s great that they used Ralph as a character. I love nods to the originals and I think this is a brilliant one. Can’t wait to see this!

  11. Looks more like Evil Ralph. But thats cool, nobody can outdo Walt Gorneys performance. But seeing that there adding him to the story, this might be the best fan film yet. Looks a little young though. Guess Ill have to wait until I hear Him say “You all doomed”!!!

  12. Looks interesting to me.

    Love the look for Jason, and the fact that it is being filmed in the same vicinity of “Jason Lives” my favorite Friday film of all time.

    Also like Ralph being in the flick.

    Very cool.

  13. Well guys, you are looking at this as if it were some sort of sequel. It is not. It is a stand alone film that has nothing to do with any other film in the franchise. The Ralph character is an homage and nothing more. So whether he is young or old makes no difference. No one in this film has anything to do with any film in the Friday the 13th series, well except for Jason of course, and even his back story in this film is somewhat different than that of the series. This film is a complete re imagining of the character and the curse on Crystal lake. It is going to be produced in the old school 80’s style

  14. I really don’t see the point, but that’s just my two cents

  15. What’s the point of any fan film or any fan made anything? It’s an homage to the films us fans love. THAT’S the point. But that’s my two cents, I’m sure others will have their own perspective.

  16. I think it’s fun to see anything related to Friday the 13th being made. Especially, when the production values are high as it looks to be for this particular fan film.

  17. Personally, I commend their choice of going for a ’stand alone story’ & something that’s completely unrelated. There’s definitely a nod of acknowledgement to the original series, which should hopefully satisfy most fans & clearly, Jason os going to be kept true to his roots! :)
    Like many have already said… I will be very kken to obtain a copy of this when it’s finished & ‘released!’ :)

  18. I will be very keen to obtain a copy of this when it’s finished & ‘released!

    I am working on plans to give away a few copies to the visitors of this website. Stay tuned for that.

  19. What I meant was what is the point in putting a crazy ralph character the man in the lake. I mean I always thought crazy ralph was a nasty old man perve watching teenagers get it on in the woods, thats how he died, being nosy. He should have went and had a buscuit at Hardees with all the other old men and he would have been alright! lol All I am saying is be original. We have seen Ralph before, I thought it would be cool to explore a crazy old lady like it the reboot who is mean as hell. But, just my opinion, I dont want to make all the fans who love Ralph mad and then they may throw a hissy fit!

  20. My first thoughts were that this Ralph is way too young but as some of you guys pointed out, it’s too early to say because we don’t have any idea of the story in this movie so far so..
    Either way it’s cool to have a “Legend” back.
    I just hope we’re not all DOOMED.. :)

  21. Well I see no problem with the film makers doing whatever they want. I mean I am not going to be so bold as to say what should and should not be in their film. I am just happy that someone is making a descent fan film for us to see. Far be it for me to judge them, Hell I certainly cannot make anything like this, and I am pretty sure most of you guys cannot either. I do not know where they are going with their story but the fact is that it is their story and who the hell are we to say anything about it except “Thanks” I found this blog on Cryptshow and I for one am looking forward to the movie. I saw their Halloween fan film and it was by far the best Halloween fan film I have EVER seen. If this is half as good it will be awesome. I predict it will be better.

  22. Hey guys I have been reading about this film on Cryptshow. I too saw the Halloween fan film Ron did and I can tell you I am very excited about this. Jason is my Jam and I have high hopes for this film. I know it’s gonna be amazing. Maybe Sean Cunningham should get a copy. LOL

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