Friday The 13th Part 2 & 3 On Blu-Ray In UK Only

Here is cover art to the Region 2 Blu-Ray editions of Friday The 13th Part 2 and Part 3 (does not appear to be in 3D), now up at for pre-order and streeting in the United Kingdom on Feb 9th. If I had to make a guess, I’d blame the economy for Paramount being cautious with their release strategy in the States.

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52 Responses to “ Friday The 13th Part 2 & 3 On Blu-Ray In UK Only ”

  1. I think it’s odd they are not getting a US release, but I guess the economy may be the reason.

  2. damn the economy and damn george bush

  3. So what makes them think they will do any better over in the UK?

  4. Thanks for posting this. I was going to get them on release, but now I will hold out till the Blu versions make their way stateside.

  5. Goddamned Blu Ray version of Part 3 had better goddamned be in 3d!! God Damn It!

  6. I know it’s a bit off topic, but as bad as Bush was, he didn’t mess up the economy. Barney Frank and the Liberal Democrats in congress did. I’m not trying to defend Bush, I didn’t vote for him and personally I think he’s one of the worst presidents ever, but if the blame had been placed where it belonged the whole mess could’ve been avoided. It’s funny that Obama got elected on the issue of the economy when he was one of the people that messed it up… If any of the brainwashed Obama nuts reads this, (I’m not a republican, I never joined the conservative or liberal cult. I’m not trying to attack your messiah. What I wrote about the economy is NOT my opinion, it’s a fact that can be looked up in any encyclopedia).

  7. I like this cover art better than the ones for the US release, but I still think the original cover art on the old VHS was the best.

  8. They might be waiting to release parts 2&3 in the US until after they see how well part 1 sales on Blu-Ray.

  9. This gives off a very SAW-ish feel for me. Any one else get that from these pictures?

  10. I got that feel too. Those covers are very SAW-like. And its disappointing the blu-ray dvd of part 3 isn’t in 3D. Thats a total letdown.

  11. You shouldn’t have to worry about the region codes. The recent Blus I have been buying are either not marked with a code or (A,B,C) Coded. Its only the early and really cheap $10 blus that have the coding ironicly.

  12. I looked on the UK website. They are region 2 and PAL format, not NTSC. So, you need to ensure your Blu-Ray is capable of playing both options; otherwise, your Blu-Ray will not play. UPSIDE: If you have a PC with a Blu-Ray player/recorder, then you might able to get a program to rip the Region 2 Blu-Ray and then burn a new region-free copy that is in NTSC format. But, that is a suggestion, and I am not endorsing copyright infringement (but, it would somewhat serve Paramount right for not releasing it here). I just do not understand why they do that.

    Oh, and for the person that has been living under a rock that doesn’t feel Bush’s administration messed up the economy or at least played a major part of it, you need to read some of the editorials in all of the major worldwide publications that explicity state him as a failure and one of the worst presidents ever. It’s pretty clear that he did nothing to help the economy nor the people.

  13. Okay, here’s another update, and this sucks. I checked out this site: It tells which Blu-Rays are region free and which are not. I checked out Paramount’s releases here and in the UK on The region-free discs are specified as PAL format, but they do not include a region code. Friday parts 2 and 3 DO include a region-code. I am now 100% convinced Paramount has done this so as to prevent importing in. Either they are waiting to see how well they sell over there as a test market or they have bigger/better plans here. In either way, the UK discs WILL NOT PLAY unless you have a Region 2 player (or have altered your player with a chipset to play all discs).

  14. Derek, editorials are not facts, they’re opinions. Every thing I said is a fact that can be found in any encyclopedia. If you read my comment all the through, then you should know that I wasn’t defending the Bush Administration. Bush wasn’t to blame for every thing. Unless one party has control of all branches of government with a filibuster proof congress, it’s both parties fault. Bush’s hand in messing up the economy, was not stopping the Democrats in congress, which he could have done. Derek you really shouldn’t comment on things you know nothing about. I would suggest you buy a set of encyclopedias and stop believing every editorial you read.

  15. I meant “read my comment all the way through”. Sorry about the typo.

  16. Derek, I wouldn’t have said anything if you hadn’t insulted me with your “living under a rock” comment. Did you vote for Obama, is that why you felt the need to insult me?

  17. Ok, I figured they would be region coded (Paramount, you sodomized us again).

    Somebody needs to import it for us and see if they play on US systems.

  18. I think if part 1 on Blu-Ray does well Paramount will release parts 2&3 on Blu-Ray in the US.

  19. This is a compleate joke, no one is interested in blue-ray and it looks like the studios are resorting to dirty tricks in order to force the issue, ill just get the r1 versions.

    every one i ask about blue-ray says they are not interested in the format and i have only found one person who has one, and one only, and he will not be buying any more.

  20. I’ve heard that some of the HD upconverting DVD players put out just as good a picture as Blu-Ray.

  21. Blu-Ray HI DEF is PAL? You really need to do some reading. HI DEF signals are not PAL/NTSC. The only time you can run into a snag if they port some of the old standard def extras which are either PAL or NTSC. All the HD extras will play fine but anything old (aka the features from the old box set) may not play.

    As for region locking, Paramount has a long history of not locking their titles so the chances are quite good these will play in region A players.

    I’m not sure what circle you hang with but I know plenty of people with Blu-ray players and PS3 who buy the discs. While a good player can upconvert standard def titles, the resolution is nowhere near what a 1080p image can offer if transferred correctly. It’s all a matter of preference (and TV size). It will take some time for pricing to get reasonable for widespread adoption but DVD will always dominate the market for casual buyers (search back to the days of VHS to see how many people slammed those silly expensive DVD things!!).

    I have them pre-ordered and will update if they are locked. Shame the 3-D option was not included though.

  22. Okay, read this about PAL/NTSC:

    Even though hi-def is supposed to eliminate it, it does not. Hi-Def is still based on the frames per second base, which is deeply rooted in either NTSC (30 frames per second) or PAL (25 frames per second). Why do you think all of these Blu-Ray players brag about displaying at 24fps for true “cinema-like” viewing or 60fps for the ultimate picture? 1080p combined with the maximum frames per second and a true 120Hz refresh rate will deliver the best hi-def picture. Perhaps you should do some reading.

    And, although upconverting does improve picture quality, it is not the same. Case in point: Upconverted DVD’s are ususually taking a 480p mastered print and upconverting to 1080i (and if you’re HDTV has fixed-pixel, it will change it to 1080p automatically). Now, HD content has been remastered to a true 1080p source, and as a result, that will greatly improve picture quality over 480p (SD) and upconverted (1080i). I have both a Toshiba HD DVD and a Sony Blu-Ray. I was watching “The Reaping,” on HD DVD. It was a dual-format disc: one side was HD, the other was SD. The HD side quit playing half-way through, so we flipped it over to finish the movie. The difference was just amazing, and that was even with the upconverting.

    Now, this website should really be a place for Friday/Horror-movie fan to come together to share links/news items about their favorite movies and not a playground where everybody plays favorites. No administration is perfect, but even when the Democrats controlled Congress, a lot of Bush’s policies, his neglect of Katrina victims, starting a senseless war, and lying to the American public while dividing America into the “you’re either with me or against me,” attitude has done nothing to help the economy. And, yes, I did vote for Obama, and I read a lot more than editorials.

  23. Most of the Democrats voted to go to war. Katrina wasn’t Bush’s fault, if anything it would be the fault of the local government. The Katrina victims were not neglected. Derek everything you’ve said is only something a liberal would say. And if you voted for Obama then you know nothing about politics.

  24. The economic recession was caused by two things, high oil prices and the credit crisis. – High oil prices were caused by (aside from supply & demand) a decline in petroleum reserves, middle east tension and oilprice speculation. Both political parties voted to go to war. The decline in oil reserves is the fault of Liberal Democrats. Liberals have opposed new oil refineries being built in the US and off shore drilling on account of environmental activism. There hasn’t been a new oil refinery built in the US since 1976. And oilprice speculation is the fault of greedy corporations. – The credit crisis was caused by deregulation. Which is the fault of Liberals. Liberals opposed regulation because they said it would make it difficult for minorities to get loans. They also created laws to force lenders to offer high risk loans (no job, no collateral, no down payment) to minorities and illegal immigrants. Personally I think George W. Bush is one of the worst Presidents in history, but his only fault in the economic recession was not stopping the Democrats in Congress. Which is funny because Obama who just got elected on the economic issue is one of the people responsible for the recession.

  25. Everything I just wrote is a fact that can be found in any encyclopedia. Just look up economic recession 2024. I’m sorry about the political comments. I just felt that the truth needed to be said.

  26. Cease and desist: Do you really think arguing on a Friday the 13th website is going to do any good?

  27. Unless you’re using a 50 to 60′in 1080p Tv, you won’t notice the difference in Blu-Ray and HD upconverted DVDs. Unless the upconverting DVD player you’re using is a piece of shit.

  28. Derek, I’m not arguing. I made a comment then you insulted me (living under a rock) and started arguing. I haven’t said a thing that can’t be found in an encyclopedia.

  29. Whether you upconvert or use a true HD source, ALWAYS USE HDMI!

  30. There is no release for the original Friday film which is bizzare. They are releasing parts 2 and 3 as special editions and 4-8 as basic re-releases but for some reason not a special edition of the original grrrr!!

  31. Again, backing out display images, the HD source does not run off PAL or NTSC (I’ve supervidsed transfers with both). I also have plenty of REGION B and C discs and do many other importers and the HD content is identical to region A on a PS3 or US player display wise. I have TONS of UK discs that easily blow the US counterparts out of the water picture-wise (Terminator 2 and Total Recall come to mind). The only effect the frame per second ratio will hurt is if the UK cideo company upconverts an older PAL transfer which histroically is a bit faster and will increase the pitch (like the older franch HD DVDs of Total Recall and BASIC INSTINCT),

    The other time you run into problems is porting standard def extras.

    Case in point: ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE which plays perfectly with a region A player. Sadly, the extras are ported from the PAL region 2 DVD and will not play.

    Case 2: The BATMAN films currently released in the UK wich takes the older SD extras and upconverts them. They were based off the NTSC transfers but when moved up the a HD signal (even though still not mastered in HD) play on both regions (I believe the UK consumers would be a little mad if they could not play their own extras).

    While this forum is a great place for F13th info, I would suggest visiting, or for info (and using the site for locking guides). These sites have reviews of plenty of import discs which are unlocked for US players.

    To repeat, all current Paramount blurays released overseas have been unlocked region-wise and play identical to the US counterparts. I would still hold out until confirmed, but if they are unlocked the pictures will blow the US DVDs out of the water (if you have the right hook-up and a decent size television).

  32. “ It tells which Blu-Rays are region free and which are not. I checked out Paramount’s releases here and in the UK on The region-free discs are specified as PAL format, but they do not include a region code. Friday parts 2 and 3 DO include a region-code.”

    And by the way, all Paramount discs list their country’s codes on their preorder and box art but again are unlocked. They just do not advertise it.

  33. Ok all…You need to look on the bright side. A blu ray player plays DVDs in a better quality than a standard DVD player. I have many cheap horror films that play much better on my blu ray player than they did on my standard dvd player.

    Also if you have a home theater system they are excellent for movies that can be played in 5.1 dolby surround. Considering that this movie version is not set with that crappy VHS “mono” sound. like the previous releases of this movie, if you have a home theater system, There will be a big difference.

    Maybe that will satisfy people in the meantime?

  34. fuck Bush and Obama. the government is corrupt, always has been and always will be.

  35. Amen Terry, Amen!

  36. Part 2 and 3 not being released in blu ray yet, might be a good thing. It gives Paramount a chance to do a better job on these in blu ray than they did on the deluxe dvds.

  37. Well f13 2 and 3 may not be getting a blu-ray release but if you have an Xbox 360, you can find them on Xbox Live in HD for 340 points, I watched 2, and it looked awesome in HD.

  38. Chad, that’s a good point. I hope you’re right.

  39. anybody else gonna just buy them and hope they work? i think i’m going to. i absolutely have to see these movies in hi-def. for me there’s a world of difference between standard and hi-def.

  40. America has been on the wrong track since Jan 20, 1989.The gipper ran a tight ship and never sold America out.Bush SR,bUBBA, Bush Jr, all are horses behinds who shouldn’t run a popeyes chicken.America trouble is everyone is greedy and wants everything to turn out the way they want it.People ruin people to get ahead and then when its done to them cry for a lawsuit.AWAKE and return to God.

  41. At tommyblah:
    Parts 2, 3 are available on Xbox Live for 340 points in HIGH DEF. I watched 2, and it looked PHENOMENAL.

    Also if you have a Blu-ray player, HD-DVD player, or just an upscaling DVD player, it looks pretty good too.

    at pampers:
    “AWAKE and return to God.” This country was never “with god”, this country was never a “christian nation”. There is countless documents and quotes that prove my point here a la: The Treaty of Tripoli (article 10). You can look at the quotes of many of our founding fathers, many of which were Deists.

  42. sweet!! but a little too late…i went ahead and ordered the blurays on right after i posted that. the covers look bad-ass & from what i’ve read, they should be compatible with my blu-ray player. i’ll post some comments as soon as they arrive!! i can’t wait!!!!!

    if only they’d dig up that deleted footage! i’d buy them again for that (which would be like the 5th time). something comparable to the new director’s cut of the original my bloody valentine would be fine. i know alot of people don’t like that the footage isn’t mastered, but i’m thankful just to see it. there’s so many rumors surrounding it…i wanna know what’s really there.

  43. Question:
    If the UK BD version of Friday 3 doesn’t include a 3D version what does it include that labels it as a “Special Editon”?

  44. heheh, the same crap that’s on the DVD that has nothing to do with the film itself. what a ‘special’ crock of shit.

  45. Has it been confirmed yet if the discs are region free?

  46. How come we in US are stuck with no special features on our part 3 dvd, but the UK bluray gets loads more than us. And they’re getting all 8 movies re released on the 9th feb

  47. paramount are fools to release all the Fridays on blu ray if theyre not uncut. With movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre:The Beginning around….theres no excuse!

  48. yes the discs are region free. i just got mine yesterday and they work fine.

    part 2 looks SO awesome. so much better than part 1, and it isn’t zoomed in other than being in 1.78:1 rather than 1.85:1 ..i didn’t do any comparisons, but on the part 1 blu-ray it was very obvious to me that stuff was cropped off. this one looked fine. seeing it in 1080P was like seeing it for the first time again.

    part 3 didn’t look too good in my opinion. the black tones often had this white grain in them that almost looked like static. i like that they keep the original film grain, but i don’t recall my dvd looking like that…i haven’t compared them yet. also, it looked a little blurry like you can tell it was originally 3-D. maybe it’s always looked this way and the HD makes it more apparent.

    i don’t know. but my recommendation is go for 2, hold off on 3. it’ll be in the boxset anyway, which if you’re obsessed with this series like me, it’s a must have.

  49. My 2024 bare bones copy of Part 3 on dvd is crytal clear, it’s not blurry at all and the black tones are deep and clear. It must just be the 2024 version. My 2024 copy of Part 4 is grainy though, hopefully they’ll fix that in the new version due out in June… tommyblah, thanks for the info.

  50. I meant “crystal”, sorry about that.

  51. I heard that the 2024 dvd of Part 2 has more of the picture on the sides than the 1999 and 2024 versions. Does anyone know if that’s true?

  52. these covers do remind me of Saw, but they also look like the Special Edition of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2….if anyone else said that my bad…his blog is really long and i didnt want to read all of it to see if anyone else thought that too.

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