NEW behind the scenes look at Friday the 13th (**Spoilers**) – UPDATED with 2 more + All Embedded!

Check out this cool new look at behind the scenes of Friday the 13th. Beware these will have spoilers. Thanks to 1stCaptainAmerica.

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61 Responses to “ NEW behind the scenes look at Friday the 13th (**Spoilers**) – UPDATED with 2 more + All Embedded! ”

  1. FUCKIN HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. In one of the scenes it shows jason running PLEASE jason dont run and it shows him sharping his machete give me a break he dont need a sharp anything and it shows him out walking around in the daytime he only comes out at night theirs many other things i could call out but im going to try to keep an open mind when i watch the movie. I just hope micheal bay didnt ruin friday the 13!!!!!!!!!!

  3. yep this is going to bee very good! younger jason kill kill kill

  4. im so glad he is back running like in the first (and best) few movies, and back to being a mortal, like you have a chance, albeit a very slim one!!

  5. “QUOTE”old school fan Feb 7th, 2024 at 6:24 am In one of the scenes it shows jason running PLEASE jason dont run and it shows him sharping his machete give me a break he dont need a sharp anything and it shows him out walking around in the daytime he only comes out at night theirs many other things i could call out but im going to try to keep an open mind when i watch the movie. I just hope micheal bay didnt ruin friday the 13!!!!!!!!!!”QUOTE”

    hey Old School Fan, no offense or anything, but from reading your comments, have you ever seen a Friday movie that was made before Part 7??? everything that your talking about, they used to do in the original Friday’s. He ran in parts 2,3,4 and a bit of a speed walk in 6. sure he didn’t sharpen anything, not that i can remember, but he has killed plenty of people during the day. just off the top of my head is the hammer killing the cop in part 2 and all the office workers playing paintball in part 6, damn might as well throw in the hippie hitch hiking girl in part 4.

    IMHO, i think that a running Jason is a scarier Jason, hands down. its that whole fact of someone is chasing me and he is right on my tail and even though im running so fast and now im starting to get tired and can’t breathe and starting to hurt, he is still right behind me. also, its sweet to see him back to being human. i just watched part 3 the other night in 3D, which by the way, fucking rocked, and like anytime that you watch a movie over again you notice things. like how Jason dodges the machette swing from the biker and knocks him to the ground with the monkey wrench. that shows that he is thinking and doesn’t want to get hurt. just one more thing off the topic of this post, in part 3/3D, when Jason comes thru the window after Rick is throw thru, and they sorta do a close up of his mask, you really notice the eyes, and that creeped the shit outta me. lol, had to rewind it a few times and watch it again.

  6. I just couldnt bring myself to watch all of it! I don’t want to ruin the movie for myself. (I will go back and watch it after next Friday) BUT I got half way through (I started to see to many deaths) and I have to say that the whole Jason Neck worry is now out the door. He looks great in this footage, and I’m sure he will look amazing on the silver screen! :)

    I love Jason so much in this, he’s fucking badass.
    And holy shit, Padalecki is huge. I hope there’s at least one fight scene between Padalecki and Jason.

  8. Let’s not forget that the character itself is meant to be more smarter in this film. He sets traps, and he is smart enough to know how to sharpen his machete.

    I think this will actually be a good version of Jason. The film makers aren’t ruining anything. They are retelling the story in their way. The original films stand for themselves. Nothing or nobody can take away the mystique that the original films brought to us.

  9. if he did not run in this movie and was a zomby it still be ok but its not as good a refresh. Im soo happy there starting over for all the jason fans! Its good to have a fresh start now they can do justice for all the crapy friday the 13ths they put out that i stll saw and still kind love just saw them too much lol’ but are not as good as the first 5!!!!and 6 . 3 and 4 being the best ones and thats were this movie is going back to the roots !I my self have full sleeve tattoo of jason vs jasonX from the comic book on my left arm i think im a prity big fan so im happy for this movie and think it will do very good !! i bee there this friday the 13th have a good time i hope all you do too!!

  10. Hey Old school fan Jason ran in part 2, part 3 and part 4 and guess what? He runs in this new one too.

  11. i watched this and im very pleased
    i love the campy eerie look!

  12. I can’t wait till next friday!! The more I see the more excited I get. This is how Jason should be, not just a rip off of Michael Myers, but his own charicter, he is human, he is twisted, he stalks and set traps, he runs after his victems like a wild animal. It’s creepy as hell

  13. After watching his name was jason, i understand this movie more. How its pretty much friday the 13th part 12 just with the friday the 13th name. Looking forward to seeing this friday

  14. This movie looks like crap.. being a fan I will wait untill It comes out on Blu Ray for a rental…

    Michael Bay sucks and his remake to TCM sucked, I can see where this ones going as well.

  15. Wickywoo, you and all of the haters out there are jumping to conclusions! More like sprinting to conclusions! You haven’t even seen it yet! This is behind-the-scenes footage, you don’t know what the finished product is going to look like at all! So stop hating you little nerd!

  16. You may be right James but I can say that I am a fan, I’ve seen every F13 flick in the theater. Snuck into the first 2 since I was too young to get admitence and loved them.
    I do find it insulting that they have the nerve to call this a remake and change the story around, look I understand that everyone wants to see Jason as the main killer but, His mother was in part 1, the story was totaly changed around.
    The remake should have been made like this fantastic illustrated fan made telling as seen on you tube..

    Friday the 13th: Pamela’s Tale clip show tribute Part I

    Friday the 13th: Pamela’s Tale tribute Part II

    If they just came out and said this was a continued sequel it wouldn’t bother me as much, but they are calling it a remake.

  17. ^ That’s where you are wrong…It is being labeled as a remake but it is not one so get over yourself. It is a reboot of the franchise. This is a sequel that takes place around after part 4 with parts of 2,3,4 mixed in. It’s like 5 through 9 never happened.

  18. Fellows, now let’s try to be civil. If Wickywoo chooses to have an opinion on the new film, then that his right. Let’s bring this down a notch before things get carried away, alright ?

  19. After seeing the first 45 seconds I had to stop it. It does have alot of spoilers I’ll wait till I catch the movie then check this out.

  20. What are you talking about Kane? He labeled this new movie as a remake, which clearly it is not. It has been said repeatedly by the the people who made this movie that it is a reboot. What he said wasn’t an opinion, it was a false fact. I was just correcting him. He is entitled to his own opinion regarding what he thinks about the film though, it doesn’t bother me.

  21. Remake, reboot, whatever!!

    I think any mature person would comprehend what he meant. A remake and reboot is pretty much all the same. Reboot is just the best fit word for a remake these days..

  22. And one more thing, when did Platinum Dunes state that this film was a sequel to part 4 ?

    Ah, no sir that there is false fact !

  23. ^ You are correct, it isn’t a direct sequel to part 4 but it is with parts of 2,3,4 and then goes on from there which would make it an indirect sequel to part 4.

    But I can tell you that you are false on a reboot and remake being the same thing.

    A remake is doing the original story over…Such as Platinum Dunes doing a remake would have redone the original Friday the 13th and had the mother doing the killings..That my sir is a remake. This is a reboot, sort of like how Batman has with Batman Begins. It’s reintroducing the story which is not a direct remake. Get it!

  24. it isn’t a sequel at all!!

    Batman Begins would be what I would call a reboot. It had no references to the original 1989 Batman movie.

    This film is itself a remake. Call it whatever you want, but it is what it is. End of subject

  25. Let this be the last time I have to delete a post. I’m not trying to be an asshole to anybody. Opinions are opinions even if you really know the truth. This is a fun place to come, I don’t like seeing arguments erupt over nonsense. It is my job to moderate the activity in the blogs I post. I hope that everybody understands this.

    Again, I’m not trying to be a jerk, but when I see something is getting out of hand, I think it needs to end immediately and I’m sure Dusk would agree with me on that. We’re all fans, guys so let’s not argue please!!

  26. 1. “It’s not a remake,” says our insider. Don’t even expect an origin tale – as some production listings around Hollywood are pegging it as. Imagine if there was a story to be told somewhere between parts two and four, just add water (from Camp Crystal Lake, duh), insert a leaner, meaner, faster Jason Voorhees, set to “blend” and you’ve got the recipe for what Dunes, writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift and director Marcus Nispel got cookin’. ( )

    2. “We like to plant Easter Eggs for the fans and hopefully they’ll spot those,” Shannon beams. These fun morsels sprinkled throughout the film beg the question, however – where does this Friday the 13th fit into the existing series? It’s decidedly a restart of the Voorhees legend, but “fans can argue to themselves that this is kind of a sequel with the only returning character being Jason” Swift says. “I think that’s great because we’re not telling people those movies don’t exist. I love those movies and they’re not being thrown out, I hope the hardcore guys can still say this felt like a sequel in many ways.” ( )

    I know how much you were apparently hoping for a remake…Sorry to disappoint.

  27. What they say and what that film is really is in itself are two different things.

    It’s like saying a GMC Jimmie and Chevy Blazer are two different vehicles, but really they’re just the same.

    So please, weigh on what you believe and let everyone else weigh on what they believe.

  28. Remake, Sequel, Whatever. I think we can all agree that IT’S ANOTHER FRIDAY THE 13TH/JASON FILM and that’s all that matters. We can discuss semantics till sun-up, but let’s all remains fans united, eh?

    Now I added 2 more videos to the post, please enjoy…

  29. Do all 3 videos involve spoilers? I really wanna watch them but I don’t want to see any spoilers…

  30. It’s safe to say that they pretty much do!

  31. Those I have to avoid. I don’t want to spoil the movie.

  32. They’re really just outtakes, but they are semi-spoilers as far as getting an ideal on who dies or what not!

  33. Yeah that’s what I’m trying to avoid. I was glancing at the first one and had to stop it, I want to be surprised on Friday February 13th.

  34. Well, due to the trailers and tv spots, it’s really no secret at all that the cop gets impaled through the door!

  35. True. Some people say he gets stabbed through the mouth, but when I take a look at the trailer I see that Jason was aiming for the cop’s eye which I think is more I don’t know intense rather than being stabbed through the mouth.

  36. I find there to be a couple of misconceptions in these comments about this new [remake] which might I add is actually a reboot of Friday the 13th, the most common thing I see, not just here, but all over the net is, “Jason runs in this? WTF” it has already been addressed by someone else here, but Jason ran in parts 2,3, and possibly 4 I’ll have to check again, regardless, while he was alive, he ran, he took on more of the supernatural zombie walk/stalk/Supernatural teleproting abliity[Jason goes to Manhattan] in the other films. Two, this isn’t a Remake… it’s a Reboot, taking parts of 1,2 and 3, and forming them into it’s own story, ontop of having it’s own origional storyline, the only parts taken, are Jason’s Mother, The sack, and the Hockymask as they wanted to give the hockymask more meaning to Jason than just some random piece of equipment he found off of one of his victim’s.

    I personally am looking foward to this Friday the 13th, as it will be the first time I’ve been able to see a Friday the 13th film in theater’s outside of Jason X, and Freddy vs Jason, which were pretty much a couple of lackluster films, still good in their own way, but lackluster none the less. [ I was born in 85, but grew up on this stuff thanks to my mom] I’m holding my breath, I mean, it’s kinda hard to screw up early Jason, and unless the story is just… stupidly hard to follow, it should be ok, and I’m looking foward to some of the death scenes aswell, especially since this is one of the few ‘good’ looking horror movies in recent history to garner an R rating… how many so called Horror movies these days have garnered PG13? I say that’s a slap to horror lover’s faces. anyway, that’s not what this is about.

    Look hang the worry’s for now, and let’s not fully judge the movie until we see it. Maybe Hollywood won’t give us a steaming pile this time.

  37. I find it refreshing to see that there is still intrest in ol Jason after all these years. I was nine years old when the first friday came out and have seen everyone in the theatres. I also feel the best of th bunch were pt 1-5 or 6. I actually feel that the gunny sack JASON put on his head in pt. 2 was actually scarier as it related more to him being an actual person and not some unstappable spirit as portaryed in later features. Watch part II when he’s stabbed in the back by the blond babe at the end.The way he crawls off afterwards by pulling himeslf along the ground gives good sense of him being human and makes it more believable when he gets his vengence at the end. Also nice close up on the eyes in part 2 as he’s being stabbed. I don’t know if you would call this a remake or reboot and frankly I d’ont give a fuck, but it certainly smells like this one is more toward the first few movies than the last and that’s what gets me curious to see it. happy horror to you all:) DAVE

  38. Dave hits nail on head ^^^^^^^

  39. Love it, love it, love it!!!! CAN NOT WAIT to see the film!! It looks very very good!!! And i hope we dont have to wait too long till we see Jason in the film!!!

  40. i think this film is going to be one of the best jason movies out there. just to think of them taking this back to it\’s roots is great. i am a big fan of friday the 13th and the last couple of movies haven\’t done jason justice. but by looking at the trailer to this new jason movie i think it will do the series justice carry it on so that they make more friday the 13th\’s and also bring on more fans that will follow jason. the last couple of them in my opinion really didnt focus on what jason was all about. i think the main foucus of jason was jason was a killer at a camp after the counselor killed his mom. and jason killing anyone who came to the camp. the last couple of them had jason out in space battling freddy going through manhattan. come on jason is supposed to be at a camp not walking around a city. this new friday the 13th is going to be great and take jason to a whole new level.

  41. I’m sorry I might just be looking at things very different here but wouldn’t Jason qualify as super human for drowning and then jumping out of the lake? Ok lets just say that was completely a dream sequence and had nothing to do with how Jason survived. Now if he comes back after part 2 that pretty much defines him as unstoppable and thus pretty super human from that point on. His appearence evolves throughout the series some more likeable then others but I don’t mind having a zombie jason at all.

    To me it kinda makes sense. Perhaps I’m trying to make more sense of it than what’s clearly explained, but jason seems to be a reanimated corpse and reanimated corpses are going to rot over time(strangely unlike Tina’s father in pt 7). After watching these movies did anybody besides me get the feeling Mrs. Voorhees practiced voodoo? Could have jason been back before his mother was killed?

  42. Voodoo?

  43. LOVE IT!!!!

  44. I think the less we know about Jason’s supernatural abilities, the better off we are. We could say that it’s Jason’s undying hatred the keeps him going. There are dozens of explanations as to why Jason keeps coming back. The only ones who know why he keeps coming back to kill and kill again are the writers who wrote the movies. I think with the reboot of the franchise they are going to give us something completely different than what we were given in the past. The question that keeps popping up a lot is, did Jason Voorhees really drown? Some might have different answers to that question. Paul gave a good explanation of it in his little campfire story about the legend of Jason in Friday the 13th Part 2. I think we’re better off not knowing why he keeps coming back.

  45. jason didnt drown in part 2 it says that he didnt drown he some how made it out of the lake the only reason he kept coming back was because paroument wanted more money

  46. i wish this site would get a fourm :(

  47. Paul’s explanation just seems to me that it is just what that particular character heard about Jason. He doesn’t even believe in the myth, he just uses it to scare the other counselors then disregards it as nonsense.

    Voodoo yes, not based on anything concrete just fun speculation. Jason’s shrine set up in his cabin reminded me of some crazy voodoo shit. Anyone ever seen “White Zombie” not the group the 1932 movie with Bela Lugosi. This film made me think of Friday the 13th alot. Look it up for a good synopsis. Has nothing to do with summer camps or hockey masked killers but the obsession and return of an emotionless creature reminded me of Jason and his mother.

    Again fun speculation but I don’t think it could be too far off.

  48. I haven’t seen it. Heard about it but haven’t watched it. Well I remember the Necronomicon being in the Voorhees house in Jason Goes to Hell. Maybe not voodoo, but black magic. Eric Morse did an online novel concluding the Camp Crystal Lake young adult novel series where he went into an explanation that, some character helped Pamela bring back Jason by reading a passage from the book, in that online story Jason wasn’t deformed or anything he appeared normal but when the spell was used, some force got inside of his body and changed him to a deformed person. I know this goes against what was shown in the original Friday the 13th when they showed a flash back of Jason drowning he was deformed, so I’m passing that online story as nothing but fanfiction.

  49. I still can’t believe the whole Jason runs or doesn’t run debate is STILL such an issue…

  50. I second that, Rob. Someone even made a video compilation of all the times Jason ran in the movies and put it on Youtube. Even after seeing that, people STILL bitch about how he never runs, haha.

  51. I gotta find some of those novels, at least one see if they’re worth reading. Always been curious about them but haven’t been much of a reader till more recently.

  52. as we all are getting oh so close to “the deadliest day of the year” I am finding it hard to think about anything else, it really looks like these guys handled the story of mr. Voorhees with the proper care… maybe they learned their lesson after TCM (I did enjoy TCM but I was kind of dissapointed that the only original character was leatherface, I would have liked to see a cook ar hitch hiker reference) but R.L ermery did scare me possibly more than leatherface in that film. I am so excited… we are at monday now… the countdown is so close to being done it feels surreal!

    cant wait to see our masked dark hero slashing his way through the bigscreen again

  53. i was just wondering tony are you like the maker of this website if not who is

  54. Honestly guys, running vs. teleporting, remake vs. reboot, voodoo? This Friday we are going to be treated to a North American wide Jason freak-fest. Easily the best 3 in the series was 1 thru 3. Jason Voorhees is the most feared killer in ALL of cinema. To see script writers (and fans) from this era take the time from Pamela’s beheading to the perfect fitting of the hockey mask and make it new is awesome and we should take it for what is, a big thank-you to all the die hard fans. I can tell from all the replies that F13 and Jason are great memories of each of our youth. Keep it that way!

  55. Old School Fan wrote “In one of the scenes it shows jason running PLEASE jason dont run and it shows him sharping his machete give me a break he dont need a sharp anything and it shows him out walking around in the daytime he only comes out at night theirs many other things i could call out but im going to try to keep an open mind when i watch the movie. I just hope micheal bay didnt ruin friday the 13!!!!!!!!!!”

    Old School Fan, what in the hell are you talking about? bytor2112 you are right on point with your rebuttal. Also, I’m no Michael Bay worshiper but as far as the whole Michael Bay ruining Friday the 13th thing goes……I have a feeling that he had very little to do with this movie. He didn’t write or direct it. While he created Platinum Dunes, the horror movie specific production company that is producing the new Friday movie, he has been knee deep in Transformers 2 for over a year now. The company helped finance the movie for sure and Bay is well known to main stream audiences. Having his name on things Friday the 13th related is all marketing. If you don’t like the movie blame the writers and Marcus Dispel. We will know in 4 days if it was worth the wait.

  56. I just can’t wait until I see this movie. I don’t care much for debates, Jason did run in parts 2, 3 and The Final Chapter. That was when he was human, in part 6 Jason Lives, he is a zombie that walks, rather quickly but he still walks. Let it go and move on. Jason is human in the reboot, he is not an undead killing machine that was brought back from the dead multiple times with lightning. That was Paramount’s way of bringing him back. Only four more days to go, I still haven’t got the show time listings for the movie yet over at my local theatre. I hope it’s playing there. I know they took down My Bloody Valentine 3D early, I was hoping to see both Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine 3D on the same night.

  57. well i spoke to some one who saw the movie in new york city who wanted me to come but i said no lol cause im a dumb ass that it means more to me to see it on friday the 13th ,,,.. BUT we all have nothing to shit about he said that it was soo fuckin good and he hates crapy redone movies he said people were bugging out screamin and just like hole shit this is by far the best jason movie to date now i told him not to tell me any thing cause he know im a die hard fan but he said i and any fan hungry of a sick crazy real jason movie that was never made this IS IT….S.O.S THIS IS IT ..SO WE ALL SHOULD BE HAPPY THIS ONE IS FOR THE FANS OO AND CAN YOU ALL SAY PART 2 LOL…..IN THE NEXT 3 YEARS !!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  58. I\’m excited by the DVD release in the future, there\’s going to be more stuff that wasn\’t seen in the theatrical cut. There\’s also a completely different storyline. Not to mention more sex and more violence. And the theatrical version would be on that DVD too.

  59. Hey JASON_GOALIE_67 … if I had a pint right now id cheers ya. truer words couldnt be spoken man!

    3 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!

  60. Cheers to you too Matt the 13th. (mine’s a Molson Canadian). Jason is the talk of the town right now! Every second commercial on t.v. is a trailer for FRIDAY the 13th. His name was Jason is incredible. It’s just a great time to be a fan. KI KI KI MA MA MA!!

  61. this looks like a good movie

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