On The Set Of “The Man In The Lake” Part 1

Filming is under way on Southlan-Film’s Friday the 13th fan film “The Man In The Lake”. This weekend, filming was fast and furious and the director posted on-set photos of Jason in action over www.cryptshow.net. The shoot is taking place in Northern Georgia, very close to one of the shooting locations of Jason Lives! It was mentioned that it was very hot and humid during filming of this highly anticipated fan film. Dig on some of the behind the scenes pictures below. For all of our posts about this film, check out our “The Man In The Lake” coverage.

Keep an eye out for pictures in the near future and good luck to the crew.








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23 Responses to “ On The Set Of “The Man In The Lake” Part 1 ”

  1. I live in Atlanta and it is warm and very humid. I spent a weekend a few years ago at the campsite in COvington where they filmed Jason lives……I had a fire going, the Friday movies on VHS and a case of Natural Ice…..it was a great weekend

  2. Where exactly is the campsite for Jason Lives? Maybe I can talk the Mrs. into taking a trip there.

  3. NOOOOOO!!!!!! They have that damn jacket on him! Man I hate that jacket.

    Pics look good, am looking forward to seeing movie!

  4. How do I get my hands on this when its done?

  5. @TheRustyMachete paste this location on goole maps for the camp site. 33°39′9.32″N 83°35′38.61″W

  6. Looks promising…. very much looking forward to seeing this! Should be a good ‘filler’ while we’re all waiting for the sequel. :)

  7. How cool, I found the lake on google maps with the coordinates given above (cheers jasonfan13), does anyone have any other coordinates for camp sites etc from the other films???

  8. Wow, these pics look very clear. Nice camera! Anyways, this does look promising and cannot wait to see more. Nice kill with the Sheriff.

  9. @creeping death1993 here is part 1 lake 41° 3′51.63″N 74°56′43.19″W
    Here is part 2 lake 41°43′54.71″N 73°25′19.35″W
    Part 3 was a man made lake here is where the house and barn were. 34°29′33.05″N 118°29′45.78″W
    part 5: DELETED BY JASONSFURY: Sorry I have a deal with owners to not disclose location on the website.
    part 4 jarvis house 34° 7′9.93″N 118°35′32.73″W im not sure about the lake scene.
    Part 6 lake 33°39?9.32?N 83°35?38.61?W and part 6 cemetery 33°35′48.56″N 83°28′21.12″W
    part 7 lake 30°47′36.52″N 87°53′59.34″W
    Freddy VS Jason Lake 49°21′56.71″N 122°51′24.48″W

  10. I really enjoy these fan films

  11. Cool pics. Makes me want to check out this film even more. My best to the cast and crew.

  12. Thanks guys. We are expecting to premier the film on You tube on Friday August 13th 2024. I will be making more production shots available as production continues

  13. Looks amazing, maybe it will make up for us not getting a Friday the 13th sequel anytime soon.

    Jason looks awesome, love the nail in the head.

    Can’t wait to see this.

  14. Looks like Jason nailed it.

  15. hey guys I just watch Rons Halloween fan film
    HALLOWEEN:Return of the Sandman and it was awesome
    and me being a HUGE Jason fan this one will prob blow it out of the “water”

  16. its should be a good fan film!
    Jason looks like jason should! If you get what i mean?

  17. Friday, August 13th is turning out to be something worth looking forward to.

  18. @Cat:

    I don’t get what you mean. In what world should Jason ever be wearing a construction workers jacket AND gloves? (unless that an unmarked army jacket)

    In the picture above I can’t tell if his going to hide in that shed or if he’s going to install a new door.

    Kills look good but being a “fan” film I can’t believe someone didn’t get fired in wardrobe.


  19. He wore gloves of that same type in Jason Lives and it was no big deal there. The Jacket I like sometimes and sometimes I don’t. It’s not a deal breaker by any means however.

    I will say that fashion wise I always found it funny how in Jason Goes to Hell he’s got his shirt tucked in. That always cracked me up for some reason.

  20. Lester Romero:

    I am aware of the gloves in lives and the jacket in the remake, but them giving us a “double whammy” sort of threw me lol.

    In the end though I’ll take a jacket and gloves over that toolbelt from part 6 anyday.

    The Home Depot Jason always bugged me a little ;)


  21. I agree… NO TOOLBELT!! But I kind of like the jacket that has kind of adopted to the look of Jason!! I think it’s pretty cool!! I’m not a fan of the gloves however (wasn’t in part VI either) but that’s really no big deal… I can easily over-look that!! But I’ve seen Southlan-Films Halloween Fan film before: Return of the Sandman… If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to do so… I found it on youtube, and assume it can still be found there, but knowing this is the same company that did that fan film really has me pumped about this one… Return of the Sandman really stayed true to the roots of the Halloween franchise (and included several nice homages to a few of the originals), and I’m really expecting the same for Man in the Lake… I have high hopes for this fan film, so Southlan-Films… DON’T DISAPPOINT ME!!

  22. Can’t wait to see this Ron!!!

  23. These fan films are fun to watch. This one seems very life like with Jason.

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