Friday the 13th Franchise Storyboard Tour

Scenes for movies are blocked out using storyboards. These hand drawn scene representations are most important in aiding a director and crew in setting up a scene for filming. I really enjoy finding these storyboards as sometimes you see that a scene may have been originally conceived to be filmed one way, but ultimately end up being a different way.

There are way more storyboards available for viewing than what I have listed below, but I wanted to list these as they are some of my favorites:



The scene where Nikki has her head rammed through the wall of the RV originally had Jason also shoving his machete through the back of her head as well. (Storyboards courtesy of this website)


 The picture I took is not the best, but these storyboards were created by Crash Cunningham for the alternate ending that the director never filmed. These were used on the Deluxe DVD that was released in June of ‘09. It shows Jason’s father paying the grounds keeper Martin for taking care of Jason’s grave. In the original script, Martin was not killed by Jason.




John Carl Buechler’s set used storyboards (Source: Crystal Lake Memories)





Rob Hedden’s set used Storyboards (Source: Crystal Lake Memories)





(Source: Jason Goes To Hell Movie Magazine)


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7 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Franchise Storyboard Tour ”

  1. Great article! I have a set of original production used Storyboards from part 6, used back then by the Special Effects department. The set of Storyboards showing all the scenes that required SPFX work.


  2. Are those going to be at the reunion along with your props and outfits next year Mario?

  3. Wow they are fantastic, cant wait too see more!!!

  4. The quality of the storyboard illustrations matches the quality of the films. The storyboards for Part 6 are very well done while the ones for Part 8 look like worthless shit.

    I was sad to see Darcy Demoss die in Part 6, btw. She is the hottest woman that Jason has ever killed imo.

  5. Yes, they will be up in display together with a lot of other paper production pieces like scripts, set blue prints erc. Also, I will have some pretty cool pieces (props & costumes) on display that are not listed on the site. Stay tuned for updates. It can well be that the Friday the 13th Blog is giving some hints soon!


  6. I have a bunch of storyboards from Part 4, 5 and a whole binder of every single shot by shot of Jason goes to Hell. (Deleted scenes and all!) Nobody seemed interested in this 6 months ago.

  7. Well, Kirk. I am not sure what you’re referring to? Did you send an email to me or this website about your storyboards? Or did you post a comment about your boards? If you have something like you mention, please let me know and I would be happy to look at them and possibly post them on the site. Thanks!

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