Friday The 13th (2009) Bootlegged

As happens with pretty much every new movie released theatrically, someone takes a cam from their seat, cleans it up on the PC and BAM, you got your downloadable copy. And it’s no different for the Friday The 13th redux - just a few short hours ago Marcus Nispel’s Friday The 13th hit the web. And no, I will not direct you to any links - not that they’re hard to find.

But the question is - will you buckle? If you’ve seen it theatrically - can you wait for DVD or will you be satiated with this? And to international fans - can you wait for it to show up in your side of the globe or will you clickety click for your quick fix?

I can only answer the question for myself - I’m facing a long wait till towards the end of March to get in my country, and gee willy wonka wouldn’t it make running this site easier if I knew what the sam hell everyone was talking about when they referred to the film? Temptation is a sexy bitch, my friends. But checking out the sample images (reproduced above - which represent the best moments of the transfer, you wouldn’t want to see the worst), I’ll easily wait.

Growing up, a variety of happenstances conspired to keep me from watching Jason’s exploits theatrically, and of the only two I’ve seen theatrically (Jason X & Freddy Vs Jason), I can tell you firsthand how hamstrung I was by having already seen them via bootleg (a workprint for one, a cam-job for the other). This will be the first one I see fresh on the big screen, and it feels good knowing that. Not that I’m taking the moral highground and judging those that choose to download it - that’s an argument I have no real side to take on - I can only again quiz you all and see what side of the fence you all plan to take?

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  1. i’m sorry that u have to wait but u already waited for that long so u can wait one month more and watch it on high level.
    this time i was lucky to get it the same us date but it’s my very first time i usually have to wait for more more more than 1 month!

  2. I think I am safe. I would love to have a good downloadable copy (which is sure to come eventually) so I can make screencaps and icons etc, but I have already paid to see it once in the cinema and I intend to go again, and I 100% want to buy it on DVD, so…:D Yeah, I have put my money down for Jason many times. XD

  3. Pop Quiz, huh….Speed reference sorry.
    Okay here is the deal:
    1, I paid to see the movie and have paid for all DVD’s I currently have, and previous VHS copies of the films.
    2, If its available for free then it is for me.
    3, Yes I will be buying the DVD when released.
    4, the links are easily available, really where show me the way. Not everyone frequents these other net places.
    So, while I dont purchase bootleg items…I have no issue sharing or downloading bootleg items. But, as I mentioned I have no idea where to go and get them.

    Oh well.
    Talk to you later

  4. I paid to see it in theaters, and I will buy the DVD when it is available. Would I want to see it bootleg? No, not really. If I hadn’t been able to see the movie in theaters, I would have waited (im)patiently for it to be released on DVD.

  5. im waiting.

  6. I’ve seen it in the theatre, that was enjoyable, and it’ll have to do until I get the unrated DVD/Blu-Ray verison. All form of bootlegging with cameras is pretty much BS if you ask me, I’m not that desperate, and I want to support the movie in any way I can. And who wants to sit at home and still hear douchebags laughing and screaming at the screen?

  7. A really good question. Firstly I have watched this movie of course on Friday. I will also buy the dvd. Would I watch this as a bootleg copy? Maybe. But the only reason would be to because the DVD version probably will take 6 months to come out. Usually I can’t afford to keep going to see movies. My local charges quite a lot and there is a lot of movies I want to see. It is a dog eat dog world. Anyway as far as Jason goes I will always support the franchise. So everyone that usually watched bootleg copies. DON’T DO IT- ANYWAY SOUNDS AWESOME AND LOOKS GREAT IN THE PICTURES.

  8. I checked Demonoid and the F13th torrents has 1,000 peers. A lot of people have downloaded it- I really hope this helps the movie rather than hurting.

  9. well i went i watch i got upset i want to go back give it another chance but as of now money is tight so if i found it on the net id re watch it for free i mean they got my money and 7 more ppl that went with me and im still getting the dvd so yea but IF U DIDNT SEE IT IN THEAtTERS GO SEE IT FRIST THEN WATCH IT ON THE NET SO WE GET A SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Scab’s Friday The 13th could u help me out and give me a Invitation code so i can join

  11. Demonoid

  12. I’ve seen it twice now so they’ve got my money. If I wanted to watch it again and someone had a bootleg I’d watch it.

    But I probably wont be seeing it again until its out on DVD anyway.

  13. i’ve tried this torrent shit at least a dozen times…i download all the stuff they tell you to and it never works. i tried today so i could check this f13th bootleg out and once again, can’t get it to work. i don’t get it. i’ve been working with computers for over 10 years so it’s not that i just don’t know what i’m doing. you torrent people suck.

  14. ok i seen it again its still not the old ones but its growing on me

  15. Omg where can I find dis….but I jus wanna kno but Im still waiting till this comes out on Blu-Ray.

  16. This piece of shit is not even worth the time to download it, sorry. I rather buy ten copies (AGAIN) of the original than have to seat thru that boring mess again.

  17. Im waiting on the dvd the day it comes out im on it…..the film was ok….being a friday fan i have 1-8….and also 9 10…and freddy vs jason…..kiddnapping wasnt cool and also the first part where ms. voorhies was pleading killing old counselor…was micheal bay ish…..butt bootleg dvd’s the quality always SUCKS…..peace 5000…..long live Jason’s b-day……Friday the 13th 2024…..

  18. Also I would like to say….I hold these movies to a higher standard I would never watch them on bootleg….crap….

  19. Ok. I could give a shit about people who bootleg movies. If a movie looks like real crap but I have some morbid urge to see it, I just might watch a bootleg…especially if someone else brought the bootleg over. ;-)

    But, I have to say this: if uyo’re a fan, you gotta watch it on the big screen first. I live in NY and saw it at UA Theatres Sheepshead Bay.

    In IMAX!

    Nothing more thrilling than getting terrorized by a 30′ Jason. It was great because it was scary and it was scary cause I hadn’t watched it bootleg first.

    Don’t cheat yourself out of the experience. Everyone up here arguing whether they liked it or not all got to EXPERIENCE it. And ask anyone up here who loved it if it would have been ruined had they seen it on a bootleg DVD first, and I guarantee they’ll all say the same thing.

    What if you’re one of the people who ends up loving this movie? Think about it….

  20. Wait. It’s totally worth it.

  21. It’s a shame this kind of ‘news’ is posted here, now there are more people going to download it… :(

    Back when Jason X came out everyone even mentioning the bootleg was banned from the forum, but now it’s poster as news??

  22. I have no problem DL or sharing bootlegs or pirated movies, but when it’s something I’m a huge fan of I gotta see it in high quality. I could never watch a shitty version of something I’ve been waiting for since pre-production.

  23. I’ll watch the bootleg, I don’t give a fuck! I already paid to see the movie and I’m about to use my “HIS NAME WAS JASON” ticket to see the movie again in an hour so I don’t see the harm in some good ol fashioned bootlegging!

    And I’m not buying no stinkin’ dvd when it comes out! I’m gettin’ the mutha lovin BLUE RAY!

  24. Fuck Jason X! The only release for that movie should had been the Hong Kong Boot Leg Circuit!

    These little thundercats aren’t savy enough to find a bootleg of F13(2009) unless their dumbass uncle hands’em a copy he got from the black dude at work (who listens to Green Day) so I wouldn’t worry about more people watching the bootleg than seeing the movie.

  25. It saddens me how acceptable stealing has become thanks to the internet. Owning or watching a bootleg copy of a film is stealing. I loved the new Friday the 13th and as much as I would love to have a copy of it for myself I will wait for DVD.

  26. Jason fans, if you truly love the character you should see this movie many times in the theater and contribute to it’s box office earnings, therefore securing more sequels.

  27. Can’t bring myself to watch bootlegs. Something about it just doesn’t feel right. I’ll just wait for the (hopefully uncut?) DVD to come out.

  28. I went and seen the movie Sat. I used the free movie ticket that my “His name was Jason” dvd came with so, I’ll just wait and buy the dvd when it is released, alot of bootleg movies suck is quality and sound anyways

  29. I’m not into to seeing a movie more than once in theatre. Except for maybe when it goes to the cheaper theatre in town and I only have to pay $3.50, $1.50 on wednesday’s. I’m definitly buying the dvd fisrt day it comes out. But I’m not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind watching it bootlegged right now just once.

  30. I HATE PIRATED COPIES AMD BOOTLEGS! I am a movie enthusiast. One of the BluRay elite. Lol. I like my movies to be clean, hi def and authentic. I made the mistake of seeing FvJ pirated and it ruined the movie experience for me once it came out at the theaters. I didn’t get the chance to go it fresh. So I will avoid those downloadable versions too. Pirates belong on the ocean…not the cinema. Me hearteees!

  31. I’ll confess that I’ve been considering downloading a bootleg of the new movie. I did pay to see it in the theater Friday night and I loved it, and I’d definitely go see it again if I could. But because I’m not sure if or when I’d be able to legitimately see it again, I’m tempted to download the movie to tide me over until I can go buy the DVD.

  32. I watched the movie twice in the theathre in Hollywood CA.

    I downloaded the bootleg today and covered over to my HTC Touch

    But for sure I for sure, will be buying the DVD version when it comes out!




  33. It’s a touchy subject, this bootlegging issue. Many have done it. Way more than don’t, in some instances. I don’t think it’s necessarily right to do it if you have no intention of every paying to see the movie on the big screen or on it’s dvd release. But, I don’t condemn people for doing it either. If they want to download it after spending their money on the ticket then more power to them. Don’t really see the point of this article, really. This isn’t the first bootleg to pop up for a movie. It won’t be the last.

  34. it can also be found on the warez-bb

  35. The people going on about “stealing the movie, bootlegging is wrong” need to stop acting like a bunch of pussies.

  36. Actually people…I down loaded it on bootleg last night. Not only is is pretty damn clear but it’s a bit more violent, the sex scenes is a bit longer too. Not to compare to the DVD version when it comes out later thsi year. But, it’s well worth getting for now until the unrated version hits stores this Spring.

  37. People…downloading a bootleg is not wrong as long as you plan on not sealing it in any way. Downloading a movie off the internet for personal home use is not illegal.

  38. i cant find it! someone help please

  39. Me personally i would love to see it in theatres but unfortunately I cant No money hardly enough for basics I grew up watching jason fliks since i was 10 I may not be able to say the cast of each movie but i am a die hard fan if i find it ont he internet i will watch it If i can go to theatre to see it Ill do that which ever happens first

  40. I just went to watch it at the theatre it was great so now ima look for a bootleg. The hell is so wrong or as others put it sad WTF? Sorry don’t feel all that much symphaty for multi-million dollar industry even when they’re going through a rough time, cause it’s never comparable to an average joe’s rough time. I’ve always lent my support to bands, artists, & movies that I really enjoyed no guilt on this conscious.

  41. I know for a fact that in Russia, if the movie was released there in the cinemas it was and IS already on the streets for sale on DVD in Russia. Over there they have no copyright laws to stop people from making bootlegs of movies released in the cinemas. When I was there in Russia in 2024 I saw the famous bootleged DVDs of movies all over already for sale and dubbed in Russian and also in English. So its no surprise that a big hit film like this has been bootlegged. Bootlegging movies started here in the US and its a trend that still goes on today all over the world. I think its better to see the film in the theatre than watching it look like crap on bootleg DVD or on the web.

  42. If anybody wants to know where they can get a bootleg copy, please people remember that’s it not illegal to download as long as you’re not selling it. Please don’t be selling it on the market have respect for the movie and the people who made it possible. Yes, I know where you can get a copy.

  43. i can’t believe people are able to watch this shit. it looks so freaking bad. if you’re going to bring a video cam into a theater at least get an HD one and sit in the middle.

  44. where can i download a this movie for my own personal use?????

  45. we gotta have a sequel so we can find out if the end was a dream sequence or not and have cops invesitagte the disappearnces of the people there and that one cop. plus we need a remake of part I based on that opening sequence! that rocked!!!

  46. If it opened with cops investigating what happened then that could be a reference to The Final Chapter. Not sure about remaking the opening scene though as we know what happened from the first movie. Obviously it was the same story otherwise they would have showed us more

  47. Christian, i agree with that. they need to explain why noone seems to know about the disappearances,why the locals are covering it up, and who is doing all this. Have it where cops look into the missing officer that was killed. at the same time have someone thats a bounty hunter thats looking for some of the missing people as an homage to Creighton Duke. But, even though I know what happened in the original, I’d still like to see a remake of it, since Nana Visitor looked creepy as hell as Pamela. She looked like a fragile old lady, but was psychotic as hell. Also Christian, was the tow driver signalling for jason to kill Trent? Or was he trying to get Trent to hop in the truck and Jason just happened to get him? They need to kill him off for good in the next one or in at least one other film if they do more than one sequel.

  48. Well, after seeing the movie 3 times in theatres, I went ahead and got a boot version. It’s pretty damn good to to say the least. Wherever it was downloaded from-it had very great sound AND was seen just as good. The ONLY minor issue with my copy is that, at times, you can hear the central air of the theatre room once in a while. (Mostly in the beginning since theirs not much background music…other than that. Fantastic my friends….ANy news when the OFFICIAL DVD release will be available later this year?

  49. I will only watch it in the theatre, and I believe, it is a far better experience, can’t wait for the DVD.
    And… THE SEQUEL!!!

  50. Definitely see it in the theater first! Best experience. But someone gave me a copy & it wasn’t that bad, a little fuzzy & when the title came up it was foreign. But it will due till I get the real unrated copy! I will definitely buy it!

  51. No thanks, the quality looks pretty bad. And it’s already coming out in 3 weeks in my country (also happens to be a Friday the 13th), so I don’t really see the point. But I’m sure someone else will find it useful.

  52. i would like to see this movie

  53. i would like to see this movie please

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