Jason’s A Pimp

Best Jason Shot Ever. That is all.

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  1. Awwww Jason loves Whitney ….he just can’t let her go.

  2. So romantic! Is there nothing Jason can’t do! (Apart from die of course…) ^_^

  3. she has a great ass. i don’t know how jason doesn’t decide to drop the whole killing thing and try to get with some of these girls. their tits are stupendous!

  4. Awwwwwww, well if I ever wanted man to sweep me off my feet, I have the slighest feeling Jason could do that… and more. *laughs*

  5. Yeah too bad this was not in the movie at all. kinda pissed about that

  6. How was he keeping her alive for 6 weeks anyway? Feeding her what? And what does he eat?

  7. What was he feeding her… anybody wonder where those dead bodies went?… enough said.

  8. Corey, Dachande, I asked myself that same question…

  9. Jason gets all the girls, lol~

  10. Jason eats whatever he can find. Older folks near Crystal Lake probably leave out scraps of food, and I’m sure he can catch a lot of wild animals with his bow and arrow skills.

  11. Jason’s mother was a cook, so it’s possible he’s got the same awesome cooking skills as Mrs. Voorhees.

    Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out! ;)

  12. I just figured he’d hunt some animals in the forest and cook them. Weither or not he cooks them properly I dont’ know, I’m sure Jason doesn’t care but Whitney I’m sure had to endure eating some really undercooked squarles.

  13. Yes that is a good shot. Derek Mears is the best man behind the mask. Mr. Hodder can take a back seat. I just got back from seeing the movie for the second time after someone in the theatre pulled the fire alarm just before the end of the movie on Friday night. The movie up until the Friday the 13th opening title was good, again Derek Mears is the best Jason at this point. The sack over the head is more menacing than the iconic mask, sorry, it is. But the hockey mask still rules. The scene when Jason gets the mask is good. Too much dialogue and scenes with the stupid kids but they were tolerable in the end. Jason sorta started becoming run of the mill when he would instantly pop up from behind. The kills were good however. Jason running and attacking??? Very cool. The ending was okay but not very satisfying. Why would Jason waste so much time playing dead waiting to sink to the bottom of the lake to get his mask and THEN come up from the dock to attack again? Could they have set up a sequel any more obviously? Jesus.

    Oh well, it is just a fucking movie. Oh yeah, Derek Mears now rules Jason.

  14. Great shot, kick ass movie! JASON IS BACK! And I think the end may have been a dream sequence ala the classic series & they will just back up to the barn at the start of the next one. Probably…

  15. Great shot! And a great movie! But has anyone got any screenshots from the film? Spesh from that sex scene with the video camera…that girl did have perfect nipple placement! Amazing body she had.

  16. What does he eat and was that his stash they were trying to swipe? What was she doing in the woods with those guys after her Mom had just died anyhow?

  17. You miswatched the movie, she died AFTER she disappeared 6 weeks before. Clay said it flat out when he talked to the cop “my mom died about 3 weeks ago, she didn’t go to the funeral.”

  18. [IMG]http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l190/joslyn101/jasonmoney101.jpg[/IMG]

  19. http://s96.photobucket.com/albums/l190/joslyn101/?action=view¤t=jasonmoney101.jpg

  20. Hey you all I need help posting a picture that is absolutely funny…someone help..please…thanks

  21. Isn’t he sopposed to be sack head at this point in the film?

  22. that wasnt in the movie!

  23. Hey what can i say,Jasons always been a real lady killer.Nyuk,nyuk,nyuk.

  24. Jason knows how to find a nice piece of ass!

  25. you all should check out the photo I did..the link is up above..its hilarious..

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