Rare Original Imposter Roy, Jeremy Bohr Latex Bust For Auction

This is awesome and is the first time I have seen this for sale in a while. Check out the seller’s description:

This is the highly sought after and VERY RARE “Impostor Roy” by artist Jeremy Bohr

This is from the original run and is signed by the artist and numbered on the inside. This is marked #3
I am the original and only owner of this piece
Bust is cast in nice thick latex and has a phenomenal paint job. A truly flawless piece of art

The starting bid is $100 and has a reserve, so be prepared to spend high. Check out the auction if you’re interested.




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5 Responses to “ Rare Original Imposter Roy, Jeremy Bohr Latex Bust For Auction ”

  1. totally rad!! why do we never get to see Roy all messed up and tormented like this in the movie? Part V was good. I love that it gives closure, like Jason is really dead. But his evil spirit lives ooooonnnnnn

  2. Yeah, as I’ve said before, Part 5 could be remade into a darker film.

  3. Never did I think i’d ever see this…

    5 wasn’t my fav, but i like this!

  4. It was a very good film it made a great way for jason to spring back into the films. part 5 was like a bridge to part 6 . and alice coopers song saysit all ,
    but i really loved the mask in 5 and you know i’ll have my bid in for this mask!

  5. part 5 stands on its own imo, & i thought it was a good movie with the humor, kills & few hallucinations of Jason that tommy had that shit was crazy to me, but i soo badly wanted to see roy hack up that prick who killed his son…

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