Friday The 13th TV Series DVD Artwork

Paramount have released the cover art for Friday The 13th: The Series - Season One (PreOrder) due on September 23rd. Here it is below, or whisk off to TVShowsOnDVD for higher-res. I’d bet when Season Two comes out, it’s the same cover only the greens are turned red or some such color.


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  1. Not bad. I’ll probably get it. This show was always a guilty pleasure of mine

  2. That’s kinda neat how the skull is made up of curious goods. Quite fitting. Even if it had nothing to do with Jason, this show was cool. Nice music too. Thank you, Fred Mollin.

  3. I’m glad they kept the original Friday style font. The cover looks pretty cool, but I would have preferred the original gravestone image. I’ll be picking this one up….

  4. I’ve never seen the show. Could someone fill me in, and tell me how good it is?

  5. (Answering Nosferatu’s question): Friday the 13th: The Series is a 3 season show about 3 people collecting cursed antiques they accidentally sold to different people. It’s an alright show, but as Dimon says, it has nothing to do with Jason, so I never understood why the called “Friday the 13th”. But, it was a good series none the less and the horror channel Chiller shows reruns about twice a day. Check it out if you can.

  6. Nosferatu, here’s a link to the pilot episode you can watch on YouTube, then you can decide whether it’s worth your time or not. Enjoy!

  7. I loved this show. The cover looks pretty cool.

  8. I always loved this show. kind of the xfile before the x files. I was 9 when this show came out and every week i tuned in just to see if they would do an episode with jason. well they never did, but i still loved it. it would have been awesome if they did do one as the finale or made a movie on the series with jason. the guy from the series did go to play in jason goes to hell.

  9. Should be good. I’ll be buying it. I’d also like to see Freddy’s Nightmares get a dvd release. I watched the first episode on youtube and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I heard that it was released on dvd but it’s Region 2, at least that’s what’s available on ebay. Hopefully they’ll release it in US/Canada Region 1.

  10. Yes pete, there’s a region 2 of Freddy’s Nightmares with three episodes and a text history of Freddy’s life

  11. (Answering Robert)It was called Friday The 13th in attempt to have the popularity of films cash in the series, plus it’d probably had fans of the films watching every episode to see if Jason would make even one cameo

  12. mike e- sounds like you have the exact same feelings & experiences aboot it as I had. This show deserves attention.
    I am extremely disappointed aboot no special features. This is a typical Paramount release. Bare-bones as always.
    As far as the artwork, I agree, it looks pretty cool, but I also like the tomb stone artwork that is on my “bootleg” edition.

  13. Nosferatu, if you have the CHILLER channel (available on Dish and DirecTV, and probably some cable), they show the F13 series all the time. Its a decent show, but I doubt I’ll buy the DVD.

  14. The reason the show is called Friday the 13th is because the Uncle’s last name is Vendredi which is french for Friday……13 is representative of bad luck/curses.

  15. The reason this show is called Friday the 13th is because Frank Mancuso, who had worked on the franchise since Part 2, was getting a lot of pressure from Paramount regarding the stigma attached to the movies, as well as the dwindling box office returns, so decided to take it to the television, though Jason was never a consideration

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