Friday the 13th (2009) footage to air during Spike TV’s Scream Awards

Posted 14 Oct 2024 in New Fridays

Today we got word via the cbox on our page (thanks Tony27) that the plan is to unveil new footage of the upcoming relaunch of Friday the 13th on Tuesday, October 21st (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on SpikeTV during their annual “Scream Awards“. After digging a little deeper, it seems nobody really knows 100 % sure what is being shown at this time as some are saying that it will simply be the teaser that will also be attached to Saw V when it hits theatres on October 24. Either way, keep your eye on SpikeTV as hopefully something will make it’s way to your television on October 21!

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Posted by Tony Carroll
Huge horror fan. Mainly the slasher sub genre. Die Hard Friday the 13th fan. I'm not like a lot of viewers. I love the entire series. Yeah, there are things about some films that I don't like. But I can honestly say that I don't hate a single Friday flick. I love to write and to bring info to people. So this site and my love for that go hand in hand. You will also find me over at my site Feel free to drop me a line at


  1. morgan (14 Oct 2024, 23:47)

    That’s great. I can’t wait to see something from it.

  2. SplitSkull (15 Oct 2024, 1:45)

    I can’t wait!!

  3. Adam (15 Oct 2024, 1:53)

    Sounds like I got cable again at the right time! One more reason I’m glad the wife and I split.

  4. captain_brandon1980 (15 Oct 2024, 6:54)

    “Sounds like I got cable again at the right time! One more reason I’m glad the wife and I split.”


    Adam man, that had me in stitches. As for myself: I’m such a natural loner that I’m afriad I’m just never gettin’ married, myself. And a definately no for kids as I neer want to reproduce.

    Anywho, this is great news. I didn’t like the first Scream Awards I watched, which I first got confused with the first uber lame televised Fuse channel showing of Fango’s Chainsaw Awards (which was a truely horrible show; honestly, Peter Jackson’s King Kong as a horror film? Eh, what the shit?), but I’ll definately shall watch and check for this to see the new footage.

    Big thanks for posting.

  5. Robin (15 Oct 2024, 10:12)

    I will be watching (even though it’ll be in the middle of the night over here), but again – anyone who can, please record / rip it and share it online! Should be a good show.

  6. Rob (15 Oct 2024, 11:00)

    LOL thats funny Adam…Cant wait to get some footage!

  7. Colin (15 Oct 2024, 13:39)

    LOL! Adam, too funny dude. Yes, I will be watching Spike TV on the 21st. Should be a fun show. I watched last year and it was pretty good.

  8. Adam (15 Oct 2024, 20:35)

    Thanks for the support guys. I mean, the fact that she cheated on me, almost pales to the fact that I’ll be able to go see F13 opening night without accusation or criticism.

    Seriously, in the grand scheme of life, no woman should come between a man and his non-female passions. Mine being John Cusack movies, Professional Wrestling, Kevin Smith movies, and Horror.

    Can you see the probability of me being “allowed” to see Zack and Miri Make A Porno without an argument?!?

    Can anyone give me their advice about Saw 2-4? I loved the first one, and I’m trying to decide if the others are worth the monetary investment, or if I should just rent them.

  9. Robin (15 Oct 2024, 20:49)

    Adam, I’d recommend renting Saw 2-4 if you aren’t sure. They range from good to….worse, but none is as good as the first one. You have to see them for V to make any kind of comprehensable sense though, the plot by this point is so very mixed up (but pretty clever).

  10. bytor2112 (16 Oct 2024, 0:02)

    Sweet fuck, is waiting for another clip of this new movie seem like a kid waiting for christmas or what? this is driving me nuts, lol. the last time i was this excited is when i first heard that FvJ was actually a go, and that they were finally going to make it. I think that i have a path worn out on my floor from pacing back and forth. come on february 13 :)

    oh yeah, and piss on the whole Saw franchise. talk about beating a dead fucking horse. the first one was good, and the second not too bad either, but these are starting to come out at a machine gun rate! say welcome to the next new soon to be straight to dvd release only movie franchise. next thing you know they are going to have Steven Segal or JCVD staring as the cop, then you will finally know that they have hit rock bottom, lol.

  11. John (16 Oct 2024, 2:31)

    Well supposedly this is the last Saw film being made. I’m looking forward to the Saw video game coming out. If only they can make a video game based on Friday the 13th where you play as Jason and get to go around and stalk and kill camp counselors. They were making a slasher game called Campfire Become your Nightmare where you get to pick from four different serial killers and stalk a campground and kill a bunch of teenagers. I haven’t heard anymore info on this game. It’s supposed to come out October 2024 sometime around Halloween.

  12. Pete (16 Oct 2024, 18:54)

    Adam, sorry to hear that dude. Fuck her man, it’s her loss you know?! I definetely agree that someone should not come between their significant other’s interests/hobbies etc. My wife actual was a pain in the ass during RZ’s Halloween remake and almost walked out of theater because she’s not into horror and loves animals so she couldn’t deal w/ the whole shots of dead animals that MM killed as a kid. We were fighting before hand too so that didn’t help but she hung in there because there was just no way I was missing it and she knows I sit through her chick flicks/dramas that she likes to see. Now I’ll just go see horror flics w/ friends that are into it and I won’t put her through it because then I can’t enjoy the movie. Nobody rules my life except for me. Peroid. As for the Saw flics, not a fan of any of them myself and I ‘ve only seen 1-3 and read the spoiler for 4 online.

    I hope the Scream awards are good this year. I didn’t like one from like 2 years ago. I will be watching for F13th clips though! I’ll be taping the awards though since I have class that night so it works out so if the show sucks i can at least go right to the f13th clips!

  13. VoorheesFanatic80 (17 Oct 2024, 0:27)

    I have class as well so I am gonna tivo them and just edit out the F13 clip or clips and watch them, probably over and over again! I agree with you bytor2112, I don\’t know that I have ever been this stoked to see a movie before in my life, I NEED this so bad. Today\’s horror movies suck, so I need my old friend Jason to run around Crystal Lake with his trustee machete and do me proud! I totally agree with you guys on the whole wife thing as well, I have been very lucky with mine. She is very understanding, as has no problem with me being a huge Jason fanatic, and doesn\’t complain about all my hocks, costumes, toys, etc. She will not be coming openning night though, she can come see it with me the second (and 3rd, 4th, 5th, hahaha) time I go see it, but the first time is for me and I don\’t want anything to distract me, but she\’s cool with that. Really hope we get something different in this footage from the comic con trailer, though it would be cool to be able to see that trailer clearly as well.

  14. bytor2112 (17 Oct 2024, 2:20)

    damn, you boys needs to get a lady who likes friday the 13th. lol my ol’lady likes them, not as much as i do, but every now and then on a weekend, she will be like, lets watch all the f13 movies. so we get a shitload of beer and some pizza and enjoy. she loved seeing FvJ in the theatre, infact she even went a second time to see it, and for some reason she absolutey loves JasonX. i think because of its goofyness. its good i guess, if you watch it as if it was a comic book or MAD magazine. she even bought me $150 action figures ( not dolls )lol, of jason. so my collection is started. time to pick away at it now. but, one thing irks the fuck outta me, and thats when i was growing up. back in ’88 when part 8 came out, i used to go to our small little corner store that rented movies and he would give away all the posters that came in with the movies. well, didn’t i get my hands on a life size fucking door poster of jason standing there all wet from just getting out of the hudson river. the poster covered my entire bedroom door, so your looking at a poster being about 6’5″. scared the shit outta me for years when i would go to bed and look at it in the moonlight. but anyway, what irks me is the fact that my mother threw it out back in the early 90′s. damn near cried that day, lol. never been able to find that exact one since. i think im going to go have a beer and reminise.:( lol

  15. Pete (17 Oct 2024, 14:00)

    Yeah, it would be awesome if my wife loved F13th or horror in general but I have to admit she did sit through the 1st 8 flics when we started dating along w/ countless other horror flics in the theater. Guess as soon as the ring went on her finger she said alright enough’s enough! LOL! She respects that my love for F13th(and of course horror). She also bought me countless action figures from Macfarlane toys, Neca, etc. that make horror movie figures, including countless F13th/Jason figures in my insane collection that I don’t know if I’ll ever I have room for when we finally get our house. She didn’t even make a huge stink when I refused to dress up as Ragedy Andy when she was going as Ragedy Anne, I went as Ghostface from Scream instead! LOL!! The point is I still do what makes me happy and she seems to basically respect that as she will compromise. It would be nice to share that passion for horror together but it’s fun to scare the shit of her too!!

  16. Demon Jason (17 Oct 2024, 15:01)

    I actually enjoyed all of the saw movies but true say the first 2 were the best, I heard that part 5 & 6 (if they still decide to make it) will somehow revolve around the Billy puppet.

  17. John (17 Oct 2024, 21:49)

    Damn I wish my girlfriend would do that for me.

  18. Robin (19 Oct 2024, 12:19) just revealed that it was the same scene as the Comic-Con teaser, but it ends with the mask rotating and the logo in a cool font. Hmpf, what a bummer. Now I’m undecided if I’ll watch it..might or I might not. At least it’s less than a week until the official teaser comes out, and that sounds a lot more promising.

  19. morgan (19 Oct 2024, 15:22)

    Aw that’s to bad, I was hoping for something new. Oh well, i’ll take what I can get.
    I hope the teaser is good. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  20. Rob (19 Oct 2024, 22:51)

    As far as “SAW”, I read Tobin Bell signed a contract for six films.
    So we know there is at least one more coming after this one.

  21. Christian Sellers (22 Oct 2024, 13:43)

    Yeah there’s already part VI lined up for next halloween

  22. steven (23 Oct 2024, 1:59)

    yaa, theres a reality show about actresses trying to get a part in saw 6. and the host is Shawnee from the saw movies. so I guess its really happening.

    i saw the scream awards.
    and i wasnt impressed haha.
    seemed more like scifi then about horror.

  23. Ren (27 Oct 2024, 19:04)

    saw 2 is the best out of the series! going to see 5 today.

  24. BoogeyMan666 (28 Oct 2024, 23:09)

    Look guys, (MAHM) Mother’s Against Horror Movies won’t let a video game come out with our heroes slashin up everybody. Sorry !
    I hated Saw ! Trash ! John Carpenter and Steve Miner got me spoiled on the good stuff, k. Okay ! I am a slasher film (Head) like you guys and gals and I like seeing the body count rise along with the volume of the girls screaming their freakin heads off during the film. Its a perfect way to get close to the one you want just take her there and she is all over you squeezin for dear life ! So, why cry about a divorce besides in the world of horror films the horny ninfos always get bumped off. Isn’t that why we really love our heroes because they too have no love for
    a girl whose all hooters and no brains ? Certainly !

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