Pics of the all new Jason Voorhees in action (DENIED!)

These pics leaked from New Line today and they feature the all new Jason Voorhees (Derek Mears) in action! There are definitely some notable changes to the character this time. Some will be disappointed. Some will drool. Personally, I dig it! The hair may be a bit much, but it’s a return to “human Jason” that I have longed for. He appears to be a lot more agile than he was in many of the entries in the original series. Thanks to one of our awesome readers (exile) for tracking down the pics from the site ENINEW

Update: After receiving cease & desist letters from both Warner Bros and New Line Cinema, I’ve complied by yanking the images.

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  1. Those look pretty damn bad-ass. The top one reminds me of Kane’s Jason in JGTH.

  2. these pics look really good still a f vs.j ish feel but not too shabby.

  3. not too shabby still a f vs. j feel though but pretty good

  4. looks awesome, hate the hair though.

  5. he would look badass but its hard to fear someone with a blonde mullet

  6. ok im pissed now! these pictures look amazingly bad ass and the movie doesnt come out until febuary! i want this movie now!

  7. why does his stupid hair have to be blonde?? that sucks.

  8. Wow… the only thing I don’t like is the neck… it just doesn’t look real ya know.

    Other than that these pics are amazing and the whole thing has turned around in my eyes.

  9. The hair reminds me of Part 2, except even thinner and blonde. Hard to be upset about any callback to Part 2, especially considering the fact that this new movie is more a remake of that than of the original. Overall, the look really kicks ass!


  11. “he would look badass but its hard to fear someone with a blonde mullet”

    In response to this…

    You’ve never been to my hometown :)

  12. well honestly im a major fan of the friday the 13th series and i believe this movie might just reinvent this series.. i mean of course jason doesnt look as good as others expect but i think michael bays just tryna make him seem more “human” cos come on hes been human parts 2,3,4 and only became UNdead starting passed part 4. and this movie takes place in between 3 and 4 so yea. Of course as a die hard fan im missing the old button up shirt and big zombie like jason but hey its time for a fresh new start.. let this be it. YA DIGG?

  13. I’m definitely happy with the pics.

    Jason has had hair in 2,4,X, and FVJ. This is the most since 2, but who cares. Most humans grow some type of hair on their head.

    I’ve wanted a human Jason for a long time now. A quick, ruthless monster with incredible strength will make audiences fear him again. But he can be hurt which IMO makes it more fun. I really hope they don’t make a huge mistake and cut off his arm or something (hello TCM remake).

  14. It’s very good…Jason now looks more human and I like this..

  15. oh btw kane hodder was and will ALWAYS be the best jason voorhees.. He made jason the big killing machine he is.. soooo kane hodder ALL THE WAY!

  16. Its sweet seeing good old Jason as just a psychopathic human again, rather than a damn swamp zombie.

  17. Yea I agree with Bryan Gray, the neck looks fake. It looks like somenoe wearing a rubber mask. Other than that the pics look realy awesome!!

  18. The pictures look awesome. Can’t wait for the movie.

  19. Be still my fanboy heart. I can’t wait to see who’s on the recieving end of that axe swing…

  20. nice. the neck is a bit rough, but that could just be the shot too…. maybe?

  21. I am pretty much with the consensus.. For the most part im liking the whole human look.. I like how you get the sense jason is a youngish pissed off person in his mid 20s. You can tell he looks pissed off agile and ready to strike fear.. Anticipation is really starting to build & after the teaser this weekend let the hysteria begin yea!!!!!!

  22. yah, i agree with kevin bacons worst nightmare…..its good seeing jason as a good demented human again

  23. what the fuck is with the hair??…ever since paramount sold the rights to the original franchise, jason has been fucking vidal sasoon!! enough with the pubic patch on his head already!!! get back to the roots of the story and keep him bald! if he is bald when he dies as a kid then i seriously fucking doubt that it would grow in the first place….and the look screams freddy vs jason :(

  24. People just find every little fucking detail to pick at. He has hair, so f%$#^! what? Jason Vorhees is back on the big screen at Camp Crystal lake not Mars. Be excited. I am so sick of hearing everyone bitch about his hair, his clothes, his makeup, his fucking boxers! Get a life. These pics kick complete ass! I am just excited to see Jason back on the big screen and if you are a true fan I know you feel the same way.

  25. I like the pics, and looks like the movie may be pretty damn good, he looks like a bad ass with that ax. lol

  26. Yeah1 No shit,I’m glad they made him look human again,and it’s Crystal Lake, not Pluto or on the Alien spaceship where he killed Stone Cold Steve Austin.It’s about time someone finally gets it!

  27. At least the mask is true to the original, unlike FvJ and JX!!! I agree with an earlier statement, I hope they don’t decide to cut off one of his limbs, like they did with Leatherface in TCM. They ended up having to make a prequel. I still hear they are talking about a sequel in present day


  29. It’s leatherface 2024 with a hockey mask on. Pic #3 with axe is rad.

  30. what are you talking about. fvj mask was same as the others. this one isnt even the same it has many differences. the holes are to spaced out the bottum part is wider. I still like it. and all i have to say is. its like watching jason take a trip back to memory lane. back to his wanderyears(human days) carry on your wayward sun jason, there will be peace when you are done.

  31. These pics are better than the first glimpse. It’s nice to see that he has hair again, like part 2. What kinda homeless slasher would worry about his hair getting to long anyway? He’s too busy KILLING, man!

  32. The hair does not bother me that much I mean you knew it was gonna be somewhat different and it is a remake so considering it does not look that bad. However the jacket looks f@#@## stupid I think. He looks like a wigger kind of. Still stoke to see this though

  33. I really can’t pinpoint exactly why I love his look in this one so much.

  34. Funny that Jason tucks in his shirt. He looks pretty badass, though. Could be a helluva lot worse.

  35. what\’s with the hair is Jason played by micheal bay

  36. The second pic looks just like Mezco’s “stylized” Jason figure, lol. I gotta say I actually like it though, especially that last shot with the axe.

  37. Definitely love Jason’s new look. The only thing im puzzled about, dont really hate but it sticks out to me is why does he have a machete holder strapped to his leg?
    reminds me of his “tool belt” look in part 6. Guess it could be cool, but just doesnt ring true that jason would take the time to have a holster for his machete, oh well. Jason you are badass.

  38. you people need a sense of pride in the horror genre. I cant believe you are all excited over yet ANOTHER remake, and of Jason no less. They change him up and you love it. How about putting him in pink tights and gas mask instead of the hockey mask? It will reinvent the series! His name can be Norman now and we dont even need Crystal will be cool cuz its a remake LOLZ!!!

  39. hey remake slayer, this isnt a true remake! hes wearing a HOCKEYMASK! the synopsis of the film sounds nothing like any of the previous entries, besides the telling of Jasons past.
    We will take what we can get! I for one want to see Jason kill again, and he looks really cool this time round! its not cool cuz its a remake, because its not a remake and i for one hate remakes.

  40. Very good pics in my opinion, the top one is the best. Really cool though, waiting to see some sort of trailer now just to see what he moves like.

  41. I don’t like the neck, it’s too big… and the mask seems to be small. Oh, even the bonde hair.
    By the way, who’s your favourite Jason?

    I like that one in Part III and that one in Part II.

  42. PART 7

  43. I’m loving this look actually. Very surprised and pleased with the results so far.

  44. When I saw the first pic, I was extremely skeptical. These pics give more representation of what’s to come, which fills me with excitement. Those who complain about certain physical structures of Jason somehow miss the point. In Part 3, his neck was fucking enormous. In Part 2, the end capped off with a nastily deformed Jason with a brown mullet. This is all just tapping back into the films. This film might not dissapoint. Jason in the beginning of the series was a sympathetic character, from his drowning to his upbringing to his mothers death. So for this to surface more in a remake is no surprise. But of course was a shit choice in the Halloween remake, which turned our enigmatic Michael Myers into trailer trash gone nuts. Jasons traps and better intelect doesnt mean hes intelligent, but perhaps his limited ability mentally only gives room for the instinct to kill and exact revenge. think about it. lets crucify if it sucks… after it comes out.

  45. And another thing. The writers of Fvs.J are doing this movie. And seeing as though they were determined to be faithful to both series and went back into sequels to keep a level of continuity, I think we wont be sold short here. Its obvious elements of each Friday movie are here. The storylines used from the first four films, even Jason with his utility belt from Part 6, and of course scenes that are homage to almost every early sequel.

    Im quite aware as I too am sick of this remake shit, its annoying to see Hollywood needs to make a million remakes of our modern horror heroes, just as they carboncopied the Frankenstein and Dracula characters over and over. It’ll never end ’cause we ourselves as fans dont have the power to stop it, unless we grew up to run studios. So keep faith.

    For anyone who though Freddy vs Jason couldve been better, then your heads in the clouds. That movie was as good as it was gonna be, unless you really counted on seeing a cult group of Fred Heads and people resurrecting Jasons heart. Just as redundant as JGTH. Fun movie but really.

  46. Well I’m going to admit what a lot of other already have. While I was skeptical about his look with the original pic, these do the look some justice. I’m pretty impressed. He looks like he has been living in the woods for his entire life, stealing clothes or finding them. Basically a human Jason that for all intensive purposes hasn’t had anyone to look after him since he was a kid. Can’t wait for this film! And it opens on my birthday! Happy Birthday To ME!

  47. Mehhh. Don’t know if this makes me care yet.

  48. The movie opens two days before my birthday, so close enough, Happy Birthday to me too!

  49. Actually, I’ve been trying to put my finger on where I’ve seen this before & I just figured it out. This looks like one of the Wrong Turn guys (from the original) in a hockey mask.

    Not trying to be cynical, but that is what I see.

  50. These are awesome stills, whether official yet or not. You get a sense of size and ferocity just by looking at that first one, loving it. And I like the look a lot more than I’d imagine - it’s a mix of classic things with new ideas. He really looks like a deformed woodsman hunter out for revenge - he’s neither the bald guy in the mask or the rotting piece we saw in later films. The hair could be a bit thinner or less, but at least he doesn’t have a full haircut. And what bothers me about the neck is that the jawline is hard to make out - the mask seems to sit on a mountain of flesh. But those are just small details, overall he looks great, can’t wait to see him in action!

  51. That a whole lotta hair. And that’s a nice belt too. Who knew Jason would have a good fashion sense?

  52. I have just eaten my words. Jason looks INCREDIBLE! Michael Bay and Marcus Nispel, I am so sorry I doubted you. It is clear you two are making a great Friday the 13th film.

    By the way, does anyone else get a strong Final Chapter vibe from those pics?

  53. I love it

  54. Well, I guess it is him (refering back to the first pic that Entertainment Weekly had). I have to agree w/ the whole neck thing, it looks fake. The hair doesn’t bother me too much since they are going back to the roots here. Still, i can’t wait too see Mears in action as Jason. Awesome pics!

  55. I must say these pics look a hell of a lot better than that crappy first one released. of course the first pics of michael myers from the remake looked pretty good….and we all know what a giant pile of monkey crap that turned out to be. hopefully we get a trailer soon.

  56. This hair sucks! I prefer without it…

  57. You know what? There are two more things I want to see yet: how does he look in sack like and how does his FACE look like!!! Since part VIII we didn\’t have an ability to see his face for long time on screen. I think there should be shot in like 2/3 part of the movie where he gets hit with this hatchet right into his forehead:-)

  58. Ultimately, the success or failure of this look will depened on how Jason looks without the mask. We know the mask is a faithful reproduction, and we know the elements of the head we can see (the hair, the neck, etc.) are all at least superficially based on aspectes of the early/best Jason designs, even if we don’t all agree on how well they work. However, if that mask comes off (and it better, if Nispel and company are really making a true FRIDAY THE 13TH in the classic style!) and his whole head is a grotesque, deformed thing of twisted beauty, all complaints about the hair, jacket, etc. will be forgotten. Jason in Part 4 wasn’t really anything special, appearance-wise, until the mask came off at the end. At the same time, he looked just fine in Part 8, until we finally got to see the pathetic make-up underneath the plastic in the closing moments. In Part 2, he was just a skinny redneck in overalls and a sack, until the sack came off and we saw the disfigured monstrosity beneath the hood. In Jason’s case, the man makes the clothes, not the other way around. Something tells me we’re all going to be pleased with this Jason’s look once we see all of it, in all its mongoloid glory.

  59. I like his hair, I hate his hair, he has a Batman belt, who gives fuck. Yes the neck looks like he is sticking his steroids in there, but it looks like they are taken Jason back to a hardcore level. I will admit, I wanted Kane, but Derek looks like he can pull the part off. All I have to say is, stop bitching about his damm hair and for the dumbass who said he had hair in pt 4, I hope your just referring to the clips in the beginning of the movie, because if your not, you are banned from watch the movie!!!

  60. i can’t believe that people still mention kane hodder not being in this. kane is definitely not a human jason. he just doesn’t have the look. he’s too wide. i’ll continue to bitch about his hair, though, because it’s golden blonde and it looks fairly clean.

  61. Just coz he’s a psychotic killing machine with an Oedipal mommy complexion and a tendency to hack up teens in woods and lakes, that’s not to say he doesn’t use a good conditioner.

  62. Jesus the damm hair again, WHO GIVES A FUCK, REALLY!!! Let it go, he has it deal with it. Your right, Kane is a more Zombie style Jason, but his mannerism as Jason worked.

  63. Well, someone said on another side that this looks like a young Hulk Hogan under the mask I don’t know about that and I don’t know if Kane Hodder as a run for his money but Jason looks pretty freaking good I still don’t know about the jacket but change maybe good for old Jason.

  64. I would have liked a more Zombie style Jason (like Kane’s) and th hair would be better in my opinion if it was patches but you really can’t go by pictures. We’ll find out Friday Feb 13, 2024

  65. I have to disagree on the features of the mask, I think it is pretty much an exact replica of the one used in part 3.

  66. Bored of a zombie Jason. If they insist on reinventing the series then a more human approach is good. And what’s with people spazzing out over hair? If other readers want to comment on Jason’s hair let them!

  67. So looking forward to this remake! I hope that they keep the music score and sound effects used it the first two parts!

  68. Brad, that is not a pt III mask, it is a brand new sculpt. Pt III masks, BTW, are available at, from the original artist, Ken Tarallo. Check out the masks on the site, & you’ll see what I mean.

  69. If they want this movie to be true to the series, one of the most important things is the score. They have to do it old school, not just the TCHI TCHI TCHI HA HA HA theme, but a full synthesizer soundtrack.

  70. I really like JvsF. I really hope the pull this off. So far so good.

  71. sorry vorhees 213, I looked at the mask and see alot of similarities to both and look just alike. it may look different because it is on a different character, if richard brooker was wearing the mask that is currently used it would look the same as it did than, I have to stay with my previous comment, looking at the pictures of the mask when they first revealed it reminded me of the one used in part 3, from front of view to profile and it all looks the same as the one used in part 3, you may want to put the pictures side by side and see for your self, another thing to take in consideration is that the latex mask he is wearing underneath the mask can make the mask look different also. but thanks for the advise.

  72. He’s wearing an f*ing belt!? You think Jason Vorhees is concerned about fashion? Check out the belted strap around his left leg too with the knife and machete…I don’t know, I’m reserving judgement for now. Who knows maybe he has mousse in his hair too…

  73. I love this look a lot. Jason looks badass in those pics, I don’t give a shit about this hair or his clothes or the holster for his machete, I am just grateful we are getting Jason back on the big screen. I will be online looking for the first glimpse at the teaser trailer, this movie has me anticipating it. I know Harry Manfredini will not be doing the score to this movie and it sucks too but as long as they have a score similar to the first four movies combined then it shall make an interesting Friday the 13th movie. I read about the description of how he looks behind the hockey mask and us fans are not going to be disappointed, it’s a look mixed in from parts 3 and The Final Chapter, very hideous and revolting to stare at, we will definitely not be disappointed. I can’t wait to see this movie when it comes out opening night.

  74. I wondered how long it would take the chronic fretters and those just looking for things to complain about to start questioning the belt buckle. As though it’s going to say “Don’t mess with Texas!” and appear in a ton of close-up shots…

    Jason’s clothes are all likely stolen, and there’s little indication from the pics we’ve seen that he selected them for any reason other than functionality. The jacket probably came from someone he killed in the fall or winter (which hopefully means we’ll get a “kids playing hockey on the ice” winter scene that simultaneously explains the mask), and he wears it to stay warm. After all, this is supposed to be the Jason of Parts 2-4, a character that felt pain, shrank back when attacked with sharp objects, dived out of the way of moving vehicles, etc. It’s only logical that living outdoors in the woods in New England, he’d have to deal with the cold. The belt is, undoubtedly, there to hold his pants up. In most of the earlier films, his wardrobe covers the waist enough to obscure whether or not he wears a belt in most shots, but there’s no reason to assume he doesn’t have one on. A cursory web search is all that’s necessary to find stills from JGTH which show him clearly wearing one, and there are undoubtedly stills from other films which also reveal one. No one ever questioned it before, but folks are so up in arms over this movie that even the most ridiculous thing sends them into a fit of pique.

    Like I said earlier, all of this talk about inconsequential details will disappear if, when we finally see him in action, Jason moves the way he did in the early films, and his make-up underneath the mask looks cool.

  75. Gustavo: The original scores were preformed by an orchestra, not synthesizers. JGTH and I think maybe Jason X were synthesized.

  76. wow your bitching about jason waring a belt. hello there..he did have a fucking belt on in parts 3 up to 9. im pretty sure he strapped on a godddamn belt in part 6. people really need to go through these movies before they come here and bitch about things they once thought our beloved jason would never do. i hate fans.

  77. Some of Part 7 and all of Part 8 were synthesized as well, but by Fred Mollin, who did Friday The 13th the Series.

  78. WAKAA WAKKAA WAKKAA! bitch bitch bitch ..there is always someone who is not happy with on that note..after we all see the trailer and the movie then the real bitchin can happen..there is going to be people who love it, hate it and kinda like we got a new jason movie to see.. that we can all agree on.. be happy..true fan’s …. I know that i am..

  79. Latest indications (from certain horror news websites) are that there will be no teaser trailer at Comic-Con on Sunday, but there will be a scene and a series of shots in a montage (similar to the Dark Knight prologue I guess). Bummer, but glad they can make a proper teaser then and release it online in high-def glory a bit later!

  80. looks like hulk hogan wearing a hockey mask it doest look right with hair sticking out from behind the mask
    but its the best he has looked since new line took him over

  81. Let me guess, he’s an albino? How fraking original. Um, folks, white people are the best and the brightest, you don’t have to feel guilty for trying harder than everyone else, it’s genetic, the farther you get from the tropics, the more industrious you have to be to survive. Bad weather, limited food, all foster evolution.

  82. he was abused as a kid.

  83. What’s with that jacket?? FvJ ‘Burlap’-style was acceptable but that looks just STUPID
    the hair’s fine with me, belt and all, no problem, BUT THAT F@%#$Q JACKET!!!


    CURSE Platinum Dunes for not taking him!!!

  84. For God’s Sake will people let Kane Hodder go and wait until they’ve seen Derek Mears in action before they decide whether Platinum Dunes made a mistake or not?!

  85. Kane is a legend he reinvented the character! So far Derek’s just another actor with a mask on

  86. Whats with the batman utility belt… machete, knife, all strapped on. Im not impressed, but I like the big hulking Zombie Jason from part 7 the best.

  87. So, it’s not like Kane was the first actor to play the character, or even the first to make him what he is today. Both Richard Brooker and Ted White should be credited with that. For all we know Derek Mears may be awesome as the character. Or maybe not. But we won’t know until the film comes out. I agree that Kane was awesome as Jason, but he’s gone, so if you’re going to look at the future of the character Kane is not going to be a part of that. So move on!

  88. fuck ya! looks like the mezco plush toys? mayb. totally awesome! this is how it should be done!

  89. pictures rule. i like them the only bad thing is that neck, that too big. maybe is a picture’s fault.
    the action Jason is fucking cool!

  90. Fear the mullet! And to a much larger degree, fear the Hockey Mask!

  91. Well, they’re out there now so no matter how many sites they clamp down on someone else will be quick to repost them…
    They should be thankful people are this bothered about it!

  92. I also have to add Harry Manfredini better be doing the music. Hes the soul of the series

  93. Doubt he will be involved


  95. -i really hope they do the old time period.-ha,ha none thought to ask that huh???!

  96. mirror(s)?

  97. I saw an earlier post where someone said something like “if you think Jason had hair in part 4, you’re banned from seeing this movie.” News flash, kid…Watch REAL CLOSE when Trish cuts his mask off, and you’ll see HAIR! As for Jason’s look in the new film, it’s completely badass. Fuck all of you who sit there and bitch about minute things such as how much hair he has, the shape of his mask, or the fact that he wears a belt. As Uberpoo said, he wore a belt in pretty much ALL of the original films. As I see it, many of you aren’t hardcore “fans.” Yes, Jason wore a belt. Yes, Jason had hair. Yes, Jason has worn a utility belt, and yes, Jason had a hump on his back at one point. You people are fucking nitpickers who need to shut the fuck up and just be glad that JASON FUCKING VOORHEES IS ON THE BIG SCREEN AGAIN!

  98. Amen to that! Jason is going to be kickass on the movie screen again, just disappointed in the fact that Time Warner and New Line got all worked up over three pics, they knew pictures were going to be released somehow someway. I found a licked plot outline for the Transformers 2 movie, I’m surprised I haven’t found a leaked script to Friday the 13th. This is one script that is heavily protected except for the pictures.

  99. The new human form of Jason is sick. I love the direction they are taking this new movie. Now, they need to remake the Jason vs Freddy movie cuz that son bitch was terrible!

  100. photos still up at…….by the way jason looks awsome… is a remake/reimagining forget what you know… just be exited for a real new beginning

  101. It’s a shame these had to be taken down. But I’d say 75-80 % of the people who cared to see them, got the chance. Glad we were able to help some.

  102. New Line must have a hard on for making Jason wear a jacket. With the exception of Jason Goes To Hell (which was a horrible movie that made no sense)Jason has worn a jacket of some kind. I don\’t like it. I miss the good old work shirt days. The hockey mask is ok. It\’s like a hybrid of the Freddy vs Jason mask and a couple others. I agree that the neck is horrible. They need to give Jason a shirt with a higher collar. Too late now though as most of the movie is in the can.

  103. I feel the need to clarify something. When I made the comment about Jason wearing a jacket I meant since New Line acquired the rights to Jason and Friday the 13th from Paramount. Those New Line guys must have a thing for layers.

  104. From these pictures, the reboot doesnt have the feel of the first films but rather the feel the 6th one Jason Lives with all that lighted smoke coming out of nowhere the exact same trick used in Part 6.

  105. I like the hair, they should add a thong while there at it.

  106. the hair is terrible it ruins the whole look every thing else is fine but the hair has gotta go

  107. the hair sucks and the jacket makes him look like a homless person

  108. “No Stairway?! DENIED!”

  109. that sucks lucky i saved those pictures

  110. As did I Jordan. I’m glad I did too.

  111. The neck looks FAKE I am afraid, and the hair……
    when I think of Jason, I think bald, outside of the
    few times there were strands, BUT F O R M E , Jason
    is best bald.

  112. Aj G-CASH, In case you haven’t noticed, Jason IS homeless. He lives in the woods and in tunnels below the camp.

  113. Jason should wear a tie around his fake neck and add a couple knee highs to make it look truly ‘demented’, maybe a nice lil pony tail to round things up a bit and start to speak with a french accent, maybe then Platinum will have their desired target audience…:)!

  114. i think the fans that appriciate the earlier films are the ones who like this look the most. they are going for an old school jason, a maniac in the woods, with hair. as far as im concerned we get a combo jason, everything that he was from parts 1 - 4 and even some zombie elements. im pleased.

    if the mask wasnt so damn wide you would be able tos ee his jaw and neck area. but in the earlier movies the mask covered all those areas to. so it all makes sense to me.

  115. I can\’t wait to see Jason return…in whatever form. I was watching Wes Craven\’s \’Cursed\’ yesterday on DVD. Derek Mears plays the werewolf and is all over the special features. He seems like a pretty cool guy. I love Kane, but I am open to another interpretation of the character. What doesn\’t change dies…and that\’s one thing about our Jason. He can never die!

  116. I can\’t wait to see Jason return…in whatever form. I was watching Wes Craven\\\’s \\\’Cursed\\\’ yesterday on DVD. Derek Mears plays the werewolf and is all over the special features. He seems like a pretty cool guy. I love Kane, but I am open to another interpretation of the character. What doesn\\\’t change dies…and that\\\’s one thing about our Jason. He can never die!

  117. Ugh! I suck. I missed them…. maybe you guys are making this all up? Man. Lame is me.

  118. Here you go JohnMan

  119. You know, I love Kane as much as anyone else, like when he jumped through that window in part 7(awesome), but I would have to say that C.J. Graham was better as zombie-Jason. Even with his utility belt and gloves. Why’d he wear gloves anyway, did he not want to get blisters?

  120. You know Dimon, I’ve always thought C.J. was awesome as Jason. He had really cool body language too. And Part 6 is lots of fun!

  121. i know i sound stupid but where the hell are the pics.
    i clicked on the link and it took e straight to a comic book video talk thing. it ight be just my piece of shit comp acting up.

  122. nevermind thanx sellers i just seen the link.
    looks pretty cool still wish he was bald though….but oh well
    can’t wait to see it.

  123. Yo Christian Sellers… thanks! You ROCK!

  124. No problem ;-)

  125. the only good thing i can say is the mask,they kept it pretty much true.everything else is crap even the new person playing him and there is some people on here that could watch their language a lil.KANE HODDER RULES!!!


  127. DAMN! Enough with the Kane Hodder Mancrush! Let it go….He’s 52 years old….LET IT GO!

  128. Yeah really, Derek Mears looks pretty fucking awesome as Jason and the trailer’s slowly winning me over!

  129. i think CJ Graham(6) and richard brooker(3) are my fav. jasons.

  130. If there keepin us from seeing all the shots and teaser we should hold out on buying a 9.00 ticket and wait till it comes out on dvd, THIS IS BULLSHIT

  131. We all grew up with these great slashers only to see them become increasingly retarted as their series progressed. (Big mistake: Never send a slasher series into space. It didn\’t work for Leprochaun and it certainly didn\’t work for any of the others. I\’m just dreading the time when zombies will infest a futuristic space station. They\’ve already made their way to an airplane, so they\’re on their way up… sigh) I am very pleased to see Jason back in a film that could clear his name of his rediculous later sequels. And we all know that the only way to make a series worth watching again is to go back to its roots. Go, Jason, go!!!

  132. I think C.J. Graham(6) and Richard Brooker(3) are my fav. Jason\’s as well. They are also my favorite Friday movies. CJ\’s body language is great and I feel his body language is better than Hodder\’s. To me it had more personality. The only thing I ever had issues with was that Graham\’s Jason had no shoulders it seemed and in some shots he had a bit of a belly. Not sure if the belt had anything to do with that? On a side note. I can\’t help but laugh every time I watch the shots of the kids diving under the bed. It\’s ridiculous. LOL!!!!

  133. Why the hell isn’t Kane Hodder playing him in THIS one, either? Did he get screwed again? What’s the deal? Freddy vs. Jason sucked, and I don’t say that lightly about a part of one of my favorite horror franchises.

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