Comic-Con 2024 Goodies

From ShockTillYouDrop come two images, of Gangsta’ Jason as well as a Banner Display which is indicative of the back-to-basics approach of the reboot.


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  1. the jason toy looks cool, I figured he would have long hair, where can i get one?

  2. I am looking forward to the film, comic con is aired on tv this weekend so I hope to see the teaser for the movie.

  3. correction, comic con is aired tonight @ 5 pm on channel 294 if you have digital cable.

  4. This figure is pretty cool, but it’s only a prototype as of right now. They’ll end up adding the rest of the mask holes, as with a lot more details that the figure currently doesn’t feature.

  5. I\’ll have some more info on this figure directly from Mezco sometime next week! Stay tuned

  6. I figured that the new Jason was going to be like that with the long hair and all that ,when will I get a chance to look at the teaser trailer this web site said that in the comic con there was going to be a trailer and I didn’t see one.

  7. that figure is retarded it looks like Jay from clerks with the mask on

  8. The hair sucks its gotta go and the jacket makes him look like a home less guy

  9. here here

  10. for pics of jasons hood go here

  11. I love that they used the original font for that banner. Nice nod to the past. Hopefully they use it in the rest of the advertising as well. As for the figure, he\’s cool but yeah, with the hair he DOES look like Jay from Jay and Silent Bob with a hockey mask on. The rest of him is cool though.

  12. thats funny

  13. Goddammit give me more JASON!!!!!!

  14. Nice to see the hair like he started out with, never understood how he lost it in 3+…Cant wait.

  15. The teaser trailer will be shown at comic con on Sunday at 1:00 pm

  16. ComicCon will be 191 for Dish Network users, 149 for \’U-Verse\’

  17. Slahsey,

    He didn’t start out with hair. He was about as bald as Charlie Brown in Friday the 13th. He then magically grew hair in Part 2, and then it all fell out in Part 3. He must have been using some kind of experimental hair growth formula. Either that or the filmmakers were just trying to cash in on the success of the original by throwing together sequels as fast as they could with little regard for series continuity.

  18. While I’m digging the recent “action shots” of Jason, I have to admit that the pic of the Mezco figure is a big disappointment to me. Neither the coat nor the hair translate well in that particular sculpt. Hopefully, the final product will be much improved. As it is now, it looks more like some street punk in a hockey mask than it does Jason.

  19. Exile, so it’s only the fact that he grew hair between the first movie and Part 2 that bothers you? Not the fact that he transforms from a child to an adult in a mere five years? But anyway, I was always led to believe that Jason’s appearance in the first movie at the end was a nightmare, as Alice quickly wakes up afterwards, and if that’s the case he can be as bald as he likes, you know how bizarre dreams can be

  20. wasn’t the teaser trailer soposed to be revealed at comic con?

  21. Christian,

    The hair discrepancy between the original and Part 2 is actually for less of an issue for me than the “Jason never drowned” plot line. That’s the thing that bothers me the most about Part 2. I’m with you on the sequence at the end being a dream, but Jason appears bald in the “flashback” sequence of his drowning, as well, which I assume to be from Mrs. Voorhees’ perspective. I think the film makers of the original fully-intended for Jason’s actual appearance to be consistent with how he appears in both the dream sequence and the flashback.

    As for the “Umm, wait, Jason didn’t really drown. He, uh, uh, OH! He almost drowned and then raised himself in the woods, and now he’s back for revenge! Yeah!” storyline, I realize that the studio was trying to quickly cash in on the success of the original with a sequel and need some kind of storyline to run with. Let’s face it, the original didn’t really leave many doors open for sequel opportunities with Mrs. V losing her head at the end. I’ve always wondered what it would be like if the plot for Part 2 involved a supernatural element, as opposed to somewhat “re-writing” back-story for the original. Instead of Jason never drowning, they could have gone with the idea that his soul was set into a state of unrest with the death of his mother, which resulted in the Crystal Lake area being haunted by his “presence.” Yeah, it’s far-fetched, but it isn’t any less plausible to me than a 10-year-old near-drowning and raising himself in the woods, especially when you consider that his drowning is mention in such a matter of fact manner by multiple characters in the original film. If his body was never found, I would expect that,at the very least, Mrs. Voorhees would have mentioned it.

    Of course, even a supernatural twist to the story wouldn’t really give a good explanation as to how he sprouted from a 10-year-old into a fully-grown man over such a short period of time. I’ve wondered what a sequel to the original would have been like if it had featured a Jason with a child-like appearance. I think it could have been pulled off with some very creepy results if done properly.

  22. I think it would have been cool to have him being a crazy kid in part 2.

  23. As with what would become consistent with the series, continuity and plausibility took second fiddle to profit. If one movie was a success, make another no matter how ludicrous. The Saw franchise also did that by continuing the series after all the principal characters had died. I love the F13 series, but it is kinda dumb!

  24. As with what would become consistent with the series, continuity and plausibility took second fiddle to profit. If one movie was a success, make another no matter how ludicrous. The Saw franchise also did that by continuing the series after all the principal characters had died. I love the F13 series, but it is kinda dumb!

  25. To set the record srtaight about part 1 and 2. Jason “almost” drownd at age 10. He didn’t drown in the first movie, that had already happend. So he would’ve been older in the first one and part two was years later. I don’t think he was even 21 years old in part 2. He was a “young” adult.

  26. Part 2 was set ‘five’ years after the first. Mrs. Voorhees quit clearly states that ‘a young boy drowned,’ and both writer Victor Miller and FX artist Tom Savini state that Jason was dead, hence mommy killing everyone. The ‘only’ reason Jason was the killer in Part 2 was coz Mrs. Voorhees was dead and the investors wanted a sequel

  27. Um..ok..that’s not what I was trying to clerify but what ever. I was just saying that part 1 was set WAY after his drowning incident. Like years and years later. He was prety much an adult at that time. The whole end of part one, when Jason jumps out of the water, was a dream sequence. EVERY sequal is made for them to cash in the money. No one ever makes a sequal just to tell a story. They’re all money hungry.

  28. That’s a good point. The events in the original Friday the 13th take place more than 20 years after Jason drowned as a child.

    I wouldn’t say that no one ever makes a sequel to tell a story. There are plenty of plot-lines that were intended to span multiple films/chapters before the first in the series is ever released. (Granted, whether or not the next planned chapter in story gets made into a film is often dependent on the success of the original.) Friday the 13th clearly does not fall into this category, though, as Victor Miller has stated that he never intended “Long Night at Camp Blood” to be anything more than a stand-alone story.

  29. Yea that’s true bro. I mean people do make sequels to tell another story but let’s face what it all boils down to is the old mighty dollar lol.

  30. And it was that almighty dollar that has brought us the series that we have all come to kow and love. Without it, F13 would have just been what VIctor Miller intended, a stand alone. Now the fact that producers get involved and try and reinvent the stories as they wear on, that has obviously changed the integrity (and I use that word lightly) of the films thus giving us some less than desirable entries (pick and choose your favs and nots favs here!). So I guess yes, sequels can tell stories on their own or continue already familiar ones but they won’t happen unless the demand (and money) is there. The two, it seems, can’t exist without each other these days.

  31. So…did anyone see the teaser trailer? I am dying to hear all about it!!!!!!!!

  32. i was able to get into the f13 panel and they did play a teaser but it was no more than a few quickly cut up shots with the logo seen on the banner and the release date. However, the shots i saw looked insane especially one with mother and son wearing hood!

  33. well said Colin!!

  34. This looks pretty good but like everyone said you can only tell so much from what little we have. The hair doesn’t bother me even though he is bald even when he’s a kid in most of the movies. If you think about it though if he did have hair it would be long bc he would never cut it obviously. I REALLY wish they would have brought back Corey Feldman to play Tommy Jarvis somehow, but I guess that wouldn’t really fit in with this being the remake of the original basically. If this movie does succeed I would love it. If they make a sequel they better FING PUT TOMMY JARVIS AS THE MAIN CHARACTER. That would excite true F13 fans for sure. AND lastly I agree I don’t wanna feel sorry for Jason I wanna have nightmares about him JAson doesn’t have feelings he just kills.

  35. people keep talkin bout he had hair in part two how did he lose it in part 3 or why isnt pamela the killer if this is a remake, bald headed hockey mask Jason is THE FRANCHISE it is what made Jason ICONIC not Pamela not a pillow on Jasons long head of hair.If you look at the mask by it self in the security case or on the poster you see jason.when hair is sticking out of the back it takes away from the mask. and i would kick Pamelas ass if she showed up in the woods by herself i am very suspicious of 50 yr old broads chillin in the woods.Which is why she is not the killer in this reimagining,it was scary the first time cuz you didnt know who it was now we know that bitch would get her ass kicked in the first scene.I have accepted that Jason has hair and i am excited after seeing the trailer but stop with the continuity Jason was suposed to be dead in the first one they wanted to make a sequel jason survived some how no explanation needed, jason had hair in 2 they decide he looked better and scarier with a hockey mask and bald A LEGEND WAS BORN.

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