Brian Wade (special effects makeup; Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives)

Interviews May 24th, 2024


How did you and your effects team land the job for FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI: JASON LIVES? How did you approach designing Jason, as this movie marked a departure as the character had now become a rotting zombie?
“The job was spearheaded by REEL EFFECTS. I was brought on by Chris Swift. I had worked with him on some recent projects (APRIL FOOLS DAY) and we liked working together. I approached the character as it was described in the script, as a zombie version of Jason, rotted and such, but with the wounds of his past incarnations still apparent.”

What made you decide to work on the franchise? Were you already a fan of the previous movies and what was the general feeling regarding PART V: A NEW BEGINNING?
“I had enjoyed some of the earlier installments, and at the time when I heard they were doing another one, I moaned…”Oh no!” but when they offered the Jason design to me I thought, “Well, at least I could have a chance to do a Jason”, so I came aboard. It turned out to be a great project to be a part of, and I am happy I decided to do it. The cast and crew were a pleasure to work with.”

How much gore was cut out of the finished movie, as the FRIDAY THE 13TH series was renowned for falling victim of the MPAA?
“We shot two versions of a lot of things, “lots of gore” and ” Not so much gore”, with that in mind and what you see in the film is what we ended up with. That’s how it goes sometimes.”

Did you also work on the Alice Cooper promo video He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask), which was released to coincide with the film?
“No, the video used a lot of cuts from the film, but it was cool seeing the stuff in the video anyways.”

Which was the one effect from the movie which you were most proud of and why? Were there any effects that you wanted to include, but had to leave out due to budget or time?
“We managed to get everything in that they wanted, so nothing is missing, but designing “Jason” and doing his on-set makeup was the best part overall for me.”

How do you feel about the movie all these years later and when was the last time you watched it? How do you feel your design of Jason stands up to John Carl Buechler’s in PART VII: THE NEW BLOOD (Which many fans consider to be the ultimate Jason)?
“The movie is kind of tame by today’s standards, that’s for sure, but still watchable. ?I don’t really try to compare “Who’s Jason is better than Who’s. I generally let the fans enjoy which one’s they like, and leave it to that.”



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