Jason Lives! Cinema of Fear “Screen Grabs II” by Mezco!

Uncategorized May 28th, 2024


Mezco succeeds once again in bringing us iconic scenes from the “Friday the 13th” series with their ” Cinema of Fear: Screen Grabs Series II”! This time we are given a very detailed look at a portion of the Climax in “Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI”. This diorama features Jason Voorhees and and his arch nemesis Tommy Jarvis frozen in time as Jason attempts to smother the life out of Tommy at the bottom of Crystal Lake.


The detail here is nothing short of amazing from the bottom of the lake to the top. The “bottom piece” features the soft mud of crystal lake with various pieces of debri embedded into the earth. The debri pieces are individually sculpted and inserted into the mold to give it a really good “3D” quality look. You even see the old “Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake” sign partially covered by an old tire, as seen in the film. The massive rock rests at the bottom of the lake, complete with the chain wrapped around it holding Jason in his watery grave. Emerging from beneath the rock is an indication of bubbles rising to the surface. Mezco was very creative in suspending Jason and Tommy in their positions by placing Jasons knee on a huge piece of sea weed.


Tommy Jarvis and Jason are both excellently sculpted. Tommy’s legs appear to be flailing wildly as he attempts to pry Jason’s hands from his throat. His jacket is raised in the back to indicate floating. His eyes are closed with a desperate expression as he lets out what could have been his final breath as indicated by sculpted bubbles emerging from his mouth. The chain itself is an individual piece and it stretches from the boulder and around the throat of Jason. Mezco pulled no punches here. Though there are some parts of Jason that are not directly visible ,such as a direct view of his mask, a close look of the sculpt and one can tell that every detail of Jason was carefully inserted and painted onto this statue. Jason’s mask looks perfect. The non characterstic gloves and utility belt in which he dons in the film are ever present and his legs are left floating behind him as he struggles to end Tommy’s life before he himself meets his “demise” (for the time being).


It can’t be stressed enough how well done this “Screen Grab” is. Hopefully Mezco will continue to feed Friday the 13th fans these awesome additions to their collections. Other diorama’s available in Mezco’s “Screen Grabs series II” include Freddy Krueger stretching his way through Nancy’s wall and hovering above her as she sleeps from the original “A Nightmare on Elm Street. Also available in series II is a diorama featuring Leatherface (from Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s 2024 remake) slicing the helpless character Morgan (John Tucker) in a most painful place.


Mezco’s Cinema of Fear: Screen Grabs series II are available now in retailers nationwide as well as online merchants. For more information Please visit the official Mezco website by clicking HERE

7 Responses to “Jason Lives! Cinema of Fear “Screen Grabs II” by Mezco!”

  1. Don Says:

    That thing looks amazing, if I had room where I live to display figures I would pick that up in a second.

  2. Shaun Says:

    Sorry not worth 17.99.

  3. MaskBoy1832 Says:

    Really an amazing piece of Jason fun! I got 2 of these, one to open and one to keep Mint In Box, and everyone who stops by my cube comments on these. There is so much detail on it one would think it was made by a sculptor with way too much time on his hands! Truly Mezco is (are?) a fan of Jason and all things FTT.
    Vila La Jason! Viva La Mezco!

  4. Stephanie Powers Says:

    Wow! My sweetie gave me one of these for my B-day! I love it and plan to use it as a cake topper for my party in June, on the 13th! An amzing die-orama! HA!

  5. Tony Says:

    Awesome! The cake topper idea is absolutely a great idea.

  6. Tony Says:

    I got some requests for pictures of the other two Screen Grabs II sets from Nightmare and TCM. Since I mentioned them in my review I posted a few pics in there. Enjoy!

  7. robert Says:

    wouldnt that be awesome in a aquriuam

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