Friday The 13th TV Series Season 1 Coming To DVD

Uncategorized May 24th, 2024


I was alerted by my good friend Wil over at HorrorYearbook that the Jasonless but 100% awesome Friday The 13th TV Series (Season 1) is hitting DVD (hit the Amazon page). There’s no release date yet, but there’s a nice $37.99 price to look forward to. We might have the New Friday to thank for kicking someone in the ass to release this.

In the series, Micki, Ryan and Jack track down cursed antique objects (none of which was a cursed hockey mask unfortunately, oh wait, they did pretty much do that episode with John D. LeMay, it was called Jason Goes To Hell!). I liked Jack alot, he reminds me of the great Arturo from Sliders, you might as well call him Professor Exposition. Micky was smokin’ hot, don’t you know - but when they replaced Ryan with the dynamically named Johnny Ventura (What the!?), although the eps were fine, in my mind the show just jumped the shark.


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