“Kill Jason Kill” Grindstone Kill Photo

A few weeks ago we mentioned that the new “Kill Jason Kill” maze at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights was going to contain a kill using an instrument from an edited scene from the 2024 Friday the 13th. The “grindstone kill” was also mentioned to be a very unique kill and something that should have been included in the reboot. Now an image has been provided of the staged kill scene from the maze via Twitter and you can see the victims fate below.

They really should have put this kill into the reboot!

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4 Responses to “ “Kill Jason Kill” Grindstone Kill Photo ”

  1. Although it does look like a typical Haunted house, The ability to have Jason and the surroundings from the new film is pretty cool. I like the pic above and agree that I would have liked to see this in the film.

  2. Oh wow that looks nasty. Wish I could head down there.

  3. Thats kickass!!! Maybe the’ll use that kill in the sequal.

  4. Looooooove too off seen that in the film, i was so looking forward too it!!
    Enjoy it fans!!! (grinds teeth)

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