‘Legends Of Crystal Lake’ DVD Update

At the end of August we featured a short Friday the 13th fan film titled, ‘Legends Of Crystal Lake’. At the time, there were some visitors that were wondering if the creators of the film would be releasing a DVD. Recently, we were contacted with details on the status of the DVD and how fans can get their hands on a copy for their collection:

We are in the middle of editing all the features for the DVD including: The Making Of, Gag reel, Deleted and Extended Scenes. The DVD is the Directors cut edition and will have footage (and Gore) that wasn’t included in the original release.

We are putting together a package called “Legends Of Horror” that will include all the fan films we plan on making (which is 3 before we shoot our original film). Those films include “Legends Of Crystal Lake”, “Legends Of Haddonfield” and “Legends Of Springwood”. “Haddonfield” begins production in a couple weeks and a teaser will follow shortly after Halloween.

This Package won’t be ready for some time So for those who want “Crystal Lake” soon, we will make DVDs for just that film for fans and will be taking orders very soon (All for Free of course).

If you would like a copy of the DVD, please send an email to  murderdeathproductions@live.ca. Also, check out their Facebook page to find out more about their future productions.

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3 Responses to “ ‘Legends Of Crystal Lake’ DVD Update ”

  1. PART 4 costume and scenes are the best, very nice fanfilm

  2. As i live in the UK, i guess the dvd is out off bounds so to speak!?

  3. Nice fan film! If it were possible, I would have loved to have seen more flashbacks cut in during the telling of the story. The ending was great!

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