Upcoming Friday the 13th DVD/Blu-Ray Price Compare

0079404312852_150x150As I get ready to purchase the numerous releases of the Friday the 13th franchise next month, I am still amazed at how cheap Wal-Mart sells items from their store. Comparing prices between 3 major sellers, I came up with the following sales information.

Friday the 13th (2009 Blu-Ray Extended Killer Cut and Theatrical Cut + Digital Copy)

Wal-Mart: $24.86
Amazon: $24.99
Best Buy: $29.99

Friday the 13th (2009 DVD Extended Killer Cut)
Wal-Mart: $19.86
Amazon: $17.99
Best Buy: $24.99

Friday the 13th (2009 DVD Theatrical Cut)
Wal-Mart: $19.86
Amazon: $17.99
Best Buy: $19.99

Friday the 13th, Part 2 (Blu-Ray)
Wal-Mart: $19.86
Amazon: $19.99
Best Buy: $24.99

Friday the 13th, Part 3 3D (Blu-Ray)
Wal-Mart: $19.86
Amazon: $19.99
Best Buy: $24.99

Friday the 13th, The Final Chapter (DVD)
Wal-Mart: $12.86
Amazon: $12.99
Best Buy: $14.99

Friday the 13th, Part 5 A New Beginning (DVD)
Wal-Mart: $12.86
Amazon: $12.99
Best Buy: $14.99

Friday the 13th, Part 6 Jason Lives (DVD)
Wal-Mart: $12.86
Amazon: $12.99
Best Buy: $14.99

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22 Responses to “ Upcoming Friday the 13th DVD/Blu-Ray Price Compare ”

  1. Yeah, I work at Walmart so even though our deal is really great for the average consumer, my employee discount makes it even sweeter. My name is Warrington Gillette.


  2. Best Buy is the Worst Buy on all of these. Also, I made by pre-order on the deluxe DVDs back when Amazon had them listed for $11.99. So for the three DVDs I’m paying $35.97 (and with free shipping as always for orders over $25 on Amazon). Not bad.

    Another major site not listed here is Deep Discount. Their price on the deluxe DVDs is $12.45. The remake DVD is $21.79 there and the Blu-ray is $28.33. The 2 and 3 Blu-rays are $20.41.

  3. I’m skipping out on the remake. I will be getting The Final Chapter and Jason Lives from Amazon though. I never buy anything from Walmart.

  4. Anyone know if there’s anything extra added into the Final Chapter and/or Part 6 DVD releases that we didn’t already get in the Paramount Box Set?

    After all, I will admit, I really couldn’t bring myself to pick up the “uncut” Part 1 from a while back – as, from what I’d heard, there was only an additional 6 seconds of gore added back in?!? Can anyone confirm this?

    However, I couldn’t resist the temptation to pick up a copy of Part 3 – in 3D. Yes, I know it was the crappy red/blue process that they used – however, until they find a means to affordably process the polarized 3D (which is how it was originally projected in theatres), methinks that this is all we’ll be able to get on this one – with respect to having it in 3D at all!

    Granted, now that I think back on it, and for the sake of those lenticular covers, I might just have to pick up Pt 1 and 2 – when they go on clearance of course… ;)

    Keep the blood warm, One of the Dead.

  5. Yeah, I’d like to here more about the deluxe editions of parts 4 and 6 too. Like in the cast commentary for part 6, does anybody know if it includes Tom Matthews and Jennifer Cooke? And does anybody know what the aspect ratio is? I really hope they’re not cropped like the deluxe edition of part 1 was.

  6. hey atleast the uncut dvd isnt $25 the last 2 or 3 uncut movies i got were $25 any way dose blu ray players play dvds to

  7. yes blu ray players play dvds too.

    boycott walmart. they represent everything i hate about america…do a little googling and you’ll see what criminals they are. i’ll spend 15 cents more to support a better company.

    man that’s a good price for the blu ray!! june can’t get here quick enough!! at least we have mbv to tide us over.

  8. I will definitely get parts 4 & 6. I will also get part 5 even though I am not a huge fan. My favorite scene from part 5 is when “Jason” sticks the flare in the guy’s mouth.

  9. i can’t afford to keep re-buying these movies, no matter how much i’m addicted to watching them over and over again.

    the new Friday will definitely be mine.

    also i’d like to say that i just got a chance to catch the Bloody Valentine and the new Halloween flicks. i thought both were re-imagined awesome!!!

  10. all over 4-6 on opening day

  11. I too am not thrilled about buying from Wal-mart. I’ll have to order from Amazon for my movies.

    Chris B.,
    I love Part 5. Junior and Ethel are possibly the greatest characters in the entire franchise.

  12. I’m surprised no one has mentioned this website yet:


    It does the work of finding the best deals on DVDs for you. It even separates out who has the lowest listed price, and who has the lowest price after adding in shipping charges. I always check that site before I buy any DVD. 99% of the time, Deep Discount DVD will have the lowest prices, but occasionally another outlet will beat their price.

    FYI – currently (5/15), DVD Planet has the cheapest Friday remake Blu-ray, even with shipping charges, at $27.02.

    Deep Discount DVD has the lowest prices on pretty much all the other Deluxe Editions and Blu-rays. HOWEVER, Deep Discount oddly set different prices for Parts 2 and 3 on Blu-ray. Consequently, they have the lowest price for Part 3 on Blu-ray ($20.41), but they’re price for Part 2 ($22.86) is beaten by DVD Empire ($20.51), Walmart ($22.33) and DVD Planet ($22.76). I wonder what the logic is behind that.

  13. Balooeyezz,
    Thanks for sharing the info. All of these movies are marked up anyways, so I know retailers have wiggle room when it comes to marking down the price a bit. It would be nice to know if anyone has input on why certain stores price their movies different.

  14. Jasonsfury, I also thought Junior and Ethel were really funny. Part 5 did have some of my favorite kills, like the iron rod impaling the guy through the bathroom eye, and the scene where the guy gets his head crushed by the leather strap. The opening scene is also pretty good. It gave me nightmares when I was young, but I like it now. My only problem with part 5 is that it wasn’t really Jason doing the murders. Other than that, I really like part 5

  15. I liked the fact that Jason wasn’t the killer in part 5. The reason I didn’t like the movie it’s self was the atmosphere, it was too campy. If it had been more dark and serious like the ones before it, then part 5 would’ve been great. To me, the Final Chapter was the last good friday movie.

  16. The Final Chapter is my all time favorite Friday the 13th movie. The absolute best scene in the movie (in my opinion) is when Corey Feldman smacks Jason in the side of the head with the machete. That was awesome, but that wasn’t the best part. The best part is seeing Jason’s head slowly slide down the machete. That is the most awesome scene from the F13 franchise (for me at least).

  17. Nice call on the price search, Balooeyezz, I use http://www.dvdaf.com/….pretty much does the same thing. I refuse to buy anything from Wal-mart, just don’t like their way of business. Anyway, as much as I would like to get the deluxe editions of 4-6, I just can’t do it due to the fact that I got burned buying 2 and 3 and now have to buy them on blu-ray on the 16th (a mere 2 months later???)…and yes for those who don’t believe–it is that much better–anyone who says it’s not is lying or blind.

  18. this is a little off topic but isn’t it funny that walmart refuses to carry explicit lyrics CDs, but they’re gonna carry the killer cut of this movie?

  19. I don’t get why they do that. No explicit music but lots of unrated movies? It doesn’t make any sense.

  20. i agree with chris b. that was the best scene of pt.5 with jason\’s head sliding down the machete. my favorite of the franchise is pt. 6. it was filmed close to where i live and i am going to visit the town where it was filmed at next month. hopefully get some good pics. also i agree that wal-mart sux on they\’re movies. i also don\’t understand why they sell uncut version\’s of movies but yet won\’t sell explicit lyric cd\’s. wal-mart is a complete sell-out!

  21. Ok, So I got advance copies of iv-vi tonight and popped in part 4 to see the lost ending and it’s quite cool. The sound has been lost but the picture looks great and Zito and Beck do commentary over the scene. :SPOILERS: It’s the next morning and trish and tommy are sleeping on the couch. The wake to the sound of police sirens and Tommy runs across the way to tell them they need help. Trish then notices water leaking through the ceiling and goes upstairs to the bathroom. She pulls back the curtain and finds mrs jarvis’ body in the tub. She pulls the body up and her eyes open, milky white. then a maskless, post machete attack Jason rises up behind her, mechete raised. there are also someouttakes of Jimmys dance moves on the disc I’ll report back with more when i’m done

  22. good so atleast i know now walmart stores will be carrying em all correct??

    i knew they would be getting the remake for sure but not the blu-rays of part 2 and 3

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