JASON CORPSE BUST #2 by Midnightstudios

Posted 26 Dec 2024 in Merchandise

This mask does not necessarily follow a specific Friday the 13th movie, but is an original take on the Crystal Lake slasher. There are noticeable features on this bust that will draw immediate attention to a certain movie in the franchise. However, this unique take on Jason would be a welcome addition to any fans collection. To order, check out their auction for more details.




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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. Jasontyo (26 Dec 2024, 13:01)

    i like how it has both the lazy/cloudy eye and the missing eye. more like what Jason would have looked like by part had there been continuity.

  2. Kane (26 Dec 2024, 18:34)

    What version of Jason is this supposed to be based on ? It kind of mirrors the FVJ Jason bust, except without the gray skin. It must be based off of the Part 3 and Part 4 versions of Jason, hence the axe wound to the head.

  3. JediJunkie (27 Dec 2024, 5:06)

    if you read it says it is a unique look, it does not follow any of the jason features from any movie. But I do like it.

  4. Dusk (27 Dec 2024, 5:53)

    Looks to me like what Jason would have looked like behind the mask in his ‘mental/spirit appearances’ during NEW BEGINNING.

  5. Jimbo X (27 Dec 2024, 7:23)

    This isn’t Jason. They are using the F13 namesake to try to sell the mask, that’s all.

  6. Jasontyo (27 Dec 2024, 14:10)

    i meant to say part 5 in my post.

    If you wore this as an undermask for a hockey mask, people wouldn’t know the difference. only us nit picky f13 fans would know.

  7. hallowicked94 (28 Dec 2024, 2:23)

    its cool if he had the gash on the right side of his head i would say it would be before he rotted so i say 4/10 not a bad rating at all

  8. NW (28 Dec 2024, 6:02)

    This Jason look like if you add all of the Jason from part 1 to FvJ or reboot together. He has both the rotten undead & plain human look combine. Kinda cool looking bust. :)

  9. cat (28 Dec 2024, 16:57)

    Wow that looks fantastic … but its not jason, it looks like some other character in another horror film.

  10. mattamus (29 Dec 2024, 0:46)

    its the mouth.it all looks good but mouth.a true vorhees fan would know

  11. Led Zep (29 Dec 2024, 3:16)

    Wow pretty scary. I see elements of reboot, part 4, FVJ

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