Tell Us About Your Friday the 13th Memoribilia

I am a huge collector of Friday the13th items and have been contacted numerous times wondering where to buy and what to buy. I figured, maybe the best way to answer these questions would be to put this out to you the fans. What memoribilia do you own and where do you like to buy?

Below is some of the stuff I own, and I do mean some, just a little of it.




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55 Responses to “ Tell Us About Your Friday the 13th Memoribilia ”

  1. I just have all the figures with 2 missing (uber-jason, and VI). I have both Series of Screen Grabs. I have 2- 18 inches (part VII and VS) and then the mask from VII, Crystal Lake Memories, an Awesome Poster by Joel Robinson, and A Machete Signed By Hodder. I’m not done w/ it but so far im really happy with my collection!

  2. not much, just dvds and the 3d movie poster of part 1, mcfarlane i believe. my name is jason, so hes always with me. Im sure lots of us are blessed with the name too.

  3. Sorry to say my collection is mostly fangoria issues and the two variants movie maniac jasons, bloody and non bloody.

  4. I have the anniversary box set that comes with part 2 Jason and his mother complete with the head shrine, the dvd’s and the box set plus the vhs tapes with the original covers, and JGTH Jason figure.

  5. I have a ton of stuff, I just try not to buy the cartoonish looking figures…it takes away from Jason being scary.

  6. I have the figures, Part 1 Pam, Part 2 bag head, Part 7 (I think) it is a Macfarland, Uber Jason, and have the reboot Jason both hockey and bag. I have a lot of DVD’s

  7. Here’s part of my collection. I have other stuff in boxes & other stuff I’ve bought since these pics.

  8. I have from Crystal lake to Manhattan, jason x, freddy vs jason, and the remake. I have parts 6 and 8 movie posters. his name was jason, crystal lake memories book, jason lives (simon hawke) novel with elias voorhees in it, i have another book called camp blood, the macfarland toys jason figure, 6 comic books, 2 fangoria magazines and I will have tons more when I attend Friday the 30th in August! Can’t wait to meet the people that made this series possible!

  9. Oh yeah, i almost forgot the Nes video game!

  10. I have most of the fridays on vhs, all of them on dvd, jason hoodie,friday the 13th mask made by david miller the creator of the part 5 mask and the original makeup on freddy,cinema of fear figures 2x final chapter jasons boxed,friday the 13th part3 novel by michael avallone, his name was jason 2 disc special edition, friday the 13th nintendo game boxed, friday the 13th part 4 scabs edit,
    and i´m gonna get me the frightstuff mask and the crystal lake memories book and hopefully all of the movies on blu-ray if they get releaased

  11. I see a lot of you have the action figures. That is, surprisingly, one of the things I stayed away from collecting a bunch of. I do have the uber Jason and that anniversary box set from Part 2. My favorite is the 19 in Jason from the new movie. I leave the sack on instead of the hock as I think he looks scarier!

    Looked at your pics and I love the carved pumpkins with the hock and title. Very Cool!

  12. I have a FvJ shadow box with freddys glove clutching the mask and a hockey mask keychain. Of course I have all the movies and watch one every couple days. I know that’s pretty pathetic compared to you guys.

  13. Lets see I have the NES game with the box, the Crystal lake to Manhattan box set, all the deluxe edition DVD’s, Freddy vs Jason, Jason X, The new Friday the 13th, The new line slasher collection, His name is Jason, Friday the 13th megadisk(has all the commercials, deleted scenes, documentaries, Joe Bob Briggs…and much much more, part 1 and 3 poster, large Jason poster, autographed by author Crystal lake memories book, part 2 anniversary box set, some other Jason action figure, a few masks that I made myself, a t-shirt, all the 90’s re print vhs tapes, and all the original vhs tapes, part 2 CED…I think thats it. lol for now

  14. I had all the Sideshow figures, a FvJ diorama, Multiple costumes, hockey masks and machetes, and of course the movies.

  15. that will take me weeks just to post everything
    I have well over 100 hocks and thats just Hocks
    so you see where this will go
    on day I’ll take pics of my FULL collection

  16. SPAZ,
    Take a pic and get a link posted up on here! Show us what you got. ;)

  17. I have all but 2 or 3 of the Jason related Fangorias, but that\’s about it. When I was a kid I had an awesome poster of Jason unmasked from part VII, from the shoulders up. I\’ve tried many times since then to find another one, but haven\’t had any luck yet. Anybody ever seen this one?

  18. I dont have much ft13th memorabilia. I have the Mcfarlane Jason action figure from 1998. The Jason Goes To hell magazine from 1993. And a few hockey masks from numerous years. Id give anything for a final chapter mask and bust.

  19. JB Demented,
    Check out this bust from The Final Chapter!

    Also, this work is awesome and will be real close to as screen accurate as possible. I hope to have more info on this one soon for the fans for purchase.

  20. Just the movies. And a T-shirt that says WW(Jason Mask)?

    Kinda sad, when I get money I pay off bills and buy anime…….

  21. Hey Guys,
    Just wanted all Friday the 13th Fans to know about a once in a lifetime deal right now!!! I am selling all my friday the 13th original theatrical posters right now for an affordable price.—
    Here is the ebay link:

    Good Luck to all you fans. I hope they find a good home!!!!

  22. Got all the movies on DVD, all the comics except the Jason Goes to Hell adaptation and Satan’s Six crossover (I’m not counting variant covers, though) and all the novels except the Part 1 and Part III (the Simon Hawke one) adaptations.

    Pretty much just limit myself to collecting things with a story, if that makes sense. Never bothered collecting stuff like posters or action figures.

  23. Ive got a shelf dedicated to Jason on my \\

  24. oops…anyway.. on the shelf.. ive got all the action figures, incl mcfarlaine hockey mask from toys r us, a snowglobe, living dead doll, FVJ horrorclix, Masks from 3,7,9 and X..Hockey masks from FVJ..stuffed jasons from 2 and 3..part 2 figure box set with pamela..all the comics, fangoria mags, paperbacks from 1,2,3,6, X, FVJ and some of the spinoffs, Crystal lake memories (signed), a kane hodder signed jason X figure, a 8 X 11 poster of the remake signed by Derek Mears. Mini Mezits figures (2 and 3) 18″ figure (7) and 24″ figure with sound (7). Ill have to get these in a pic someday lol..

  25. oh and i forgot all the movies on DVD and soundtracks on CD from 7,8,X, FVJ and the remake and the trading card set from Jason goes to hell…

  26. Jasonsfury,
    What will you bring to Friday the 30th to get signed?

  27. Jonathan,
    I have a few things in mind. I know that there are going to be some people that pack a suitcase or two full of stuff to get signed. However, I want to bring some of my stuff that is more valuable such as some of the set-used items I own. I am a little apprehensive to that as I don’t want my goos stuff being ripped off. We shall see. As time goes by and the event gets closer, I may get a clearer picture of what I will bring.

  28. I HAVE A TAT OF JASON VS JASON X ON MY RIGHT ARM AND all 3 tops goes to hell comic books signed by kane hodder and all the dvd’s and at least 5 sideshow jasons and a 18 inch motion sound friday the 13th jason from new blood….sick!! and the jason book…too

  29. Yeah I am bringing a few posters and probably my crystal lake memories book. We will see as time gets closer though

  30. Laserdisc: Part 1; VHS: 1,2,3,4,6,7; DVD: 1-10 (original releases), 1-8 boxset, 1-8 (new editions), Freddy Vs. Jason (x2), remake, His Name Was Jason; Books: Simon Hawke’s 2-3 novelizations, 1-4 Eric Morse’s Camp Crystal Lake novels, Making Of Friday The 13th, Crystal Lake Memories; generic hockey mask; NES game Jason Goes To Hell poster; a few Fangorias; Alice Cooper’s Constrictor tape

  31. I’m not to sure if this counts as memoribilia, but about two or three years ago, I got a machete at a horror movie convention in Orlando, and my goal is to fill it up with autographs from Betsy Palmer (Ms. Voorhees), and everyone to play Jason (including the guy who played Roy in part 5). So far, I have four autographs on the machete: Derek Meers (Remake), Warrington Gillete (Part 2), Kane Hodder (Parts 7-X), and Richard Brooker (Part 3). I’m not sure if that counts as memoribilia, but I thought I should just mention that. :-)

  32. Hey Chris B.,
    I think that counts! Amything that represents the franchise AND has autos from people who were in the movies should automatically qualify. ;)

  33. All movies vhs dvd(standard, deluxe and box set)blu rays all side show and mezco figures lobby cards posters orginal part 3-d glasses all hockey masks and sack from part 2 cystal lake memories all novels nes game + emulated + all fan games and signed photos with lehman, gillette, dash, brooker, white, morga, graham, hodder, krizinger and mears and betsy – allways looking to expand

  34. Not much
    One neca 50″ actionfigure of the remake and one sideshow Jason from part 2, and 3 hockey mask (remake, 3, 8)

  35. ?? i don’t know why there are a emoticon. so the hocks are from part 3, 8 and reamke XD

  36. I have from Crystal Lake to Manhattan, the Jason Slasher boxset, Deluxe editions for part 3 and 4, the Friday the 13th 2024 bluray, the old vhs’ of The Final Chapter, Jason Lives, Jason Takes Manhattan and Jason goes to hell, I have the Jason Doll that was sold at Spencer’s Gifts idk what its called but its numbered 9,284 of 30,000. The part 3 (the 1982 one) and part 6 novels, the Freddy vs. Jason novel, Crystal Lake Memories, the Jason and Pamela figure boxset. Jason Belt buckle, framed Friday the 13th 1980 poster, Jason X poster, various newpaper articles for Jason X. (I’m not a big Jason X fan but there was articles in the paper so I cut them out) and thats about it at the moment, I’m going to the Camp Blood con tho so hopefully I can find some more neat stuff to add the my collection. I’m only 20 so I got time to let my collection grow :D.

  37. I had the NES game but a friend stole it, idk why, the game sucks lol.

  38. I have some of the figures from over the years, but my favorite collectible has to be my Kane Hodder autographed card with a piece of his Jason shirt from Part VII. It’s so awesome and definitely my centerpiece.

  39. I have more stuff then I can even dream of describing, I will takes pics at some point to post, I have a horror room full of Friday stuff, and my mask making workshop is full of it as well, hell, I even have bars of Jason soap

    my favorite piece is the first mask I painted, a clean part 3, that so far has been signed by Ari, Dash, Gillette, Brooker, CJ, Kane, and Derek, along wiht a blank also signed by each of them, and an 8×10 frome ach of them autographed to myself and my wife, after Friday the 30th when I have them all having signed both, and an 8×10 from each movie, I am going to set up a glass display I have new in the box from Ikea and make my ultimate Jason centerpiece

    here is a pic of the clean part 3 as it is now (can’t see a few of the sigs, side shot)

  40. Great pic, vf80. It will be great to see you at Friday the 30th!

  41. Hmmm,I don’t have as much as most of you guys, but I have the “I Love NY” coming soon poster, a couple other posters for various installments, a press kit for TFC and some lobby cards for part 3. Of course, I have most of the DVD’s and a couple of books and few other bits and pieces.

  42. Almost missed this thread! :P

    I’ve got several hocks and latex masks, as well as one foam latex bust. Many of the various action figures from over the years (Mcfarlane, NECA, Mezco), as well as some other assorted merch odds and ends. Some Press Kits. Lots of vintage mags and books, too. And of course, the old VHS tapes, the DVD box set, and all of last year’s DVD re-releases. A few rare posters, but not many. Some T-shirts, too.

    The only other franchise or series I have nearly as much (or more) stuff from would probably be Alien. The Evil Dead after that.

  43. I have The part 1 and remake poster I also have the small laminated remake and I <3 NY posters I have the 12" figure of part 7 jason a cardboard cut-out of part 9 jason a statue of jason standing on the crystal lake dock a bendable rubber figure a cloth doll with plastic arms and head and a mask

  44. I have a Kane Hodder autographed trading card from Donruss serial #d out of 301. I also have the theme song for part III on vinyl.

  45. A little off topic, but I had a crappy halloween hockey mask I painted up to look like Jason’s from Part 4. I put it on and took a picture of myself from the front and side with my x-box live camera and loaded it up on my Rainbow Six Vegas I and II games. So basically I was running around killing people in the game as Jason. You can put your own face in the game, or wear a mask, fake teeth, moustaches, etc. as long as your ears are showing. Also had a Leatherface and Michael Myers mask loaded up for a while.

  46. I love seeing collections! I really need to get some pictures taken of all my stuff. I’d have to get it all out since I don’t hav space to display it all.

  47. Hey MrsV! ;)

  48. Hey Jasonsfury!
    I am in the process of moving so I will hopefully be displaying some things soon. I was looking at that auction that ended with the posters and saw the info on the Turkish part 5. I didn’t know that was sought after. I have it and am not thrilled with it.
    I got to thinking of what I do have and thought a list would help organize.

    First edition CLM book (from the LA book party) signed by over 65 people at my last count. Including my most recent, Jeannine Taylor.
    Thai Friday 1 and 2 poster
    Australian daybills for 1-4
    UK quad- pt 1
    Pt 1 poster with ax going into pillow- forget what country that is
    Evolution of Jason border painting signed by, actually I lost count.
    Yugoslavian lobby set for part 1
    US part 1 lobby set
    German pt 1 lobby set
    US part 2 lobby set
    US part 3 lobby set
    US part 4 lobby set
    Pt 1 presskit with all stills, including the 2nd set of photos.
    Pt 1 pressbook
    Copy of pt 1 script
    JGTH presskit
    Japanese programs for pts 1-4
    Japanese poster for 1 and 2
    Death scene poster-fan made
    F13 pt 5 screening poster fan made
    pt 5 turkish poster
    Airbrushed Shirt signed by many
    preview collector card set
    Fangorias 1-180 something so all early covered Fridays
    Famous Monsters 6 Friday 1 coverage
    Clean pt 3 mask
    Part 4 mask, end version
    Sideshows- MrsV, pt 2, pt 3, pt 6, pt 7
    Movie Maniacs Jason bloody and not
    Screamin Jason model- still sealed in box
    Snow globe
    Novels- 1,2,3, and 6 by Hawke, 3 by Avallone.
    Friday 1 earrings
    Adrienne King’s special edition poster signed
    More 8×10s signed that I can name. Collecting since the 1st Friday reunion in Jan. 04.
    2 of kane’s cards with his screen used out fit piece
    Various machetes given to me by Brooker and Kane. Kane mostly. I have about 4 from him alone.
    Jason spitball set still on card. LOL!
    F13 resin light up cabin
    Original released dvds, box set, and pts 1-3 SE
    CED F13 pt 1
    25th anniversary Friday set with shrine and MrsV’s head
    Custom montage artpiece covering all Fridays
    Artwork of Ginny from end shot with pitchfork
    Artwork of MrsV in pt 1
    Replica of MrsV head from 2.
    Pt 7 figure released last year- not the bent neck one. LOL
    Matchbox van with Jason
    Jason mask and knife pewter pin
    Pt 5 video store promo light up mask
    Video store promo hockey mask lights
    pt 7 mobile video store promo
    CCL replica sign
    playing cards
    bowl, shot glasses, goblets- silly stuff, but fun.
    T shirts- pt 1 and 2 with poster design on front and all kills on back, pt 4 made in hell, staff and sign shirt, jason lives, Jason x, shirt with half silloute and canoe
    Killer Trivia game
    NES game- about 4 copies, still play it too.
    Wall calendars 07. 08 and 09
    Lemar and Dauley Manhattan hoodie and t shirt
    Ecko jason hoodie
    diarama’s for 1 and 6
    Clippings from when pt 4 came out
    Sand and water from the pt 1 film location
    Brick from the pt 3 house

    I’m sure there is more, but this is off the top of my head.

  49. Alright, I am jealous that you have a few items I do not, MrsV. I am still after the following items you have.

    1.Thai Friday 2 poster
    2.Pt 1 presskit with all stills, including the 2nd set of photos
    3.Pt 5 video store promo light up mask

    I have not seen the Part 1 press kit for sale for a long time. I might pay some money for that. The Thai poster I missed the auction on, but congrats on getting that. It is beautiful! And the Part 5 light is on eBay on a pretty regular basis, but I can’t see dropping $60 for that now. Hopingfor a deal at some point ;)

    - Clippings from when pt 4 came out
    Are those the clippings that were just on eBay? They are awesome. I saw those a couple of days ago.
    Clippings from when pt 4 came out

  50. That was the first time I had seen the part 2 Thai and I knew it had to be mine no matter what the cost. I hadn’t been that nervous bidding on something in a long time. Thai posters are the best out there. There is nothing more colorful and fun than those. Have you ever seen any other Thai ones? Part 3 and up?

    The clippings are actually when it came out. I was obsessed with the ads that were in the papers and collected quite a few of them. For once, part of my collection was free. LOL!

    The light up mask was also free as I worked in a video store and was able to take home all the goodies.

    The presskit I bought over 10 years ago on Ebay. The 2nd set of stills came later. I saw one go in the last year or so for a ridiculous amount of money. I think I paid about 25 or so for mine.

    I know I forgot some stuff but as I pack up to move, I will be finding it all. My goal is to see it all together for the first time ever!

    What other fun things do you have?

  51. I forgot about another cool poster I have. It’s red with black and white versions of 6 different lobby cards on it. It’s really cool and I hadn’t seen it prior to buying it. It has the really cool shot of the cabin and the lake with the fog.

  52. What other fun things do you have?

    I have bunch of behind the scenes photos, shooting script and call sheets for Jason Lives. Great information in there. You put it all together and you feel like you were there during the shoot!

  53. That’s cool! I don’t have much for pt 6 specifically. I think I have a single lobby card and a poster. I do have alot of autographs though from pt 6 people. I mostly collect pts 1-4 stuff.
    Do you have alot of behind the scenes pic for those?
    Does the pt 6 script have more on the original ending with Elias?

  54. Take it a lot of you are Americans and you have a whole lot moe stuff accesable to you than I do in the U.K.?
    Anyway, I have all the DVDs, which goes without saying.
    A couple of Hocks painted up by Ruste Dowg
    And i’ve just had an axe signed by Richard Brooker.
    Not a huge collection but a start.

  55. I have a 1982 Friday the 13th Part 3, 3D Handbook of Promotional Information. 7 pictures and explanations.
    Note to Film Critics and theatre bookings in folder. ery good condition.
    Friday the 13th Part VIII, Json takes Manhatten. Press Information folder.
    Handbook and 3 pictures plus one postcard of Freddy.
    Also as scary:
    1991 Promotional pack for “Dutch” Starring d O’Neil. 8 still pictures, explanation of film and casting list & song list.
    What’s this worth?


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