Derek Mears aka Jason Voorhees Rumored For Predators Reboot

predatormears1I found this interesting rumor on Arrow In The Head.

“We don’t report on rumors often here on AITH, but this one we felt “good enough” about to put it out there. If we’re wrong, you all get al hour with my gf of the month. While our boy JIMMYO was attending the DRAG ME TO HELL red carpet, a “reliable somebody” slyly hinted our way that DEREK “JASON VOORHEES” MEARS could be playing a PREDATOR in the Robert Rodriguez produced reboot/sequel PREDATORS.”

Not only am I excited about a new Predator movie, but Derek would be awesome as our favorite scaly hunter from another planet!

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18 Responses to “ Derek Mears aka Jason Voorhees Rumored For Predators Reboot ”

  1. He’s not the only Jason that is rumored for the reboot. The others are Kane Hodder and Warrington Gillette. Hodder would definitely be the most intense. I heard he will be a “Zombie” Predator. THe best looking Predator will be played by Warrington Gillette. The fastest Predator will be played by Derek Mears. My name is Warrington Gillette.


  2. In my opinion he would not be a good choice to play the Predator or any Predator for that matter. The AvP actor who played the Predator did very well, I believe his name was Ian White, not sure? And of course just like some people believe Kane Hodder is the ultimate Jason, like I do, Kevin Peter Hall, R.I.P., will always be and remembered as being the ultimate Predator actor.

  3. Kevin Peter Hall was awesome. I think he died shortly after Predator 2 was either finished filming or it was released into theaters.

  4. yea i seen this now that would be cool if he did i just hope if they r doing f13th 2 around the same time that he wont get recast cuz hes doin this

  5. I was already excited to hear that they were making another predator movie, but this news just makes me more excited.

  6. Maybe they should also get Ken Kirzinger, Kane Hodder and Tyler Mane. I’d like to see Aliens vs Predator vs Jason.

    And Jasnsfury, you’re right Kevin Peter Hall died shortly after making Predator 2 in ‘91. It was due to AIDS, which he got from a blood transfusion after a bad carwreck. RIP.

  7. Warrington Gillette? I seriously doubt there are any serious rumours regarding Warrington Gillette acting in anything of worth. I think the Derek Mears one is a little more believable.

  8. Haha. It would be funny if one of the predators wore a pillow sack over his head.

  9. Or better yet Jimbo x……….A Jason/hockey mask inspired Predator helmet…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  10. baz,
    That would be badass! :)

  11. I would love for Derek to play a Predator i’m a big fan of the first two and the latest AVP movie.

  12. Bring back Van Damme lol

  13. just let me say i love the warrington gillette posts.

    mears would be great for the role IMO. hodder’s too bulky to be the predator…i don’t think he realizes how much he limited himself by getting so big. it’s a big part of the reason they stopped using him as jason.

  14. You know, guys, a JASON-X Vs. Predator could be something here…like in the lair of the Predators trophy wall, we notice Jason is actually in captivity-like when Uber_jason landed in the lake he could have landed on the hovercraft-also crash landed in the lake before he did…and Jason awakens to realize his mask is part of the trophy room…just an idea

  15. u know Corey thats a kick ass idea id love to see that and i agree with u tommyblah kane is way to big but mears would be a good choice for the role

  16. Sounds more like a good idea for a comic book spin off than an actual movie project.Would be curious to see how it’d turn out…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  17. Even though I didn’t like Jason X too much, an uber-Jason vs. Predator story would be awesome. Imagine if there was an alternate ending to Jason X where he was blown off the ship and landed right in the middle of a Predator hunt with aliens (James Cameron style aliens) and Jason finds a colonial marines camp, then finds a way to kill one of them wit a pulse rifle. That would be awesome.

  18. Christian Sellers,

    I don’t know why its so hard for you to believe that Warrington Gillette can be in “anything of worth.” Some people have to act in everyday life even if its not in front of a camera. They have to smile for people that they hate at Walmart where they were a nametag and work for less than $10 an hour. Just because Warrington hasn’t worked in film for a while doesn’t mean he can’t still do it. I think he would make a great predator.

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