Jason Goes To Casino: The Final Gamble


This is pretty much the sort of non-news I don’t waste time on but when I received an email from one “HarryM” I chuckled and decided I should share. Apparently, Jason himself from JASON LIVES, CJ Graham, was hired by Thunder Valley Casino in the past week as their vice president of casino operations. Does anyone other than me find it hilarious that “Jason” is running a casino? I bet that’d make cheats think twice if only they knew…

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10 Responses to “ Jason Goes To Casino: The Final Gamble ”

  1. The picture with all of the horror characters is great.

  2. The pic should be priced as much as the painting of the dogs playing poker.

  3. leprauchan has two aces, he better be all in !!!

  4. This makes me want to see a movie where Jason Takes Las Vegas. There are always a lot of young, early 20-somethings partying out there for Jason to have a field day with.

    I am also glad to see that CJ Graham has finally found a day job that doesn’t include going to conventions. He is one of the lucky ones to have “gotten out” and found a glamorous job as the vice president of casino operations somewhere. That is a huge step up from working at Walmart…and its also probably better than being in a commercial for Advair too. Success is a strange thing because its hand touches certain people for seemingly no reason whatsoever. When I hear this kind of news I just want to drown my liver with a bottle of Jack Daniels.

  5. Leprechaun is about to have 3 aces…Chucky and him are in cahoots!!!!!!!

  6. Who is the one between Leatherface and Jason?

  7. That’s the Tall Man from the Phantasm movies.

  8. is that Jack from a nightmare before xmas on the clock??

  9. Love the pic! would love to have jason as a gaurd! prob is, u couldnt garantee that their would be many people left alive in the biulding!

  10. michael myers and freddy jason omg

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