Utilizing The Sack To Scare Audiences Again

One of the things that was liked by fans about the 2024 reboot was the choice to have Jason wear the sack over his head once again. With Platinum Dunes trying to take the franchise back to it’s roots, having Jason wear something convenient and accessable like a sack made perfect sense. In fact, Jason was much more menacing and scary during the scenes he wore the sack in the 2024 reboot compared to any other scenes throughout the rest of the movie.

It is completely understood that the hockey mask has its place as an iconic element in the franchise, but honestly, fans would have liked to see Jason wear the sack for the entire film, much like the 1981 sequel, Friday the 13th Part 2. Since everyone seems to want that old school feel to the franchise to return, then for the next movie, have Jason wear the sack again.

Visitors to this website and horror fans in general want to be scared. They want a mencaing Jason. So, perhaps our next Friday the 13th film should outfit Jason with a sack once again and not resort to the hockey mask gimick to sell the movie. Question is, which version of Sack head Jason would the fans prefer?

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16 Responses to “ Utilizing The Sack To Scare Audiences Again ”


  2. I have to agree with JAMESX. The Sack head look in the remake was a lot more menacing. The team behind the new design did a great job in taking the original concept and turning it into a more terrifying and iconic look for Jason. I sincerely hope that whoever is behind the next entry in the Friday films is keeping tabs on what the fans want. It seems everyone has been pushing to see Jason stalking in the snow…and everyone wants to see Jason’s sack again. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  3. Ah Man, Youll never get that hockey mask away from Jason. He loves it. At the end of the remake, Jason gets dumped in the lake by Clay maskless. And of course kicks the mask in the lake too. But before Jason jumps out to grab Whitney, He takes the time to put the mask back on. I do love the sackhead Jason, mainly because it was inspired by the movie ” The Town That Dreaded Sundown”. Which is based on a real life killer in Texarkana who donned the sack on His head when He killed people. Scariest thing about that story is He was never caught. Why I consider sackhead Jason kind of a twisted tribute to that story. I just dont think in the upcoming sequal Jason would give up His hockey mask for the sack. However if Ari Lehman gets His way with this new series about a teenaged Jason (which I hope happens). I think Jason will be donning the sack once again. In this new series I dont even want to hear the word hockey mask. And as for which sackhead Jason is more scarier. I have to go with Steve Dash’s Jason. Something about the sack and overalls, creepy.

  4. I’m sorry, I love the sackhead Jason as much as anyone else, but I fail to see how sackhead is so much more menacing. I find them equally menacing, and didn’t mind the transition of sack to mask. And after he finds the mask, its just confusing, in my humble opinion, to go back to the sack again. I almost feel like sack head is only considered more menacing because people have just gotten used to the hockey mask.

  5. I’m kinda split on the subject. I like both the hockey mask and the sack (both can be equally scary when done right), but having him make the transition in the remake from the sack to hock felt a little too rushed. Of course, the most rushed part was trying to cram the entire events of the entire Friday the 13th in the opening, but I digress. The hockey mask is iconic, so for the remake, they had to incorporate it somehow. I thought the point of the remake was to basically simplify things, like having Jason go straight to the hockey mask.
    Now, since Jason still has his mask, it would make sense for him to continue with it. Even if he lost it, the whole switching between them would become redundant. For addition sequels, maybe.

  6. I think this topic came up a long time ago, and I said the same thing. I like the sackhead Jason. But something about how it fits reminds me of this guy:


    (I don’t know if that’ll come up clickable…but it needs to be seen! LOL)

  7. Why combine the two? A tattered, ragged version of the sack mask + the scuffed, dirty hockey mask. He’d defiantly be more monster like, then.

  8. I’m split. the sack looks menacing, but the hockey mask is iconic. I don’t think I’d like it if he wore just the sack over his head for an entire movie…

  9. I hated the sack in the original series because it looked like a potato sack. Potato sacks aren’t known to be menacing. The remake sack/wrap is awesome. From the merchandise I have of that series I have on display two versions. One with the wrap and one the mask. I love both to be honest.

    The wrap reminded me of Timecrimes.

  10. Don’t care about the sack, the hock looks way better IMO.

  11. Timateo, why drag a defenseless old man like Dr. Finklestein into this! LoL

  12. The sack from the remake gets my vote, hands down.

  13. I personally prefer the original, for me it just has a scarier feel to it.

  14. The sack from the original is scarier to me. It’s dead basic.

  15. The sack mask in the remake was very cool. My opinion though, the hockey mask is way better. Not only is it iconic, it’s good protection for that ugly face. That hockey mask got him through part 3. If you had an axe coming toward your face, what mask would you prefer ;)

  16. I prefer the original as well. much scarier in my opinion.

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