Kimberly Beck (Trish, The Final Chapter) Interviewed

kimbeckHeather Wixson at Dread Central recently posted an interview with the former Trish Jarvis. They discuss her thoughts on the movie, her history in acting, and her life now after retiring from acting. Check out an excerpt from the interview below and click on the link above to read the entire interview.

I don’t know anything about that part. Sorry! They never called me back and it was fine, I was onto other things and never looked back. I am happy I did the movie though, really happy. I have never met such nice people as the fans of these movies. I have been asked to appear at a lot of conventions and sort of shied away from it. I thought no one cares, but I did a Monster Mania (think that is the name) in New Jersey and it was so much fun. I brought my then 10-year-old son, Miles, and he just thought I was Mom, but he couldn’t believe people wanted my autograph. He was impressed and I was happy he got to see a different side of his mother.

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9 Responses to “ Kimberly Beck (Trish, The Final Chapter) Interviewed ”

  1. My favourite survivor.

    Rowan (Jason X), Chris (Part 3) and Jenny (Part 2) follow closely behind, but there’s something about Trish.

    …”you were supposed to leave”….

  2. bring back the jarvis brothers in AUGUST 2024

  3. bring back the jarvis brothers in AUGUST 2024

    jarvis brothers???? ;) I think there is only one brother, Tommy.

    My favourite survivor.

    I might have to agree as she seemed like the strongest minded final girl out of the entire series. Ginny was pretty close in intelligence, but I like that Trish took a fall out of a second story window. Then got up, and sliced up Jason’s hand and chest!

  4. @jasonsfury

    Maybe he thinks the bald kid was someone else ;)

  5. He’s actually probably thinking about the Frog Brothers from the lost boys. Same person, different movie.

  6. LOL.

    Edgar and Alan…. I hope that’s not where he was going :)

    “and prey you never need to call us”

  7. You might be right about the Frog brothers. Good call! :)

  8. With Ginny from Part 2, Trish is my favourite survivor girl…

  9. Kimberly is awesome in The Final Chapter!

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