Fan Games: Germaniac’s Jason X and Jason’s Rampage

I know that a lot of fans of the franchise have been longing for a quality Friday the 13th video game to play. As we are no where near this happening as of right now, I think fan created games are pretty remarkable in their own right. Germaniac, who has been a long time member of the old forum here on the website as well as at the current F13 Community, created some cool Friday games a while back and they are visually accurate to the movies. Germaniac still visits here occasionally, so hopefully he can answer any questions if you post them here.

Check out the fun screen shots from his game below and if you are interested, download the games to play.









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23 Responses to “ Fan Games: Germaniac’s Jason X and Jason’s Rampage ”

  1. That’s really cool.

    You should post about the F13 3D game made by havoc productions.

  2. Whoa! Seing those screenshots of my games here makes me a bit proud.
    I made those games 2 or 3 years ago when I had a lot of for time on my hand. I was inspired by FISTA´s “Return to Camp Blood” and Havoc´s “Jason´s Revenge” (the 2D version). I have to thank Havoc for helping me out with several quetions I had during the creations of those games. I wanted to make a similar game with a bit more detail (bigger characters, more detailed kills). Sure, those games aren´t Resident Evil. It´s just a game made by an F13-fan for F13-fans who want to have some fun for a couple of minutes.
    As you can see, I painted most of the stuff and animations myself via paint and used clickteams games-factory to build the game. It was hard work but it was really fun to see how your ideas come together to a finished product.
    When you play the games you can see that I wanted some kind of “flow” and connections between the different rooms/settings. I wanted to put as much references/loctions from the movies in those games as possible and put them in some sort of logical connection. Since the game was already pretty big after the New York-sequences and I knew that Jason X could´t be just handled in a couple of rooms I decided to make Jason X into a seperate game.
    I think JX is truly an improvement to the first one (better graphics, shootingenemies , combat-enemies are walking now). I took the liberty to “expand” Jason X a bit: I thought that the zero-graity sequence from Todd Farmer´s first draft was very cool, so I referenced it in here. And I also put Mrs Voorhees cameo from that draft into the game. I put Leatherface in there because a.) I needed an opponent at that time of the game and b.) Thac made a fanfic-prequel to Jason X which was an F13th/TCM crossover.
    I was working on another game: F13 survivor, in which you took control characters like Alice, ginny, Chris etc in some sort of jump & run / action game in which you had to run away / dodge Jason/Roy/Mrs V. I painted all the Jason´s and most of the characters but my I had to abort it becaue I simply don´t have the time to make another game. And this one would be twice as hard to create compared to my previous games. You can see a compilation for some of those characters here: (I painted and included Myers in there just for the heck of it).

    In retrospect there are a few things I would have made better now: I wasn´t able to figure out how to have different sound-files playing at the same time in the first game(you will notice that sound-files suchas screams or machete-swings will stop as soon as a new sound starts). I also should have figured out how to have music playing continuosly instead of having it restarting each screen. Uber-Jason´s walking animation from left to right looks to stiff it looks better when you let him walk to the left) but I guess I just wanted to have those games finished instead of working on minor details for ages.

    Fell free to ask any questions (*waits for the first “What´s up with the graffiti in New York” question*) ;)

  3. very talented, need more off u guys around!!

  4. These were a lot of fun to play, especially as you’re going into the next board and you realize it’s completely right out of a scene in the movie. Great job, man. Compliments to your hard work! ;)

  5. When is XBOX or PLAYSTATION going to get off there asses and make a F13 game? hard to believe the NES made one for kids and yet these two companies turn a blind eye to the $$$ making possibilites f13 game would offer…

  6. i agree with you Scott they should defintely make a F13th game for the 360 and PS3 i know i’d buy it and the Multiplayer could be sooo Sick to play!!!!

  7. I downloaded these, but how do I get them to work? I’m using a Mac. Can anyone help me? They look really fun!

  8. i cant download the game that links dont work will you help me pliz

  9. Billy Brown,
    Once you download the zip file, extract the files from the zip to your computer in a directory of your choosing. You should then be able to double click on the exe file which should have a picture of Jason and the game should then open.

    Do you get any kind of error messages? I just went to the website and the link does work.

  10. The simple fact is, Friday the 13th, or any slasher film for that matter, doesn’t lend itself to video game creation; especially now given how complex games have become. Horror movie games worked (well, in a way) early on because of the simplicity behind a horror movie- a bunch of people in a location being killed off one at a time by a single, seemingly indestructible killer. Halloween, TCM, and the C64 Friday the 13th game, are simple. Friday the 13th on the NES was more complex… to a point where the movies and the game have little in common (Zombies? Killer Crows?).

    The problem is, from either view point, the game fails. If you’re a victim, how much fun is it to occasionally run into the killer, who you can’t even kill, and that’s it? Now, Clock Tower was a lot of fun, I think. And, it is a way that this type of game COULD work… there are still some qualms I see (varied locations and a logical reason to move between them, for one), but no need to get into that.

    What people really want, though, is a game to be Jason. And this one just fails period. We could think of this game being a stealth killing game like Hitman… but Hitman’s scenarios have two things going for it that a Friday the 13th game couldn’t/shouldn’t. Could’t- Walk around in front of all your potential victims like a normal person, dressing up as knocked out people to sneak into backstage areas and such. Shouldn’t- Have the ability to use traps. Hitman can go put an explosive in an area he knows someone is going to walk through later… Jason should not be.

    And, of course, game length… getting a Friday the 13th game to be worth 60 dollars is unlikely. Xbox Live Arcade and its counterparts make this less of a concern, but it’s just not coming to a full retail release.

    One exception to this rule- A Nightmare on Elm Street. From a protagonist viewpoint, such a game can work. After all, Freddy can bend reality, so it’s not unrealistic to have multiple Freddys come at you, or zombies, or killer crows. And you can have varied environments with a logical reason to move between them. But the reason this works is because it’s a space in which reality can be 100% inconsistent.

    But otherwise, Slasher Films just don’t make video games.

  11. About downloading from rapidshare: You have to click on “free-user”. In the next window you have to wait for the countdown to expire, then the link for the download will show up.
    Both gams are zipped into one file. After you have unzipped them you can play Jason X right away, Jason´s Rampage install´s itself when you click it. In order to play Jason X however you need that .dll file that´s inculded in the zip.
    Since I created those games on a windows PC I have no idea if or how you can play them on a Mac.

    About official slasher-games:
    Well, we got “Predator: Concrete Jungle” and “Jaws Unsleashed”. In both games you play the antagonist and get to kill hundreds of humans. BUT in the Predator game the humans are characterized as the bad guys (storywise) and your have an honourable mission and in Jaws you are an animal.
    No compay has the balls to create a game in which you get play an maniac who gets to kill dozens of innocent, unarmed people! The censors would go crazy on that and it woulnd´t get released in a lot of countries, thereofore not being profitable.

  12. yes i got the error.

  13. a ok now is ok i got it.

  14. You think you might ever continue survivor?

  15. Well, Germaniac, no one’s bitten so far, so I’ll ask, what’s up with the graffiti in New York (I’ve seen it)? (BTW, you’re games were both great, I hope you continue Survivor or make another).

  16. Hey Chris vers. II,

    as stated above: I doubt that I will ever make another game. I simply do not have the time anymore. Even if I had the time: the concept of survivor would be mammoth-project in which I would have to figure out a lot of things (gameplay and programming-wise) and I doubt that the effort would be worth it.

    About the graffiti:
    The game was made shortly after the release of FvsJ. There where some people on the old forum who bashed the movie because of the lack of their “true Jason” and they flamed every user who disagreed that Kane Hodder was the best (or a good) Jason (which I happen to disagree with). That got really annoying. So this was a statement to rub it in their face.

  17. Okay, since most of the websites of the fangame-creators from the past have disapeared and several fans obviously never played those games I searched my CD´s and collected all Friday the 13th 2D fangames I have, put them in one Zip of 30 MB and uploaded them here:

    Incuded are (sorted by gamemaker):

    -Jason´s Rampage
    -Jason X

    -Return to Camp Blood (the very first slasher fangame)
    -2 Demos in which you can see sequences for his (abandonend) sequel to RTCB

    - Jason´s Revenge (2d)
    - a 2test level for another F13 2d Game
    (his 3D game would be too big for this compilation)

    Aaron Productions
    -Freddy vs Jason (a nice jump/run/slash game that uses the graphics from the ANOES and F13 NES games)

    Jo O CO
    -Return to Camp Blood Remake – this is basicly the same as Fista´s exept a different Intro, different van sequence and a different ending
    -A Nightmare on Friday the 13th – A very good 2D game. Unfortunatley it´s very hard. I was never able to beat it.

    Jason RIP by some guy I don´t remember
    this game has good character graphics (because they were made by Havoc). The rest is not very good. I included it just for the heck of it.

    If you have any other Friday the 13th fanfames please reply!
    I remember Spookware had some stuff, but I didn´t found anything from him on my CD´s.

    I also have tons of Halloween, TCM, ANOES and Evil Dead fangames. I could upload them aswell if anybody is interested (just let me know here via a reply and I might do it).

    If you are looking for a movie-maniac “Mortal Kombat”-style fighting fangame you shoul check out

  18. Sorry to bump this, but …

    Friday the 13th: Survivor is back in production!

    I spent the entire last weekend to set up a demo ( I had the artwork and animations finished already, but it took me 2 days to set the level up) :

    This is basicly the cchase / jump-and-run sequence for Part 1.
    controls: left right to run left or right
    up: jump
    down: get into the crawl-mode
    Objective: Run away rom Mrs Voorhees, dodge the hanging bodies and jump over the bodies on the ground.

    The final game (if it ever gets finished) will feature such a chase-sequence for all the F13-movies (except probably JGTH) and mano-a-mano fight sequences as well as a couple of “choose the right dialouge” sequences.

    Don´t expect it to be finished soon .. it´s still a long way!

  19. Awesome! Glad to see you were able to work on this. I will check it out aftr work today.

  20. Nice games, I also have done a couple of Friday the 13th fangames:

    the newest is downloadable here:—the-remake-game#

    and this is the very first one I done many years ago:

  21. Hey hunter 14, I’m horrorgamer01, and I review horror games, and when I come around to it, I’m going to review your games along with Germaniac’s games! Exciting, huh?

  22. friday the 13th Survivor link is not working could someone put up a new one

  23. I also have tons of Halloween, TCM, ANOES and Evil Dead fangames. I could upload them aswell if anybody is interested (just let me know here via a reply and I might do it).

    YES PLEASE PLEASE UPLOAD THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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