Lar Park Lincoln Offers Positives For Displaced Reunion Fans

I know that a lot of fans feel burned by the postponement of the 30th Anniversary reunion as a lot of people invested a lot of money and planning into the weekend. Most people that were going to attend were looking for signatures from the actors as a way to have a rememberance of the weekend. Well, Lar Park Lincoln (Tina, The New Blood) has posted some information that may help ease the sting just a tiny, tiny, tiny bit. Read about it below and see how you can get a free autograph from the Final Girl of Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood.

From Lar Park Lincoln

Hi,Terrific Friday Fans! I’m so sorry that the show was canceled and very sorry if you didn’t get a refund. I will not be able to attend next May 2024.I have a big birthday that month and have vacation fun planned!I do give free autographs if you send a SASE to my address on my website  or email It must be your own pic or interview or whatever you want signed,and not copied off my site etc.To all fans that have had to miss the show this month, I will offer my acting book, my Friday 13th limited edition poster, 1 8×10 photo with autograph for only $10.00 each plus postage.These are all usually $30.00 each!!A great sale for great fans!!
This is my special way of saying I’M sorry to everyone that got stuck with tickets,flights etc.
This sale is only until midnight on Sunday of Labor Day Weekend!!You must use code word Guts&Glory in your email order to get this special pricing.I will have something special for each person who purchases an item on sale.Whenever I meet you at a future con,bring your item for a special gift!ps,I’m feeling really great ,in remission!Take Care,hugs all I have a facebook fan page now..please visit..Lar?}

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11 Responses to “ Lar Park Lincoln Offers Positives For Displaced Reunion Fans ”

  1. Sweet Gal! Glad to hear she’s doing well. I lost my dad to Lung Cancer a couple weeks ago. It’s been crazy recently, seams like every time we turn around there’s somebody being diagnosed or passing from various forms of cancer. Love to see this garbage gone for good.

  2. She is a great person to offer this to such dedicated fans. And I’m glad to hear that she’s beating the cancer. I had a grandmother die from lung cancer and have seen how tough it can be. Best of luck to her in the future, and keep fighting!

  3. Like many, I’m also very glad to hear she is doing well. God be with her rather she’s a person of faith or not, as I’m sure she is a wonderful & beautiful person, inside and out. Not counting that I really just dig the first five Friday installments, I found her one of the few halfway decent graces in Part VII, and she was a true beauty in that picture.

    And for all of those tyical genre film actor “Autograph Hounds”, I’m sure they’ll find this a very sweet deal. God bless her again, and keep fighting the good fight Ms. Lincoln! ;)

  4. wow thats really cool of Lar, good to hear she’s in remission too.

  5. I met Lar at a convention and we held up the line chatting for about 20 min. She truely is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

  6. She has always been great at conventions, doesn’t just sit there collecting 20’s.

  7. Glad to here that her cancer is in remission and she is feeling well.

  8. When I go to and go to her store, there are no photos, posters or anything to buy that she mentions. Am I missing something or does she have another website to take advantage of this autograph deal?

  9. I have the same problem, i just emailed her and asked for a poster, the replied immidíately. As i live in Germany she didn`t know how much the shipping costs will be, she`ll the poster to the post office and then emails me the total cost including shipping. She wrote that she trusts her FRIDAY fans completely.
    She`s such a sweetheart !!!!!

  10. Is anybody here still making the trip down to Texas for Friday the 13th??….even thou the convention is not happening???….Let me know!!!…..I might have exciting news!!

  11. Its awesome she is willing to go above and beyond to help out the fans that feel cheated by the canceled show. I met her at a convention once and she is super nice and BEAUTIFUL in person. Glad she is healthy and doing well!!

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