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We have a lot to bring you this Friday as the latest Friday the 13th is upon us. And lets face it, we celebrate Friday the 13th like no other site on the web, so join us in a few days for a number of cool events and some reptrospectives as well. Here is what we tentatively have in store for Friday!

1. Sideshow Toys reveal

2. Man In The Lake film premier and contest
3. New Interview
4. Jason Takes Manhattan Behind The Scenes
5. Trailerpalooza Part 2
6. Much, much more

So, besides visiting us on Friday, what do you have planned on our favorite unlucky holiday!?

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22 Responses to “ Coming This Friday at ”

  1. Still going to Texas…..for Mini-Camp Blood. Hopefully John will have stuff planned for Friday the 13th!!!

  2. Bah! Doctor’s appointment.

  3. Since the blog from good old Jasonsfury asked us \So what do YOu have planned for the up coming Friday the 13th date?\, as per usual: A marathon of Part 1 Uncut on Blu Ray disc on my nice LED TV set, and then of course the Steve Miner-directed Parts 2 & 3 and then to top it all off the Deluxe Edition DVD re-mastered from last year will be watched up-converted in my fine enough Sony Blu Ray theater system. These, to me, are the perverbial \original Paramount bad boys\ and are essential viewing on every Friday the 13th date.

    Plus, earlier in the day, I’ll download in HD the usual Friday debuting online free radio show on over at (gotta love the good ole’ rural Prestonsburg, Kentucky boys on over there). As per always they got a retty intense Friday-centric (or guess you chould also say Jason-centric) show lined up, so that’ll be well worth listening to all weekend long. Long live’em forever. ;)

    And plus I’ll be making u several batches of popcorn in my theater-style popcorn maker I got off Amazon last year around Christmas time for a fair price. Anyone else having an old school Jason marathon with food & snacks and all of that? Was curious. Reguarldess, everyone have a blast if you can get off work and can! :D I’m lucky I currently am off Friday-through-Sunday’s so the weekend days are a true blast for me.

  4. Dear God, I just now noticed all of my quick spelling mistakes up there, from forgetting to say “plus I’ll be making UP several batches” (of popcorn) to of course “So what do YOU have planned…” and the like. My bad! My spelling is often attrocious when I am in a hurry. *lmao* ;)

    But I also wanted to say I’ll hit the website around 8am-ish my time (Central TimeZone) to see what all Jasonsfury posts for one of our truely special days for us big time Jason fanatics. Just wanted to get that outta the way, thank! :)

  5. besides visiting this site, i will be drinking beer, lol, just another typical Friday

  6. nothing much just going to watch friday the 13th movies untill i got to work.

  7. I wish my movie would be ready to be released on friday the 13th but sadly people going on vacation ruined that hope for me

  8. The usual Friday the 13th for me. I’ll scare the hell my girlfriend with the Jason costume. Drink some cold ones, and chill out and watch a F13 marathon.
    BTW Jasonsfury, what is that picture from? I’ve never seen it.

  9. Awesome, I cant wait.

  10. My plan for the weekend is huge. Well not friday the 13th related but on thursday Im putting a can in the demolition derby…but friday I took the whole day off and having a bunch of friends over for 2 day marathon party. We are having it in the woods and watching all the movies on a huge outdoor theater we made…and we are all staying in tents for that camping feel with lots of food and beer and campfire

  11. Timmer, that sounds freakin’ fantastic! What a glorious way to spend Friday the 13th!

    Unfortunately, I’m working the overnight shift on Friday so I will not be able to celebrate properly. I’ll make up for it on Saturday.

  12. I agree with An Old Friend of the Christie’s that Timmer indeed that is a fine idea! ;) I’ve seen on YouTube on some home theater equipment pages the outdoor projection screens, and if the quality is very good then I do agree it’s a very cool idea!

    Hope you all have fun camping, enjoying some good ol’ bad for ya but oddly feeling at the same time junk food and plenty of brewskis. :) Just be sure to watch the drinkin’ my friend. I’m not trying to be purtanical or anything, as I do work out now and watch what I eat and the like, but I was refering to make sure no one gets in a car or truck or SUV (or whatever) even with two or more drinks and goes to get something back at the site or to they’re house or whatever. I’m sure everyone will be responsible. Stay cool!

  13. evilekim Aug 9th, 2024 at 5:49 pm

    BTW Jasonsfury, what is that picture from? I’ve never seen it.

    You know, I found the image on a blog a while back. I think it was a Brazilian blog, maybe? It is a pretty cool image. I wish I knew its origins.

  14. When I first saw that picture, I honestly thought it was from a F13 videogame. I was kinda excited for a second. I really dig that picture though. Something we haven’t all seen before.

  15. Oh yea nobody drinks and drives on my watch…all keys go in a lock box

  16. Jeez, i forgot this friday was Friday The 13th!! I’m scheduling the day off work so i can watch the movies and hang out here. Cant wait for Man in the lake!!

  17. Is anybody here still traveling to Texas where the Friday the 30th was going to take place???

  18. Realy realy looking forward too all the new stuff!!!
    And what am i doing this Fri?……nothing much!!

  19. Love the pic, never seen it before!

  20. Sounds cool & safe, Timmer. VERY smart move my good man. Take care and have fun, once again! ;)

  21. how about new’s about the green light for the part2 to get started that;s what I will be hoping 4,,but other then that chilling watching what ever friday the 13th comes on TV..

  22. I was wondering if anyone knew who I could get in touch with to show my idea for a TERRIFIC and satisfying video game worthy of the Friday the 13th franchise and it’s fans. I think I have the answer to what people are looking for, but I’d like to brainstorm some ideas with the right folks. I know I have been clamoring for a F13 game for YEARS, and I think I may have it. If it were to materialize, it would be the BEST F13 game ever, and would have a life of it’s own, especially online. Any thoughts?

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