New NECA Friday the 13th Replica Hock Already For Sale?!

NECAMaskWe were made aware of NECA releasing a new replica hockey mask recently, but did not want to write up a story about it yet as we were waiting for an official release date confirmation. However, it seems as though the news has been spreading pretty fast and now they are actually popping up for sale. We found two masks already for auction on eBay.

This new mask will be offered through Toy ‘R Us just as the remake hock was a year ago. However, the new Jason Voorhees replica hock is not currently for sale on the Toys R Us website. Perhaps the mask will be officially announced at some point soon along with a release date. In the mean time it looks as though some lucky person has already got their hands on the mask and are offering it for a little above the probable $20 price. If interested, check out their auction and purchase a cheap alternative for your Friday the 13th collection!

We will let you know when the hockey mask is available nationally for sale when the information becomes available.




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27 Responses to “ New NECA Friday the 13th Replica Hock Already For Sale?! ”

  1. I saw this at HH, this one is not too nice. They screwed up and added extra vent holes on top where the snaps go, and it looked pretty small. Def not as good as the remake we saw last year, well, at least in this collector’s eyes.

  2. “and it looked pretty small”

    I had heard about that. Interesting. HH must be where the seller got this mask then. Because I thought it strange that this just went up for sale now. Thanks for the heads up on this, Mike. ;)

  3. Ugh. I want some good, classic ones!

  4. Toys R Us does indeed have them in their stores right now.

  5. Is this the Classic part 3 Mask or from the remake…I find it interesting that they are using the classic style “Fridaythe13th” font/logo on the box.

  6. I didn’t buy it. Looks just like the one from last year.

  7. The last mask from NECA was great but there’s something wrong with this one… for some reason I don’t like it.

  8. This is not a Part 3 mask. I have a frightstuff Part 3 blank and this new NECA mask has not Part 3′s shape.

  9. My guess is that this is the exact same mask sold last year, just in a different packaging.

  10. I heard from a friend that this mask is very flimsy. I don’t know if that’s true or not. This mask looks exactly the same as the last years one. If it’s the same size and everything, or hell even a bit smaller, I’d buy it under one condition…. Better straps. The last one by NECA was great but the straps were weak and didn’t hold to my face very well. Not to mention they were just thin pieces of elastic.

    I’d probably buy it if it had better straps, but that’s it.

  11. It is a VS mask, not part 3 or remake, hence the packaging NECA uses for all of their other VS products

  12. Last year’s mask had much better chevrons. The bottom two on this one are way too big and at a weird angle.

  13. Saw these at my TrU. Looks to be a repaint of last year’s release. Not nearly as nice looking as that hock though. I thought about picking one up, but I’m watching my budget at the moment.

  14. Doesnt look all that great.

  15. It is not a repaint of last year’s mask. This is a recast of the same VS mask that was available in the shadowbox frame with the Nightmare glove a few years back. I have seen about 8 of them at my Toys R Us but am still debating buying one. After all the 2009 remake one did shoot up in value after people realized how short supply they were!

  16. Got mine last week at TRU in La Mirada CA 19.99 4 left as of 3/30/10.

  17. Is this one resin too or is it plastic?

  18. This is resin just like the reboot mask that was released last year.

  19. i picked up two, because I get everything whether I like it or not

    can get you some comparison pics in a bit if you like jason, between this one and last years, and a part 3 if you like

  20. After examining this pic a little closer, Darth Veach is right. This is a recast of the Vs. mask, not last year’s reboot. Not thrilled with the paint apps, but some touch ups could make this work.

  21. like I said, VS mask ;)

  22. Nice comparison pics, Mike. Yea, I am not too impressed with this new mask. Especially the location of the straps. Very strange they placed the straps where they did. I don’t think I am going to pick this up. I like the reboot mask from last year. That looks very legit.

  23. whats with the extra holes above the straps? other than that it looks cool. I picked one up last night.

  24. oh never mind I just looked at a picture from FvsJ and the “extra” holes are really where the strap is supposed to be. Kinda stupid for them to move the strap down like that but oh well. For 20 bucks you can’t beat it. Thanks for posting this Jasonfury, I hadn’t heard anything about these masks.

  25. Got mine at wondercon yesterday.

    Paid more then 20 bucks for it.

    I think the mask is great and it is very sturdy.

    For someone that did not pick up the mask released last year, and really wanted one, I think this is a great collectors piece and was worth the money spent.

    Straps issue does not bother me. Not like I am going to wear the thing. For display only

  26. i bought this it is actually pretty good, just have to replace the straps cuz there a little small, but the mask is life like, and where i bought it from, it said it was the Freddy Vs Jason mask.

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