The New Blood International Posters

part7poster_japanIt’s interesting to see the different layouts and type of art used in the interantional posters for the Friday the 13th series. I recently found some of the posters for The New Blood and wanted everyone to check them out. The Japanese poster is awesome! The French and Spanish posters are pretty much the same basic US poster except the different text per the country’s language. I still like the difference in posters and collectors pay a decent amount of money for them too.


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20 Responses to “ The New Blood International Posters ”

  1. love seeing international posters. good find!

  2. martes 13 , la vi por primera ves a los 7 años ,friday the 13 i saw for the firs time at age 7

  3. Man, they really shoulda used the Japanese poster art for the new DVD release.

  4. Man, that first one is pretty awesome…downright scary as well.

  5. I know this isnt the right blog to drop this in, but I’m super mad and I have to!

    I was rewatching the extras on the remake DVD and I thought I must have heard something wrong. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. I actually heard Marcus Nispel say “I don’t find camps scary.”

    Think about that for a second.

    “I don’t find camps scary.”

    Should a man that doesn’t find camps scary be allowed near a Friday the 13th? Friends, I’m guessing 99% of you that visit this great site get a weird feeling everytime you go near a camp! We all do or we wouldn’t be here! Just rediculous. Who does the interviewing at Platinum Dunes?

    Are they a definite for the remake? I’m kind of hoping not.

  6. I spelled ridicule wrong. I apologize. I was upset.

  7. and then i corrected myself and used ridicule instead of ridiculous. It’s all Nispel’s fault.

  8. for one,camps arent scary,camps with jason killing ppl are,and 2 what remake are you talking about? or did you mean sequel to the remake?

  9. Eh, I think wilderness is pretty scary. But credit does go to Jason, the Blair Witch, Deliverance…lots of stuff. I mainly credit it to being in 5th grade and seeing the first half of Stephen King’s It and having to go to camp without knowing what became of Pennywise. I was terrified that a clown was out there in the camp of all places. But I do agree. Camps are scary.

  10. xenophobic you These deleting my coments

  11. pmjjv,

    I think when I see a camp, I automatically go back to my Fri 13th roots. So yes, Jason does make camps scary, but when I see a camp, I automatically think Jason!

    And I meant the upcoming sequel to the remake, thank you for pointing that out.

  12. “Martes” means Tuesday in Spanish. Viernes is Friday. I wonder what happened there?

  13. Last I heard, Platinum Dunes will be doing the sequel, but without Nispel attached.

  14. Watched Part 2 last night.

    Platinum Dunes/New Line will never return this series to its glory days of beautifully orhestrated suspence and for most part, likeable people.

    As long as those bloody writers are still attached to the series I’ll never have my hopes up. They suck as writers (the guy talking to the dummy about her taking his virginity and she’s still tight – what the frak is that? The guy who decides to masterbate in the middle of the living room – frakin’ stupid stuff. There were so many other ‘roll you eyes’ monents – they do suck.

    Now Joseph Zito as director would be great to have back (love Part 4).

    …have yourselves a blood good day.

  15. Japanese poster is the best, more WOW too it!

  16. There was a regrettable point in the Japanese version poster.
    It showed the Roy’s hockey mask.

    It was improper.

  17. daizab, I think we all know that Jason really died at the end of Final Chapter. Roy took over, then was accidentally buried with a tombstone with Jason’s name on it, and was brought back to life. It was Roy who fought Freddy, went to Manhattan, and took on Tina’s telekenetic powers.

    Long live Roy!

  18. From what I’ve seen, the international posters are way better for the most part. I have an extensive “Halloween” international collection that I hope will be worth something. The sizes are so much cooler too. The U.S. standard is 27×41 whereas the French ones are huge. The Japanese are smaller but better artwork. For Friday the 13th I have the Italian part 5 poster which is neat and JGTH from Thailand which is also kind of cool cause it has a small pic of Jason on it underneath the hockey mask/demon pic. Does anyone know if the alternative “New Beginning” picture was ever made into a full size poster? That’s the one that had young TOmmy Jarvis w/the machete and a hockey mask behind him. I always liked that picture much more than the worded version which is lame ass.

  19. daizab,
    It is interesting that the promotion department chose to include the Roy mask. Very much out of place. But a cool thing to point out to people when showing them the poster.

  20. I love the first one. My favourite speciual effectg is when people are on fire. It amazes me that people do that.

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