New Pics Of Pamela Voorhees Bust (In-Progress)

Dead End Hollow is always busy at making quality masks for fans of Friday the 13th and beyond. When we interviewed Josh Stephenson, creator of the masks, he was still sculpting his new Pamela Voorhees bust. Recently, he pulled his first copy of this much anticipated Mrs. Voorhees venture.

The sculpt for this bust originally included Mrs. Voorhees’s hair, but Josh felt the hair didn’t look natural and decided to add a wig after the pull from the mold. Look at the pictures below and see what you think of the bust so far. Remember, this is not a completed piece yet and still needs to be painted.

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6 Responses to “ New Pics Of Pamela Voorhees Bust (In-Progress) ”

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  2. Thanks for posting Jason…this bust will be a limited piece, 10 copies only. Betsy Palmer herself will be getting one at Camp Blood. Finished pics up soon.

  3. As usal everything that is made is very very good!!!
    not that i’m jealous or anything!!!! :P

  4. Man I can literally hear “Kill her Mommy, kill her!” when I look at that! Bravo sir!

  5. Creepy!!! Looks great so far.

  6. Wow that is sick! I hope there is a wearable version as well, would love to see a good costume put together with it and the sweater.

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