Icons of Fright Interview with Betsy Palmer

betsy2Icons of Fright posted an interview with Betsy back in 2004 and since there aren’t a lot of in-depth interviews with her, I found this to be fascinating as a fan of not only Friday the 13th, but of cinema in general.

Actress Betsy Palmer has had a long and incredible career working along such established actors as Henry Fonda, Jack Lemmon, Anthony Perkins, Joan Crawford, and many, many more. She’s worked on every medium from TV to stage to movies, but most genre fans will always recognize her as the mother of Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th films. We talked to Betsy about her huge body of work, her experiences on the original Friday the 13th, and her recent convention experiences.

Check out the interview and find out all of the interesting tidbits of a true horror icon.
Betsy Palmer Interview

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4 Responses to “ Icons of Fright Interview with Betsy Palmer ”

  1. i wish i had time to read the whole thing. All I can say is NICE BUTT! Seriously, Friday the 13th is a class movie and she was such a great villian. I felt her pain, rage, all that. I really believed she could put an arrow through Bill’s groin, and the way she swung the machete in the closet at Alice was hard core. The mud wrestling at the end was key.

  2. For anybody in the Fairfield County area, Betsy Palmer is doing a [email protected] at the Avon Theatre in Stamford, CT following a screening of the original Friday The 13th. http://www.avontheatre.com/special_events.html#oct15

    Hope to see you there!

  3. and also, http://www.twitter.com/avontheatrect

    Thanks for your time!

  4. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by Tim.

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