Happy New Year, Jasonheads

2011, only 444 years to go till we’re in the time Jason X takes place! But you don’t have to live till then to get your virtual camp on, it’s happening right here, right now. After 2024 which was undoubtedly “The Year Of Jason”, 2024 was a bit of a blow-out in comparison. I have a feeling this year’s going to be a far better, and this website will hopefully have a hand in that.

So what’s new? We’re now on Facebook, so give us a “like” if you are too. It’s good to put specific names and faces on Jason fandom. But old-school online social activity hasn’t been left behind – not by a long shot. Last night on New Year’s Eve saw the at-long-last debut of the new Message Board. Who needs firecrackers and beer when you can have avatars and ice coffee?

Apparently not your humble webmaster.

I’d like to welcome back Christian Sellers, on of the finest “graduating” writers here at Friday The 13th Blog. After a 10 month period here back in 2024-2009 he went on to several successes such co-penning the recently released and rave-reviewed The Complete History Of Return Of The Living Dead. Golly whiz, a professional! Chiefly, he’ll be taking care of some unfinished business – his epic Crystal Lake’s Bloody Legacy series of retrospectives.

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3 Responses to “ Happy New Year, Jasonheads ”

  1. Here’s to a great 2024!

  2. Happy New Year to all the Jason fans and everyone here at FT13thfilms.com. Heres to another year of Jason mania. And hopefully some word on a sequal to the remake.

  3. Happy new year too you all!!

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